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If Billy Joel’s Daughter Tried To Kill Herself Because Of a Dude, I’m Going To Kill Myself

Alexa Ray Joel

Well, right after I finish up a post about how Jessica Simpson has totally figured her shit out and seems to be doing OK despite being a woman scorned and a card carrying member of the “my dog got eaten by a coyote” club, I read that Alexa Ray Joel’s suicide attempt most likely had something to do with some man she’s dating. The sad part is, this woman is only 23 years old, the most flailiest of all the years I spent flailing. It’s incredibly sad to see a young girl with all the resources and potential in the world let what will ultimately be a trivial moment in her life get to her in such a way.

People Magazine is reporting this story like Joel is some tortured artist/genius type that went all Picasso-meets-DJ AM, but I sincerely doubt that it’s much more than her being a 20-something lady having a freakin’ meltdown over a dude. From their site:

Being prone to emotional highs and lows was nothing new to the singer – and she spoke candidly about her frustration with relationships.

In August, the singer took to her MySpace page to vent about relationships, writing, “UGH!!! MEN!!!”

She continued: “Is anybody else finding it a difficult “dating world” out there? I’m so terrible at dating – I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to it! And I HATE the game-playing! Can’t stand it.

I live in the greatest city in the world and I can’t seem to meet an interesting guy who also happens to be NICE. Go figure… “

Damn. Can’t believe she’s still using MySpace to communicate to her fans. ANYWAY!

Does anyone else find this story particularly sad because it’s just some famous broad and famous dude’s kid having a nervy b over the fact that she and the bro she’s dating got in a fight? Is there no one in this girl’s life who can be like “Look. Go sit at your piano and chill out. Use this time to do something creative. You will be surprised what comes out of you. If you want to just lay in bed and cry, that’s understandable, but only do that for a little bit and then go make something of yourself”?

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  • Could you be more stupid Molls? If you did your research instead of posting catty crap you stole from someone else you would know that her dad tried to off himself at the same age. There is mental illness in the family. I’m sure idiot gossip bloggers calling her ugly didn’t help her self esteem any. Why don’t you just leave her alone? Go pick on someone who can handle it.

    • I don’t like brussel sprouts so I don’t eat them because if I did, I would complain about eating them. So if you don’t like “idiot gossip bloggers”, then stop reading gossip blogs so you don’t have to waste your time complaining about them.

      P.S. As far as I can tell, Molls wasn’t picking on her.

  • Jeez, as a long time EB reader, my mind literally turns into a cluster-fuck of confusion when I read Moll’s posts. I haven’t spoken up, because plenty of people have, but every post has some form of blatant grammatical error. Not only that, but they’re strings of run-on sentences and they make my head want to explode. Can’t…take…it anymore!

    • Just do what I do. When it’s a molls post, I pretend she’s from a newly discovered tribe in the Amazon rain forest and she’s been taught to write the english language for about ten minutes.

  • I think it’s ridic too, Molls. And it’s debatable whether her father is depressed or just a hot-headed, arrogant idiot. Doesn’t that run in families, too?

  • MODEL mom isn’t such a fine-encouraging role model either:

    Alexa has long struggled with her self-esteem, feeling as if she couldn’t measure up against to her supermodel mom and musical superstar dad, a source close to the family said.

    “I’m never going to be a blonde model, when are you going to accept that,” she once lashed back at Brinkley, who often “badgered” Alexa about her weight, the source said.

    She also had to live through the fallout of Brinkley’s ill-fated marriage to architect Peter Cook, which ended in 2008 after 12 years of marriage amid revelations of infidelity between Cook and an 18-year-old assistant.

    Read more:

  • I can’t even read this…the neverending thoughts with ten made-up words per sentance are absolutely painful. Why don’t you just write what you want to say instead of trying so hard to ram in as much forced wit and cleverness as possible? The first sentance of the last paragraph is bordeline nonsensical. These posts should be fun to read – yours feel more like work!

