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Amy Winehouse in Hospital


Wino landed herself in the hospital yesterday.  According to her friend, she took a cold remedy that didn’t react well with “medication she takes for her on-going recovery.”  Evidently, that combination was enough to make her sick.  Really sick.  Off to the hospital she went.  Don’t you think the hospital staff calls out “Amy!” when she arrives, much like how the bar patrons called out “Norm!” on Cheers?  She is the George Wendt of drying out.  Anyway, Amy was due to stay in the hospital overnight, but she’s fine and should be released today.

This is what I like to call a teaching moment.  What does Amy’s bad fortune teach us today?  Don’t take your Antabuse with a Vicks 44 chaser.  Or, Methadone and Mucinex don’t mix.  Like, duh.

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