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That’s It. I’m Moving to Australia.

Britney Spears

First of all, I’ve scrounged up a bunch of pics of Brit strolling around Australia with no bra on.  As always, you’re welcome.  If there was ever a question as to the importance of proper support, let these pictures be your forewarning.

Enough of that; here’s why I’m moving to Australia:  the Minister for Fair Trade of New South Wales wants to create some sort of disclaimer that informs patrons paying up to $1,300 a ticket to see Britney in concert that she’ll be, um, lip-synching.  You just know that B is all excited — “I’m gettin’ my own law y’all!”

“It is Britney’s ‘prerogative’ to lip-sync, and it is my job to make sure consumers know what they are paying for up front,” Judge said in a statement released by the government.

One idea is to require disclaimers on promotional materials and tickets indicating that portions of a show will be pre-recorded.

It’s no secret that many artists, including Spears, lip-sync at times during their elaborate stage shows. And this Australian initiative may not have much effect on interest in Spears tickets, given that many of the shows Down Under are already sold out.

“Personally I would rather see a live set from a local artist,” Judge said, “but I am sure Britney’s fans will be treated to a spectacular show.”

I’m a huge fan of Brit’s music and I’ll always be her cheerleader.  I think she’s made amazing strides to get her life back on track and once she starts wearing an underwire, I’ll be even more impressed with her accomplishments.  Putting that aside, she’s a singer.  I wouldn’t pay a thousand dollars for any concert ticket, but I wouldn’t pay twenty dollars for mime.

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  • Nevermind the droopy boobies, why is she so blantantly against running a comb through her hair before walking out in public? No one I know is being followed by cameras, yet they still make sure they look presentable before leaving the confines of their home. I can understand being in a rush, but I can’t remember the last time I saw her in a paparazzi picture with her hair even brushed, let alone styled to any degree. Which leads me to believe she just doesn’t bother.

    • I agree! I swear her hair hasn’t looked good since she cut it all off. Not even in videos let alone in public. And I…just…don’t…understand. Aren’t there any hair stylists in the busload of people who make her “Britney?” Get a decent weave!

      And speaking of fake…people who are paying $1300 to see Britney are not going to see her sing live. I think most of them would prefer she actually not sing so they can enjoy the song as they know it – with the right amount of autotune and synthesization. And this is coming from someone who has most of her songs on her iPhone at the moment. It seems this Australian legislator is trying to impose his own qualification of what makes music “good” (I guess live) when other people don’t have have that same qualification. They want a good show. And I’m sure she (plus the small city it takes to put it on) will give it to them.

      To each her own I say.

      • If I had to wear a gallon of make up and a foot of hair extensions on a stage in front of millions of people under hot ass stage lights, I don’t think I would do shit with my appearence on my days off either. She doesn’t need to look good walking the streets, she gets paid millions to look good on stage & in photo shoots. So why look good for free?

  • So it is said her old fake boobs stretched her skin beyond recovery, she has issues with stretch marks and .. and really messed them up on removal then the added swell of having babies they lost their lift and nipples drooped.. and she refuses to get any more painful surgery or lift. Love her or look away.

  • Is it American or Australian dollars? It will still be expensive, but definitely not as much. Sorry for being anal lol :)

  • but it’s still 1,300$ for the people in Australia, using Australian dollars to buy these tickets. So I don’t get your point??? :S

    $1,300 is a hella lot.

    I don’t know what a dollar means to you? Anyway with the coversion rates being pretty even at the moment, that means in US$ it’s just over $100US less. $1200 is still a fair bit in US currency right.

    • Nah, it’s not the same, that’s why I asked. 1,300 pesetas (Spain’s former currency) are a mere €6 (about $8), so depending on the value of the money. Anyway yeah, $1000 or $1200 (American dollars) is still a lot of money!

  • If I was wearing that shirt, my nibs would be lower & closer to my belly buttom. Sucks to be older.

  • oh,come on. she’s almost thirty and shes had two kids, her tits don’t look half bad considering what they’ve been through.

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