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Series Finale of Wendie Tobin: Weekday Editor at Evil Beet Airs Today

Hello, everyone!

After lots of consideration, I’ve decided to leave my post here at Evil Beet.  It is time for me to move on and concentrate on the things that make my world spin the fastest — you know, candy and booze.

I cannot thank you enough for all the love and support that you have shown me over the past 14 months.  Kind readers have offered me everything from a warm word of life advice to an exceptional gluten-free blueberry muffin recipe.  Were I to travel to New Hampshire or Ohio or South Africa, I could probably find an Evil Beet fan who would offer me a cup of tea.  You have taught me so much about human kindness and how it can exist in the hearts of people you’ve never met.  I Thank you.

I look forward to reverting back to my former role of EB reader and look forward to seeing you all on that side of each post.

Hugs, kisses and Mischa-hate 4eva,

Wendie Tobin

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  • And if you find yourself in Roslindale…I too will offer you a cup of tea (though I’m a coffee drinker and ex-editor in chief of

    it was a pleasure reading your posts for the past few months.

  • oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I <3 you Wendie. Thank goodness I will still have Mommytopia..right???

  • You cannot do this to me! WHY WENDIE WHY?! you were like my favorite writer on beet!



  • WTF Wendie! Geez I’m not liking this one bit! The only articles I look forward to are yours: full of wit, humour, and sarcasm. (P.s Love the “Mischa hate-4eva” part)

    I refuse to come back to EB til you’ve come back. The other editors ARENT THE SAME! :(


  • You will be GREATLY missed! I love reading your commentaries, I am constantly quoting you. I will just have to see you at mommytopia!

  • Devastated. Simply devastated.

    I often talk about you to my husband, you know, like we are friends IRL … he used to just look at me with glazed over eyes. One day I called him out and said “Okay, if you are listening, who exactly is Wendie?” He knew *exactly* who you were … see, even my husband, who never reads the sites I visit, knows of you, through me.

    How will life go on??

    What is next for you and how do I keep myself included in that step?? Hell, I’m doing two half ironman races in New England – one in CT and one in Providence … I was going to see if I could stay with you! ;-)

    Love you!!! Very sad day … very sad.

  • well, colour me extremely disappointed. i find your posts to be the best on here – really and truly.

    why on earth are you leaving?

  • What can I say that hasn’t been said? This is kind of a shock! I will def. be missing your posts here. Oh well, at least we have Mommytopia. :)Best wishes Wendie! You’ll always be welcome for tea here in the Dirty Jerz.

  • Oh noes, this can’t be! You are (were?!) the only good writer here! This is an intolerable embuggerance. :o(

    • This is really GOOD, because you can really write. I can’t wait to hear about the release of your first book!

      All the best, Wendie…

  • Oh no no no. This is not good.

    You will be missed, but if you must go, you must go.

    Thanks for entertaining us all these months, take care and good luck!

  • SAD! Your writing and wit was one my reasons to keep reading this blog…unlike other writers that shall remain nameless. Come back! COME BACK!!

  • You’re most of the reason I read here, wendie. I’ll miss you — and clearly I need to update all my bookmarks now. Dang.

  • Good riddance! You were hateful, stupid, and lazy. I know, I know, I’m hateful also, but at least I admit it, and I certainly don’t ask to be paid for being an ass hole. What next Wendie? Gonna start running school buses off of bridges. I wouldn’t be surprised if the real reason your quitting is because you have to serve some jail time.

      • Nice, Wendie! Stick it to Jerzy, I mean A-2. Most of us will miss your wit and Mischa-bashing. Good luck in whatever comes next for you!

      • Actually I am retired. I used to earn a crap load of money for being a bigger asshole than you. But because I owned the company I paid myself and therefore don’t share the shame you must feel for having contributed nothing, yet still asked to get paid.

    • lololololololololololololololololololololololololololol. phew! I’m tired from all that l-ing.

  • Ugh, I agree that this totally sucks! Can you still post on here from time to time!? We will miss you so much :(

  • Aw man Wendie…this is almost bringing me to tears. I will miss your posts here for sure, see you over at Mommytopia.