    • Lee, it’s “sentence” not sentance … and of course these posts are work for you to read, you have the intellectual capacity of a second-grader.

      Move on over to Disney and I’ll bet you can find some lighter reading there.

      • You’re right…the intellectual giant in this case is definitely the person who thinks she’s witty when she calls a suicide attempt a “nervy b.” My feeble mind just can’t absorb all the genius!

        If you enjoy poor quality writing I think you’re the one with second-grade reading and comprehension abilities, my sweet.

  • I don’t get it.

    I’ve read over the article several times. It’s clear, if colloquial (and this _is_ a gossip blog), and free of grammatical/spelling errors.

    Her logic and conclusions are straight-forward and cogent.

    Is it that she’s overwritten your buffer? I mean, the average human can hold 7 concepts in their little minds at a time; after this, like Homer Simpson, they have to drop something to store something else. Is her sentence structure to complex?

    You’re just explaining that her writing level is over your head. This is likely not the effect you were intending.

    As for errors, the ONLY thing I could find, and it is a matter of taste, not an error, is an instance where she could’ve used a semicolon to splice two clauses together for emphasis instead of a comma. That’s style, and again, that’s picayune. (Well, technically, it is flat out wrong; I’ll assume you were being catty instead of stupid.)

    I mean, is it that you people are jealous? Did you want the fabled Molls position or something? I’m not getting it.

    We aren’t in High School people. Using insipid (and childish) classroom taunts isn’t going to make her go away.

    And finally: to write something in colloquial, have long, complex sentences, and make sense either requires a careful rewrite and/or a decent mind.

    So… perhaps you guys’re trying to make a self-deprecating compliment?

  • I may be way off base but what I think Molls is doing is pouring rapidly and painfully from her heart. Ok…she writes for all of us to read so it should be “perfect” and she makes typos at times that would have caused my old secretarial procedures teacher from the ’70s to faint dead away. I make typos, too, even though I used to write & proofread for a living a million years ago. (My favorite typo was while describing a woman in a divorce needing I typed that she wanted to continue the “standard of loving” to which she had become accustomed. Obviously, I meant “living” but…..) Anyway, I especially make them when I feel anquish and need to vent to the world. When the topic is attempted suicide and we are bitching about punctuation or whatever, something is wrong with our souls. Just my humble opinion.

    By boyfriend’s brother killed himself when he was about 22 years young…partially because of a lost love and partially because he had been abused. The world is different to us at that age. I may be an old bat now but I remember being in my 20’s and EVERYTHING was so goddamn important…..and thinking if this did not happen or that did not happen, well, I would JUST DIE. I wish I had my figure back and my bright unwrinkled eyes but I would not want to go through the emotional turmoil that I experienced with men back in those crazy days. I had great parents and friends but when your heart breaks you feel totally alone. And, unfortunately, that feeling is still there when it happens in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s…… It is just that the benefit of growing older is that we learn coping skills.

    Alexa was saved in time and is surrounded by those who love her. Amazingly enough, I know someone else….but this lady did not succeed in her suicide attempt. She is in her 40’s with two beautiful children. She speaks freely of the deep dark hole that caused her to try to end her life in her 20’s. And she thanks God for a second chance to live, love and have her daughters. Suicide doesn’t really make sense to those of us who have not stared upward from the bottom of a pit of pain that seems unending. I read Molls and think that she is a woman who wonders how Alexa could fall so deep. I read in Molls’ words anguish and misunderstanding of what would cause a young woman to cross that terrible line. I sense that she wants to blame someone. I did not notice nor care if her grammar or whatever would not pass muster for an English teacher. I felt her raw emotion and even if I think it may be a bit misdirected, the point is: A young woman fell off the edge this week but, thankfully, someone caught her. Let’s forget who was not there for Alexa yesterday….let’s concentrate on those who are there now to help her.

