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Katharine McPhee’s New Video: “Had It All”

The American Idol also-ran is back with a new album called Unbroken, due out in January, and here’s the video for the first single, “Had It All.” I have to admit, I’ve always been a Kat McPhee fan, and this is no exception. I like this single, and I absolutely love her voice. I also actually kind of like the video — even the short, platinum, last-decade haircut. It looks like she went through one of the Tyra Banks ANTM makeovers, but it works somehow. Your thoughts?

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  • Me likes!

    I feel she has always had a great voice. It just never seemed very polished or refined. Maybe her maturing has helped her. This is definitely better than her “somewhere over the rainbow days”. I love her look in the desert scenes. Good for her.

  • I don’t like the blonde hair at all! I think she is much prettier with dark hair. She used to standout.

  • that hair cut and her strong facial features make her look like a drag queen in this video. don’t get me wrong I loves me my queens, but I’m just sayin’… when she had that long gorg brown hair she was a fox

  • Hate the new hair. HATE IT. She used to have the most gorgeous hair in Hollywood, and she got rid of it for what? That mess? Tyra would’ve done it better, which is really saying something.

  • Relax folks. I did like her hair better when it was brown and longer but maybe this was just all done to achieve a look to match the song(s). Hell actors in Hollywood are constantly screwing with their looks. Obviously the “drag queen” persona was just that, but the other look wasn’t so bad. This is a different album, with a more mature and sassy sound. I think the new look is appropriate.

  • heres the thing..i feel very conflicted about this video. on the one hand, i like her voice a lot. i think that her makeup is very interesting and her skin looks good. but the whole thing seems very 90s to shania twain-esque or something. it was just a little to stagey for me. i wanted to like it, but it just felt like a joke.

  • Can we say “who’s that girl” ?
    Madonna circa 1987!!!
    I guess all things come back even bad movies….

  • She was always underrated, kind of like Beat – i thought the song was pretty good for a first pass….may listen again later…the look? Give the kid credit for mixing it up, trying something to kick start this record…..she deserved better a few years ago……play nice.

  • That is a terrible dye job! It looks like she did it herself at home! And yes, the cut is outdated. Who would let her out in public looking like that?

  • this song is extremely boring. i actually had to force myself to finish listening. just blah
    and her look is horrible too.

  • took me the first 2 mins to realise who she looks like – with the blond hair she looks SO like Posh Becks before she went too skinny and brunette

  • it has a very 90’s country music video vibe to it.

    not really a fan but not a hater either. I guess it seems boring and a bit contrived or over done.

  • Man, you gotta listen to kara dioguardi sing this. I like Katherine Mcphee singng but with kara singing it its like wow she can reallly sang.. aha