  • you will be missed! keep being hilarious and thank goodness mommytopz will still be around! take care and best wishes on your book!

  • You’re the best, Wendie and daniwho is right, it’s the end of an era around here. Keep being amazing and good luck with all your future projects.

  • This sucks. Period. :( We’re gonna miss you, dear Wendie. You were awesome, I love your posts. I wish you all the best!

  • Wow – I thought this might be coming. Is this related to not being able to get on Mommytopia? I look forward to reading your writing SOMEWHERE!

  • noooooooooo wendie!! nooooooooooooo!! your sense of humor totally brightened up everyday at work!! thank God for mommytopia!
    i think you’re awesome and i hope you know how awesome you really are!!

  • Ding dong the witch is gone. Which ‘ol witch? The Wendie Witch! Ding dong the Wendie Witch is gooooooone!!! Hopefully you’ll grow up and stop periodically refering to your daughter as a “fucking bitch!”

  • Will miss your wit and ability to ‘get it’… best to you and your family; I know you’re not dying… you’re not dying are you? damn, that would suck for me to say… ok, not dying… whew… good luck; you write too much to be gone from everything else, so only the best of luck in what you decide to do next!

  • Aw bloody hell. Count me among the ranks who will miss u dearly on EB. So glad I got to know & love you, and you can bet I’ll still be a loyal reader
    wherever your road takes you.

  • Wendie, I will miss you!! You are a great writer and I can identify with you because I have two children at home….. miss you! I’m sad now…

  • That’s sad but I’m sure you thought about it and all. I’ll miss you and your real life insights on this whole celeb business.

  • Wow, I’m super-disappointed and will miss reading your posts. Many a time you’ve made me laugh out loud. Can we follow you at some other site?

    Best wishes to you.

  • now i have to find a new gossip site, great. does anyone know of any gossip sites with writers like wendie? i can’t stand gushing over celebs or bad writing. i need clever and funny!

  • omg noooooooooo are you serious?
    when did u decide this?
    this came outta nowhere…
    now what???

    i feel lost.

    i will miss you TONS!!!
    you make me lol like crazy

    Im following you on twitter..

  • Wendie, this makes me sad… I love your writing. Good luck in all your endeavors and I hope to see you on Mommytopia.


  • Well, this blows! I look forward to reading your posts on EB everyday. I will still be an avid reader of your blog and devoted twitter follower. I really hope you keep writing and give us a book to read soon!

  • nooooooo! wendie! say it isnt so?!!! i will miss you dearly.

    You. are. the. funniest. writer. ever. That. is. all.

  • I am among those who will miss your EB posts, however I will still come here because I LOVE Molls and Sasha and started reading this blog before Wendie (or Molls) came along!

    And I will, of course, continue to read your Mommytopia blog because it rules!

    I quite honestly cannot believe how some of you can be so incredibly insulting and immature. Cyberspace sure does allow for a lot of false bravado. I can’t imagine most of you would say the same thing to any of their faces, so why do it here?

  • 7 letters will sum it all up…
    F-I-N-A-L-L-Y !!!
    maybe we’ll hear more from Beet now and get this site back on track.

  • Wendi you are going to be missed greatly by myself and many others. I love your wit, sass, and insights on the crazy world around us.

    I wish you the best in your next adventures and I will continue to stalk you on Mommytopia!

  • You will be sorely missed! : ( I enjoyed reading everything single one of your posts. Good luck on whatever road life lead you to!!!

  • Wendie, I read your post and cried. I’m literally crying. You are honestly my favorite writer here at EB and I can’t tell you how I look forward to your commentary. you are funny, smart, a strong woman, and stick to your guns. you writing is always something that enriches my life and I am so very very heart broken that you will not be a writer for the site anymore. you and Sasha are truly the spirit of EB and I only hope it can continue to succeed with the loss of it’s best writer. I’ll miss ya.

  • Nooooo!
    I may as well just give up reading celeb gossip all together! What other kinds of blogs can I get into?

