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Jessica Simpson: Beacon Of Hope For Sad Women Everywhere

Jessica Simpson at LAX

Jessica Simpson arrived at LAX looking a lot happier than usual last night and I thought to myself “This is a woman who has felt the utter misery that was the year 2009 and look at her! Look at her smiling!” Of course I take in to account that she is a celebrity with the best material possessions money can buy and a close knit family, but think about it: she got schooled by Tony Romo publicly, got her dog eaten by some coyotes and continued to regularly get made fun of in the press. I don’t know about you, but any one of those things happening to me would make me crawl in my closet and want to die. DIE. But then look at her, just months after all of that has happened to her, she looks happy. Maybe it’s a fleeting moment but I was when I saw these photos I was all, “Damn, Jessica Simpson. I never thought you’d help me find inner peace. Thanks, girl.”

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  • So, one batch of photos of a person smiling mean that they are happy and inspire inner peace in you? COME ON they are just some pics of her smiling! This is exactly like seeing a picture of someone NOT smiling and concluding that they are depressed and must be suicidal because their boyfriend is cheating or some stupid shit. I like pics of celebs too but it just seems ridiculous to assume that they ar

  • Why wouldn’t she smile? She caught sight of a camera and is salivating at the thought of another picture in the tabloids. She lives to get her mug in the tabloids even if she has to make herself an object of ridicule to do it.

  • There are probably a hundred or more nice, loving and secure men trying to hook up and date her but she ignores them.. Oblivious to the real world.

  • Celebrities are like robots. They see a camera and smile. What a stupid thing to say that after all she’s been through she is still smiling.

  • I was figuring it was good drugs and a really dark pair of shades.

    I mean, you can’t see her eyes at all through them even under a flash. Whoever is in that suit is also pulling her along by her jacket sleeve. Isn’t that what you do to a kid?

    Maybe it is just a handful of sunshine shoved into her gob 20 minutes before sunshine? Apparently she has a designated pull-walker.

      • She wrote on weekends when she first started here (if we have to be pedantic about it).

        And don’t worry, I can churn out criticism at the drop of a hat; no need to be economical. :)

  • She has a simple recipe for happy: No brain, no headache.
    GOD do I HATE those stupid wide-open-mouth FAKE “smiles” that these girls do. I first noticed it with Britney. Now they all do it. Stupid, stupid, stupid looking.

    • Oh god, yes… that hits my buttons, too. I actually have a friend on Facebook who recently put up a profile pic of herself with that gaping, village idiot, so-happy-I-could-vomit, blank-eyed “smile”. She’s on my Hide list now.

  • I really really like her coat/shirt. Any idea where she got that? Or where I can get a cheap look-alike?

  • In Intro to Philosophy, I seem to remember a story about some Buddhist monk answering the question “What is the meaning of life?” by whacking someone in the head with his shoe. Taken in that respect, there is definitely something very Zen about Jessica Simpson.

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