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The Ridiculously Good-Looking People Finally Had Their Baby

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

Tom Brady announced the birth of his new son in a press conference held today in Boston and called it a “wonderful experience in his life.” I guess the birth of a child is only “the greatest thing that ever happened” in someone’s life when you haven’t won multiple Superbowls and fucked Gisele. After a couple questions were asked by reporters about the baby, Tom cut them off and said, “Let’s talk football.” Over it! He’s over it, you guys! And yes, he will be playing in this Sunday’s game.

No name or details have been released yet, but we do know that both the baby and the mother are healthy. We can probably also assume that she’s already lost the baby weight and will be doing a bikini-clad photoshoot by week’s end.

This is Tom’s second child (the first was his son John Edward, whose mother Bridget Moynahan he broke up with during her pregnancy) and Gisele’s first child. They made it all the way to the birth without breaking up, so maybe we can expect many years and a herd of attractive children from these two.

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  • That baby is ridiculously adorable. or maybe it’s just the hat. And I may be the only person who thinks that Gisele is NOT the most beautiful woman on the planet. she has a very nice, normal face – amazingly long and thin body…but she is not gorgeous. Naomi Campbell is gorgeous. Angelina Jolie I will sadly admit is gorgeous. Sophia Loren remains a true beauty….but Gisele? C’mon…

      • Yep, they are one ugly assed couple allright. These ugly mugs make me miss just how gloriously beautiful Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold were when they were an item!

      • No one is saying they aren’t extremely attractive. But our constant need to apply ‘the most’ or ‘the best’ to everything is tiresome.

      • all i know is your response is the best but at the same time the most annoying response i’ve replied to all day.

  • Wait – he called the baby’s birth “the greatest thing that ever happened”?! What about the birth of his OTHER baby. Harsh…

    • no, I think molls was mocking him for NOT saying that. But uh… yeah that would be pretty f-ed up if he had, considering his other child.

      • Agreed. I think he’s a pretty dumb and crude lunk, but he showed some class by NOT saying “the greatest thing in my life.” Yes, it’s got to be better experience having a baby with your wife, than having a baby with a very bitter ex. But it’s classy to make sure that the child from the ex never, ever feels as if they’re not as great as the child from the marriage.

      • I love Gisele, and I love you, commenter, for your comment.

        Having a baby with someone you actually want to have a child with is so much better than.. well, Bridget.

        Bridget’s the extended family here, not Gisele or Tom or their new baby. BM’s press release yesterday just showed how bitter and jealous she is. Bitch showed her true colors.

  • Bridget Moynahan annouced she was three months pregnant three months after their break-up. Let’s not make it seem like she was mid-pregnancy when they split.

      • Except that is exactly how it happened. She didn’t even know she was pregnant when they broke up. He may have dumped her and it may have been in a bad way (which only they can know for sure how it went down) but it did not have to do with the pregnancy. If their relationship wasn’t going to work out I think it is better for the kid in the long run that they didn’t get back together just because they found out she was pregnant.

  • As someone who’s seen countless episodes of America’s Next Top Model….Gisele is not that beautiful. And this is coming from a fellow Brazilian who would love to be able to say the most beautiful woman in the world is a Brasilena.

  • I think Tom Brady handled the situation perfectly. It wasn’t a news conference to announce the birth of the baby, it was his regular team news conference, so of course he wanted to discuss football. As for calling it a “wonderful experience” instead of the “greatest experience” of his life, well he does have another child.

  • 1. Tom Brady is a jackass

    2., If everyone could please go and vote for the one titled “A Gift of Adventure” it would mean a lot. She’s my best friend and she’s so close to winning!

  • These are the sort of people we are supposed to believe are beautiful because, well because we are told they are. I see better looking couples every time I go out. A few of the posters here are definitely better looking than her.