  • Good riddance. Goodbye. , au revoir, addios. i almost didnt get to see this bit of good news bc i generally ignore everything you write. it would have been nice of me to let you leave without writing anything mean, but how fitting for you to leave experiencing the same kind of negativity you brought to EB.

    • um actually, there’s been far more supportive and positive feedback than the bitchy you seemed to have brought with you today.

      • What? Positive and Supportive? From Wendie? Or are you talking about all her fans that came to wish her the best? Yeah there are ppl who like Wendie and there are a lot more ppl who cant stand her. Im in such a good mood from this amazing news that im shoe shopping online even though I have to be up in 3 hours. You cant rain on my parade… unless she comes back.

    • It just blows my mind that you come to a celeb gossip site and dont expect bitchiness and cattiness or “negativity”

      dont like it, go read TMZ

  • I am really sorry to see this, you are my favorite here, I always look forward to your posts and love your sense of humor. I am WisteriaL on twitter and will follow you there.

  • Aww Wendie, sooo sad!! Best of luck on your future, hopefully you will be writing, ALL of you ladies have crazy talent!! It’s astonishing!!

    Don’t listen to those hater people.. what wit do they have other than being a WITch? =)


    Evil Beet…going to hire more writers? And PS.. I’ll continue the Mischa-hate. ;)

  • Good luck and I will miss you posting, I’m sure it will be a nice relaxing change of pace for you. On the up side you won’t have to read celeb gossip to get paid!

  • Gonna miss you Wendie!! You always wrote exactly what I was thinking about all the celebs. Good Luck!!!!

  • Nooooooooooooooooo…….. ;(, Wendie, I hope (along with several others) that you’ll reconsider your decision. I love your witty style of writing, you seriously have become the best thing about this site.

  • :(((((( I’m dumbfound now :(((((((. I’ll miss your posts a lot. You were the only one of all 3(no worried I like all of you) which never made me go – huh that’s annoying – with her posts. Seriously, why are you doing it? At least give us a legit explanation, please.

  • No!!!! You are the BEST writer on here (no offense Beet). You will be missed greatly, especially by this thirty-something who feels old with these plucky kids on here all born in the 80s. Boo.

  • I’m crushed! You have an incredible voice that I’ve turned to in so many hours of procrastination and/or escape from my life for a while. I hope you’ll keep up your other blog and are moving on to even better things. Take care!

  • And also, what happened to your blog? I thought it was just being quirky yesterday but I see it’s gone today too. =(

  • Well that sucks. Why are you leaving???? This really really sucks… And the blog is gone? Does that mean your youtube videos are gone as well??? Man!! that fucking sucks…

    I will miss you (a LOT) and your sense of humor, but i sure wish you the best in everything you decide to do next.

    Big hug Wends! *wipes tears off face* You will be missed.

  • Worst news EVER. I will miss your posts, they are the only ones that aren’t inane lately. Thank God for Mommytopia. Love you, Wendie <3 Please never stop writing on MT.

  • I would totally buy you some tea if you ever came to SA :) Sad to see you go, good luck for the future!

  • Of course I couldn’t not comment. EB was cool as shit before you (because Sasha actually took the time to write).. then she went all diva and you saved this blog. Sasha could not have hired a better writer than you Wendie. I honestly think you singlehandedly saved this site. I just hit 30 this past weekend and I can relate to not giving a fuck about Lindsey’s new boots or Paris’ new fuckbuddy of the week.. you really gave me something to look forward to. At least we still have mommytopia to follow you on. Best of luck, Wen.. I have my closure and can finally stop following EB

  • evil beet was so very lucky to have you. you never tried “too hard”, it just poured out of you naturally.

    i am a lifelong fan. miss. you. alot.

  • wendie if u eva come to romania u got yourself the best damn cup of tea of your life lots of kisses from me and my friends who had a real slice of american pie through u

  • OH no, Wendie you always made me smile with your witty posts.
    I will miss you :(
    Good luck with whatever you are going to be doing and thanks for the good times x0x0x

    PS: If you ever come to New Zealand you can have a cup of tea with me ;)

  • :( Sad to see you go Wendie! But wish you the best of luck and will be following your blog! good luck with everything and thank you for all the laughs! xo