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Love it or Leave it?

That title is probably a rhetorical question.

Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney embraced the spirit of the mullet at a recent reception for TV Guide Magazine’s Hot List.

Business in the front…

Real Houswives of Orange County - Tamra Barney

…party in the back.

Real Housewives of Orange County - Tamra Barney

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  • That is one of the stupidest dresses I’ve ever seen.
    It’s so funny that people mentioned the hair first.

  • I’m not sure what she’s done but that doesn’t even look like her. Odd, to say the least. The dress is purely white trash and it looks like she’s sporting some very cheap hair extensions. Huge fail, but in Tamaras’ world I’m sure it’s a win-win!

    • Hm. Maybe I misinterpreted it, but it’s pretty clear that the hair is pulled back. I guess it could apply to both.

      • She is talking about the dress. It just so happens that the hair LOOKS like a mullet, too, thus the connection. Either way, It’s an overall trashy, “mullet-y” ensemble.

  • Ugh. She is my least favorite of the housewives (next to Kelly of course). Tamara is jealous of anyone who is younger or hotter then her and it’s pathetic. She hated Gretchen right off the bat simply because she wanted to be the hottest of the housewives. Her personality makes her hideous and you can tell her husband is totally embarassed by her this season..

  • I think Kelly and I read the same online slang dictionary with the business in the front, party in the back comment-here is the rest of the entry for mullet:
    •a hair style that is short on the top and long in the back. This is more common in rural areas in the USA than in the urban areas. In more urban areas of the USA, mullets are seen as sources of amusement and are typically mocked.

    The front of the hair doesn’t bother me, it’s the back that’s a mess. In fact, around here, we refer to a hairstyle with a front like that as “the Klum”.

  • That dress style always makes me think that her ass is a vacuum cleaner and 5 seconds after the image was taken, the whole fucking thing was sucked into her saggy butt.

  • not loving the skeet target on her back or those metallic sleeves. but then again, im from texas so give me some boots, tight jeans, a flannel shirt with pearl snaps knotted up in the front and a straw hat and Im ready for a hot date.