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The Stylish Beckham Brood

Victoria Beckham with Sons Romeo, Cruz, and Brooklyn

Victoria Beckham Went to dinner with sons Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz on Friday in Beverly Hills. The oldest boy, Brooklyn, looked wary of photographers and did his best to hide from them while the youngin’s held hands with their mom and proudly strutted their stuff. Romeo looked adorable in two button jacket and plaid fedora. I ask you: is there anything cuter than a little boy in a necktie?

I give her a lot of shit, but the truth is that Victoria would be a really beautiful woman if she’d just gain 10- 15 pounds. I love this dress and the grey shoes she’s chosen to go with it. I just wish the gaunt face and Holocaust arms sticking out of its holes weren’t so disturbing to look at.

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  • yeah, if only her neck and sternum didn’t stick out so much, I’d actually bear to look at her. And lay off the tanning salon, please!

  • I had to chime in: the shoes are dark blue like the stripes of the dress but they have a suede finish, making them appear grayish in the pictures. I looove the dress and shoes. Normally her outfits are too over-the-top for me but I love this. As for her creepy skeletal appearance, I’m just so happy that she got rid of “the melons” that I’m willing to overlook her tanning bed and workout addictions. For now.

    Okay, just one jab: I’m shocked that she was even able to reproduce with that amount of body fat. I didn’t think that was medically possible.

  • To your question: “is there anything cuter than a little boy in a necktie?”

    Yes, David Beckham in JUST a necktie! :D

  • lay off. shes fine if shes comfortable with her weight, &some of us are naturally thin.

    at least shes a good mom

  • i’ve seen a rare photo of her preggers on a yatch with lil’ Cruz and she can get her weight up for birthin’ babies when she wants to, don’t be fooled.

    i love Vic, i just think she is super insecure (who ain’t) about her looks and she wants to wear all the couture designs. not to mention, she wants to stay sexy & super slim for ‘Da-vid’.

    hope they have a girl finally. THAT kid’s waredrobe will make us say ‘Suri who?’