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Sophia Bush is Not Amused By Fakers

YoungHollywood grabbed an interview with Sophia Bush at an event in Los Angeles last night and the interviewer jumped right from the cause of the night (encouraging young artists) to “social media”. At that point, Sophia jumped in and started getting mad. “I do not have a Twitter, I do not have a Facebook, I do not have a MySpace and I do not have a Friendster, so if you’re following me on any of those things, it’s not me!” Good, glad we cleared that up.

She also mentioned the thing that annoys her the most about her fakers. As a journalism major, Sophia takes her spelling and grammar very seriously and hates that so many of the people that pretend to be her online can’t spell to save their lives. “If you’re going to pretend to be me, at least spell check!”

Yeah, so all you people out there pretending you’re Sophia Bush, get better at it!

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  • I’m sure there are also some people watching this pretending to know who she is. Maybe if she had a twitter or a facebook account then more people would.

  • For somebody that “doesnt have a twitter, doesnt have a myspace, doesnt have a facebook etc….” she obviously still spends time looking up those who are pretending to be her and having a whinge because they dont spell properly… oh so she is one of THOSE celebrities

    • oh come on MLC, if people were out impersonating you wouldn’t you look at it?? i would.

      and she’s from one tree hill!! and john tucker must die!!

  • I feel like I stay pretty informed about pop culture and celebrity gossip, but I have no idea who this girl is. For some reason I feel like she was on the CW or something, but I don’t watch that channel at all.

  • Oh my god fuck u people she’s a normal person just like everyone else and I watch that show she is on and she is a pretty good actress I would love to meet her and bethany joy as well. But yea she’s right u wanna eat something than eat it. Sophia if you read this i really hope you stay on the show.

  • I wonder if that was true about her divorce from chad michael murray like did he really cheat on her with paris hilton god that girl paris is really skinny and sluty i mean u dont see sophia bush out there with a sex tape and always putting herself out there.

  • I wonder if chad michael murry really cheated on her with paris hilton that girl is so skinny and sluty i mean at least sophia bush doesnt have a sex tape and always have herself out in the open, she is classy and smart.