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Quotables aka Bitter for $200, Alex


“You want my honest comment? It’s too much too soon.  Time is God’s way of keeping everything from happening at once. It’s just too much of a good thing too soon.  My thing is, being a home-school mom, I want kids to earn it, and I think some time … ’cause mom and I rode in a car for the first year of our career to visit radio stations. There was a making of the star, there was a rising up, and the fans went with us.  Now it’s over coffee breaks, the success, almost.  You have to play catch up … It’s like the girl who wins an Oscar and she’s under 20. What do you do from here?”

Wynonna Judd’s response to Taylor Swift’s record-breaking win as CMA’s Artist of the Year last night.  You know, maybe Whinonna (intentional) should spend a little more time CORI checking her kids’ teachers and a little bit less time being a bitter, old, washed-up hag who has nothing better to do than rain on the victory of the new kid on the block.

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  • If you’re deserving of the artist of the year, then you’re the artist of the year no matter what your situation is. I think the only basis on which you could even think of naming someone other than her (I really can’t) is by saying that what she makes is more pop than country, but even then country music has become a blur between the two categories. I don’t listen to much of any country and I don’t listen to Taylor swift, but what I’ve heard seems to be liked by everyone in the car.

    She seems like a good person and I’m happy for her.

  • Oh please, lady. Times have changed. Youtube and iTunes, not to mention Facebook and the internet in general, have changed the way information is passed and music is shared. People can become internet sensations with having sold a record. Get with it, please.

    Is Wynonna even popular anymore? I don’t know, I’m not into the country music scene.

  • I tend to agree with Winona. She opened for all those artists she was nominated with, she wasn’t even the headliner. It was way too soon for her to win that award. She has done some great things in her short career and maybe in a few years she would have really deserved it but now wasn’t the time. I like her songs even though a lot of them sound the same. She’s a talented songwriter but she didn’t sound very good singing live last night.

  • I think I agree with her. Today’s music is so over produced that you hardly have to know how to sing anymore. I’ve heard Taylor Swift live, she isn’t that great and her overplayed songs on the radio about teenage fantasy are hardly artist of the year worthy!

  • i couldn’t agree more. maybe it’s the new way of doing things & maybe it’ll stick, which is fine…times change… but yeah, i think she’s right.

  • Who cares what age she is…she either deserves it or not…and millions of fans and her peers agree that she does deserve it….thus the award. BTW, she was in the past an opening act, but has been headling her own shows this year. Her album was #1 for a record number of weeks and her shows were sold out. So yeah, she’s 19 and kicks ass…who cares….I say she deserves it.

  • she may have been the opener for those acts, but i guarantee you thousands of people that went to those shows were there to see taylor.

  • I also tend to agree with Wynonna. As a country music listener, I think Taylor has the least twang and southern feel as opposed to the other performers. Don’t get me wrong, I love Taylor, but I feel her slowly crossing over to the pop side. I feel like the coveted award would have been more suitable to win in say, a Grammy race.

    Also, after watching interviews and her acting on SNL, I noticed that she accommodates her accent to whichever crowd she is surrounded by. Check it out.

    • Totally agree with Wynonna. So much adulation at such a young age isn’t good for the artist. Where do you go when you’ve reached such heights at age 20? She’s talented I guess, and cute, but not that interesting, and her voice is thin. I don’t see her having a long career at all.

    • Carrie Underwood only has a country twang when she fakes it so why does it matter if Taylor doesn’t have a twang? I think Wynonna’s just a bitter has been.

    • What???? Twang??? That went out ten years ago! Keith Urban have any “twang”? Toby Keith? Brad Paisley? Twang? Pop and country is mixing, has been for years! That is why it is so popular! Taylor swift is sensational, talented, and cute! That is why she is a star, and will be for years to come. The Judds were popular “only” in the country scene, and quite frankly not that popular outside the genre.
      Taylor also seems to have her head on straight. Can anyone say that for Winona?

    • PSSSHHHHT not even. too bad we can’t hear a soundbyte. W may not even have a harsh tone to her voice. i’m sidin’ with the original country mama. she’s “just sayin'” and it’s great.

  • You mean Winona poked her head up from the buffet long enough to unload this mouthful of tripe? What a toad!!!!

  • Sadly, Wynonna has to say something sh*tty about a 19 year old, in order to get anyone to pay attention to her now.

    It is called jealously. And it is not pretty. Nor is that sad orange color face that Wynonna sprayed on last night.

    Being Entertainer of the Year has nothing to do with age. It has to do with popularity, touring and the amount of money you generate to the country music industry. Taylor had a very successful last 2 years. She earned it. And she did by the time she was 19.

    And besides did anyone really want to see Kenny Chesney win again?

  • i see her point. i’m not a taylor swift or winona fan, and i don’t listen to country music, but… i can imagine how it feels nowadays, to entertainers who worked hard for their success, climbing to the top over time, to achieve such an honor – to see a young kid, who is nobody one day, ad suddenly a star the next – get all the recognition and awards other performers have strived for their whole careers. it probably feels like a bit of a popularity contest, or who is trendy at the moment, over who the actual best musician is.

    then again, this is best artist of the YEAR. not a lifetime achievement award. if her record was the year’s best, then let her have her success and support a newcomer who is making a name for herself quickly. and you don’t give the academy award to meryl streep just b/c she’s been around for ages and has an excellent body of work, if a newcomer had a more moving performance for that particular oscar year. don’t hate the player, hate the game!

