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Avril Lavigne Still Gets Hired To Do Things

Avril's Canon Shoot

Avril Lavigne was looking less gnarly and bratty than usual while she filmed a Canon commercial in Canada. I don’t know how Avril is still getting endorsement deals after what feels like a decade since the last time she was popular, but she’s hanging in there. You go, girl. Or something.BTW, the photo agency tried to sell this photo set by saying that Avril was “getting flirty” with that dude on set, but I’m pretty sure he’s either a part of the ad or some rando crew dude that she’s just being cordial with. I’m pretty sure she’s still living with Brandon Davis (ew), so I’m guessing that they weren’t rubbing crotches together in her trailer.

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  • Sascha said that she did NOT have a job for you. I’m here because I love to watch you Dick-ride. Do it again!

  • Avril is such a hypocrite. Way back in the dark ages when she was big, she used to criticize Britney and others for selling out. Now she’s the QUEEN of selling out, dying her hair blonde, trying to look sexy, etc. She has become exactly the sad cookie cutter pop tart that she was so quick to cut down before. Well, done, Avril!

    • I don’t believe that she is a hypocrite, she simply did what most Tomboys do when they are young and avoid most things that are too girly, it is very common thing for tomboys to do that; she simply grew up and became a young woman. But to say Avril uses her body to the extent that britney does to sell albums can not hardly be compared to be close by almost normal person’s standards. The bottom line is that Britney nearly always uses her body to sell albums, and you can hardly say that Avril does that, you claims are unrealistic and naive.

  • In response to “I’m pretty sure she’s still living with Brandon Davis (ew)….” Brandon said theyr are friends and didn’t hook up. The misinformation was from her visiting Nancy Davis’ Yacht (Brandon’s mother) for an MS event. Until you see pics of her with a Davis, don’t report it.

  • I am not sure how Avril Lavigne could do much better that she already has, every album she has had has gone multi-platinum and her last album was the Best Selling Female Artist in the World in 2007,

  • Avril and Brandon have never hooked up, even Brandon Davis has publicly stated they have never been anything more than friends.

  • If only she could find herself some nice Sk8r boi and ride off into the sunset in full Hot Topic regalia…