    And I apologize for all my typos and grammar mistakes.

    • wow, are you reading the same post? anguish and pain?? it sounds to me like molls is making light of this suicide attempt. chalking it up to being superficial and over a guy. for god’s sake, just read the headline “if she tried to kill herself because of a dude, i’m going to kill MYself”.

  • Being a famous person’s kid has nothing to do with her emotional health. Obviously, both of her parents have pretty serious problems despite their fame.

    I feel very sorry for anyone who reaches that state of despair. It’s not rational to try to kill yourself when you are young, gorgeous, talented and financially comfortable, but since when is emotional misery rational?

    She has, I hope, gotten her messed-up parents attention now; maybe she’ll get the help that she needs.

  • as a peer of alexa ray’s, i do identify with what molls might just write off as simple boy drama.

    these early post-college years have been devastating to me and my girlfriends – suddenly you’re in different cities, detached from your support system, trying to figure out who are you are, what you’re doing and that whole “growing up thing.” yes, my girlfriends and i have struggled greatly with the state of the economy but overall its just the general confusion of trying to find your own footing in the world.

    i’ve had completely ridiculous meltdowns over the dumbest of things, and there was actually one night where one of my friends calmed me down from such a state, then i called another friend to help her out and eventually the circle led back to a third friend. we all knew that what we were freaking out about – boys, jobs, life, love, etc. were trivial and stupid but in that moment it can feel like the end of the world.

    fortunately, i am lucky to have a great support system, disjointed and bi-coastal as it may be. i agree with molls that someone in alexa’s life (or someone in anyone’s life like mine/alexa’s) should be able to step in and help her gain perspective and calm down.

    my generation has grown up in the shadow of the 80s greed and has only been further detrimented by the explosion of social networking, a feeding frenzy of narcissism. we need to learn to care for ourselves and each other, and recognize the signs of a friend in trouble.

    every young woman lost to suicide is a tragedy. please take a moment to learn how to recognize a friend that is drowning.

  • Mental illness carries such a stigma that I almost feel there should be some kind of privacy clause that goes along with things like suicide attempts. She didn’t bring mental illness upon herself-you have to be in a bad way to attempt to end your life.
    It’s not like she was Tiger-whoring around and got caught. She is not portraying herself to be a role model. From now on, every time we look at her, we will always remember the suicide attempt. It changes our perception.
    I am sure that the added attention does not help her mental state. It’s sad.

  • “It’s incredibly sad to see a young girl with all the resources and potential in the world let what will ultimately be a trivial moment in her life get to her in such a way.”

    I couldn’t give a rats ass about the *delivery* of this post; Molls, if you want to express yourself outside of the lines of grammar rules, knock yourself out.

    The above *content* does bother me. Obviously it’s sad that this young woman has been experiencing enough emotional pain that she tried to take her life, and I sincerely hope that she’s moving towards a better place as we speak. I think the very power of her actions in her suicide attempt should remind us that this is clearly NOT a trivial moment in her life, and it certainly isn’t a trivial moment RIGHT NOW. Let’s not minimize the importance of ANYONE’s experiences, especially when they’re clearly in a lot of pain. What’s important is that she’s going through a crisis right now, not whether or not uninformed strangers think her feelings are congruent with her experience.

    We’re not in her head, and we’re not even her close friends. We have no idea what’s going on for this girl. If you can’t be supportive, leave it alone.

    • Of course it isn’t a trivial moment RIGHT NOW. That’s why Molls said “ultimately”, as in, when all is said and done, in the context of her whole life. Clearly, if it was a trivial moment RIGHT NOW, she wouldn’t have tried to kill herself.

  • Of course it isn’t a trivial moment RIGHT NOW. That’s why Molls said “ultimately”, as in, when all is said and done, in the context of her whole life. Clearly, if it was a trivial moment RIGHT NOW, she wouldn’t have tried to kill herself.

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