    • ‘don’t hate the player, hate the game’ – I completely agree.
      The same can be said for pretty much anything that happens in any facet of the entertainment industry. TS is a product and right now that product is hot, so push it!

  • i agree with her. when taylor won she said that she has now accomplished every dream she has ever had. umm… wha? how about getting married or passing on your perfect genetics to little swifty spawn? i used to be a huge fan, but honestly i’m just getting so sick of this girl. country music needs some new females y’all

  • W-O-W!!!! No matter how I read her statement….the result is the same-JEALOUS!! How very sad that she can’t just be happy for her. Taylor Swift is an angel who has never said anything unkind about anyone, and Wynona just lost my respect.

  • I can see what you guys are talking about when you say she’s jealous, but I think she might have a bit of compassion there. I do agree that Taylor Swift has star power (although I don’t know that she’ll be able to make a lasting impact on country), but it isn’t in her best interest to have it all rack up so quickly.

    She seems like a nice, level-headed girl; to have so much of the substance of her ambition obtained so early in her career means she’ll have an incredibly hard time sorting out where she wants to go from here.

    A lot of her fanbase is mainstream and extremely flighty. Hopefully she won’t have too hard a time working out a plan for developing as an artist, because she’s got a whole lot of time– the rest of her life– to try and do something ‘bigger’ than what’s been happening this past year and a half. That’s got to be really hard.

  • I say good for Taylor, but I also agree with the Judd.

    To much to soon, but also here today, gone by afternoon. So She might as well enjoy it.

    Good for the Judd for being HONEST. Geez remember when telling the truth was a good thing. They asked, she answered. She didnt call her a no talent cow, just thinks she needed to earn it more.

    Beyonce had it easy, Miley had it easy the jonas brothers worked for it. Who cares as long as they dont turn into Amy Whinehouse, Lindsey, Brittney or (insert name here), its all good.

  • I am not saying I agree with Winonna, but I think Tay’s instant success is a little fishy, what with her dad being a multi-million dollar mogul and all…

    • i met her dad at a nashville open house (he was looking for friends of his who wanted to live “on the lake”) and he had a promo disc of little taylor and it was totally britney-like pop. he said that they had moved to nashville because taylor was going to be a star. it wasn’t loving dad-speak; it was chilling, terminator-like shit. he basically said that he had the money to buy her whatever “breaks” were needed. if he’d had a little more faith in her actual talent she may have gotten there on her own. (although i don’t think she can sing live, and her voice is really limited and thin). the pop stuff sure did get rolled over by her “dreams” of being a country singer. i think wy has a point and was just stating her opinion.

  • George Jones said it best:

    “Jones made the comment during a recent interview when asked about music by artists like Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift.

    “They had to use something that was established already, and that’s traditional country music. So what they need to do really, I think, is find their own title, because they’re definitely not traditional country music,” he said.”

  • I like Taylor but Im starting to feel like Winona has a point. Taylor is pretty much at the peak of her career right now, it can only go up so far until it comes spiraling down. I don’t see her as a long lasting talent either. Her songs are all teenage-based and how is that going to work when she’s not a teenager anymore?

  • I agree with Winona Judd. It’s like she’s literally blown up overnight, but she’s probably not developed enough, talent-wise, to keep the momentum going. I think she’s actually in danger of overexposure right now and, ironically, Kanye’s theatrics only fueled the fire. I didn’t even know who she was before the VMA situation, but now she’s everywhere. I think there is something to be said about developing your craft and building your audience over time, because along the way, you develop the wisdom and strength of character it takes to handle the success and I think there’s a greater chance for longevity.

    Someone mentioned Beyonce’ in the list of singers who had it easy and that isn’t true. The group that launched her career, Destiny’s Child, was formed in 1990, but released their first song in 97. After the group disbanded in 2005, it was ranked by Billboard as one of the greatest musical trios of all time and was inducted into their All time Hot 100 Artist list.

    Brittany Spears was on the All New Mickey Mouse Club, along with Justin Timberlake, when they were kids, so she was at it for years. Miley Cyrus seemed to have it easy, but her success was due to her Disney TV show (in which I thought she was actually funny). Since Taylor doesn’t have time under her belt, she needs to pick up some other schtick to help solidify her fan base, b/c the whole VMA thing is running out of steam and people are going to get tired of hearing about it and her ( I already am).

  • This girl is so over rated. I turned up the volume on he performance. Terrible terrible vocals. Same with Miley Cyrus. No vocal range.
    I mean, Lean Rimes can sing, no argument… but this Taylor, she is just cute, but can’t realllly sing.

    • I agree with you on Miley and Taylor lacking in their singing ability, whereas Leann Rimes really can sing…she started young and has always had a powerful voice.

  • Winona was nothing without her mom, she is jealous how long did her solo career last singing foreigner tunes, pretty sure taylor hit it big off of music that she wrote herself