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Rut Roh!


Could it be true?  After just a few month months of wedded bliss, the first cheating rumor has surfaced and it’s a doozy.  According to some stripper in Atlanta, she totally did Josh Duhamel on October 9th.  And when I say “did” I mean “fucked.”  I don’t want you to be fuzzy on the details.  Gorgeous Josh may finally be splitting up with Fergie or as I like to call her, Claymation.  (Look at that face and tell me she doesn’t look like a Davey and Goliath extra.)

In a blockbuster exclusive interview, the red-hot exotic dancer provided all the details of her marathon sex session with the handsome actor she said is “the best lover” she ever had.

Josh tied the knot with the 34-year-old Black Eyed Peas singer this past January.

But stripper Nicole Forrester – who passed a lie detector test and whose story was confirmed by independent sources – told The ENQUIRER that marriage to super sexy Fergie didn’t stop the actor from hooking up with her.

Well, shit.  If she passed a polygraph, it must be true, right?  As much as I dislike Claymation, I always feel bad when these celebs suffer such public betrayal.  Josh, high-profile divorce first.  Sleazy dalliances second.

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  • Regardless of whether or not Fergie is ugly, if this story is true then Josh Duhamel is a shitbag.

  • It’s just so hilarious to make fun of a woman’s looks while reporting that her newlywed husband may have cheated on her.

  • The stripper in question is not much to look at herself. At the very least Fergie has a beter body. If you are going to cheat, why wouldn’t he at least choose some smoking hot piece. This chick makes a living off her body so she should at least tone up those loose abs.

  • Fergie tried so hard — so much plastic surgery. But you just can’t erase ugly. You really have to come to the table with something spectacular. It was only a matter of time. You can’t blame guys. What women fail to realize that no matter who the guy is sooner or later — he — will — cheat. There is just no controlling the snake.

  • Umm Fergie has a real career unlike that pig stripper, and Josh should be dumped. Fergie is making more money than he is and she has the bigger name. No one would know Josh if he didn’t have Fergie.

    Fergie is also a really nice person, I have met her. \

    Oh and listen to Fergie sing on youtube for the trailer for Nine, she is amazing. So I hope she kicks Josh out of the house I am sure she paid most of, and he doesn’t get to go to the Oscars with her.

    I can not believe women are condoning a man doing this when HE asked her to marry him. Disgusting!

  • Polygraphs are not infallible. Validity is typically assessed at 61%. That’s a little better than flipping a coin:)

  • i bet some of the people claiming fergie is fugly are pretty fugly themselves….i know they are at least on the inside :)

  • So Fergie is deemed unattractive and therefore she should accept that her husband cheats on her? Hm, i think that says more about bloggers than it does about Fergie.

  • Ha ha, jokes on you guys. I was in Hotlanta and told that stripper I was Josh Duhamel. I can’t believe she bought that crap story, and it didn’t cost me a dime…