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Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively — by the way, does anyone actually watch that show anymore? — arrived at yesterday’s The Private Lives of Pippa Lee screening after party wearing no bra.  It’s the first thing I cursed to the heavens noticed when I looked at the pictures from the event.  It appears that I’m not the only one who observed it.  Dude needs to work on toning down his side-eye.

Also there:  a not pregnant (whatever!) Penelope Cruz posing with Marion Cotillard (who have something in common:  I can’t understand one word that either of them say).  Julianne Moore was there in a huge blouse that she filled with Parker House rolls, Shannon Elizabeth showed with an oil slick on her face, and Keanu Reeves reminisced about the days when he used to be attractive.

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  • What am I missing here? She has no bra on? So fucking what. She looks nice. Her tits aren’t hanging out. It is an after party. The movie isn’t a Disney film. Someone please tell me how this is bad.

  • There is nothing bad about what Blake is wearing. Wendy is just a negative soul who has to throw her venom on people at random.

    But here’s the better question, do we get to see any of the pictures of people with oil slicks on their faces and people remembering when they were hot or do I have to go to a different celebrity blog for that?

    • I think the creepiness she is referring to is the dude with the eyes peering at her from behind the red curtain.

    • She isn’t even talking about that. She even alludes to her jealousy of how great Blake looks. It is the weird guy in the mirror that is creepy.

  • I think she looks great from the waist up (firm breasts, nipples not showing, judicious use of duct tape), it’s the bare legs that ruin this for me. I’m a fan of the “baring one section of flesh at a time” rule – show tits OR legs – showing both looks tacky.

    This blouse could have worked quite well with a long black skirt or pants. (And please, god, not those shoes! Srsly, who wears white shoes??)

  • I think she looks FANTASTIC. It’s a really interesting alternative to the LBD.. very young and fresh. If you’ve got it, flaut it!

    Nice work Blake!

  • She ALWAYS looks gorgeous but tacky. She just does not understand the concept of “tits OR legs.” Flaunting everything every time just makes her look like a (very expensive) whore.

  • No, I don’t watch the show. I’ve tried like 3 times to get into GG, but I just couldn’t make it past 10 minutes. CW CANCEL THAT SHIT!

    Also, when did Blake get a boob job? She totally didn’t look like that last year…..

    • DEF got a boob job. i think she’s gorgeous as hell, but now when GG is on all i can see are her magical, too-perky, bra-less tits. in the 1st and 2nd seasons she still had big boobs, and they were perky, but in a good-old-fashioned natural way. these are just weird, esp at her age.

  • I don’t know whose accent I like better, Marion or Penelope’s, and both are classy and beautiful. That other chick doesn’t have a clue.