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Blake Lively Spoons Alan Arkin Nude in New Movie

Blake Lively

The new Alan Arkin/Blake Lively project, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, is all about the relationship that a young woman has with a much older man. Surprisingly, it was the “daddy issues” that justified making the film for Blake, who said that she was uncomfortable when she first read the script. It’s understandable, as we’ve never really seen Blake get quite this racy, but what I don’t understand is her justification. “It’s not lust that attracts her to him. It’s that she doesn’t have a parent. It’s him fulfilling that hole of a parent. He’s the first person that guides her, and that provides her security and comfort, so that’s what their relationship was about. So, we weren’t busy trying to fabricate sexual chemistry,” Lively said in a LA press junket to promote the film.

Ahhh, so let me get this straight: actual compatible relationship between an unlikely couple = creepy. Daddy issues = fine. Man, I have a lot to catch up on.

As for actually filming the scene, Blake says that she was made to feel more than comfortable on set (I love it when actors say that, as if we were picturing the lighting guy giving Angelina Jolie purple nurples in a less professional atmosphere.) “I was with Alan and Rebecca, and our wonderful D.P., and it was a very private set. We’re all actors, we’re all professionals and we all understood what was happening. Everybody is uncomfortable with those scenes. You’re never going to be comfortable being half-naked in front of anyone. But, it was fine. It was a short scene. For me, it’s more uncomfortable to watch it. It’s like, “Oh, no, all these people are seeing me like this!”

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  • i dont get this post.
    what do you mean by “actual compatible relationship between an unlikely couple = creepy. Daddy issues = fine”?
    I undestand what she is saying… she is saying that its not supposed to be some sexual thing that they are trying to do.

  • I don’t know how any grown-up woman would willingly shoot a scene as degrading to her as this. Why is it the women that are always naked? I don’t know, I just thought Blake was above this. Guess not.

    • It’s pretty low; but then again, when do you ever see an actress actually contributing acting skills without flaunting her sexuality in some way?

    • Above this? Some of the best actresses in the world have shot nude scenes- Blanchett, Winslett, Vikander, etc. Grow up. It’s an art form.

  • I don’t get what you’re saying either…when does she say that an actual relationship between an unlikely couple is unacceptable and where does she say daddy issues is okay?

    • She says “It’s not lust that attracts them, it’s that she doesn’t have a parent.” That sounds like attraction and compatibility vs. daddy issues to me.

  • Blake Lively is so skanky mcnasty. Her dresses are always too much- everybody knows you pick boobs or legs, both make you look cheap (which works if you’re trying to get some d but not so much at the oscars) Lately her makeup is real Courtney Love in the eyeliner arena aaaand now this. Doesn’t she get enough attention from her boyfriend? Put your clothes back on.

  • All of you people who don’t understand this post are retarded. Read the quote, its basically what molls was saying.

    I love Blake Lively though, she does tons of stupid stuff but I just have a weird soft spot for her.

  • this is too complicated for evil beet readers to comprehend… haha it’s cracking me up. don’t worry molls, you’re making perfect sense.

  • I also believe that this post was a little harsh. Not to say that the movie’s premise sounds interesting, but it sounds as though Blake’s trying to dispel ideas that her role’s motivation is purely sexual. Her character’s driven by a parental void. Okay, sure.

  • it’s not too complicated to comprehend and no one is being retarded for saying it’s not exactly clear that blake ever implied what molls is saying she did. first of all, who is even saying the first paragraph? it’s not in quotations yet it sounds like a blurb molls took from somewhere else. there is no quote from blake saying WHY she was uncomfortable when she first read the script. I think what Blake IS saying is that there is actually a complex psychological reason behind why this young woman is attracted to and involved with this much older man as opposed to it just being for the shock factor or to have another film about a much older man involved with a younger woman. THAT is what she is saying and not ” actual compatible relationship between an unlikely couple = creepy. Daddy issues = fine” She was uncomfortable with the idea of being exploited in a role like all the other twenty-somethings paired up with men old enough to be their fathers. daddy issues doesn’t equal fine but it equals justification for this relationship and the huge age difference.

  • I get this post but what I don’t get is why are you been to objective?
    we couldn’t care less about your opinion, we have our own!
    anyways, as for blake, if she doesn’t get naked there will be no career for her. sad but ture.