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Sarah Palin Finally Takes a Public Swing at Levi Johnston

Sara Palin Responds to Levi Johnston After His Today Show Appearance

Throughout the Levi Johnston Famewhore Tour ’09, Sarah Palin has stayed pretty tight lipped about the whole thing. Surprising because Levi has publicly slandered her in all the right places. He went so far as to take his mother and sister to Tyra where they had a “Johnston Family Speaks Out”-type special in which numerous private details about both Palin and her daughter, Bristol. After Levi’s appearance on CBS’ The Early Show this morning, Palin couldn’t keep quiet anymore.

Levi flat-out said in his interview that Palin would refer to her son Trigg, who has Down Syndrome, as “retarded” and then followed that by saying that he has a lot more info that would damage whatever rep she has left. “You know, I mean, if I really wanted to hurt her, I could very easily. But there’s – I’m not gonna do it.”

Obviously a line was crossed over at the Palin camp because a statement was issued this afternoon by Palin who sounds like she’s not messing around, either. “We have purposefully ignored the mean spirited, malicious and untrue attacks on our family,” Palin says in a statement. “We, like many, are appalled at the inflammatory statements being made or implied. Trig is our ‘blessed little angel’ who knows it and is lovingly called that every day of his life.”

With Levi scheduled to shoot Playgirl and plenty of more publicity opportunities on the line, I bet there’s going to be a lot more chances for him to go after the Palin’s. I would suggest that he not do it, but deep down I know that I just want to hear the juicy gossip.

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  • I can’t stand Sarah Palin. Talk about publicity whores! It is pretty rotten to be such a close part of someone’s family and then turn around and blab everything you know just to further your own “career”, whatever that is in his case. She is no more qualified to be the President of the United States of America, the leader of the free world, than I am. She should stay home and take care of her kids.

    • “She should stay home and take care of her kids”? REALLY?

      I love how she’s wearing a polar bear pin even though she’s been trying really hard to keep them from being protected. Putting polar bears on the endangered species act = actually having to do something about global climate change.

      Fucking Palin!

      • You are such a genius. You are spot on with your comments and your unbridled hatred for people. Good for you. Good for all of us. Good for America.

  • Since when is calling your baby retarded a bad thing? Let’s see… they can’t walk, they can’t talk, they roll all over the floor, they drool and spit up all over you and they shit in their pants and roll around in it…hmm…..sounds like they’re all retarded to me!

    • Well, it’s not very PC. It was a term used many years ago, but since has been replaced with “developmentally disabled”….just like Mongoloid was a term used for Downs Syndrome way back in the day.

      I have a developmentally disabled brother, and don’t used the term retarded in the context of him and his peers. However, I freely use the word to describe Sarah Palin and other retards like her!

      • Funny! After reading your post I felt I lost a few I.Q. points. If you keep posting I’m sure I’ll be retarded in no time. BTW, you sound like a total asshole.

      • Oh, and by the way, only a retard would name their kid MymaJane. I have a feeling you’ll end up feeding your feeble sister that lives upstairs the family parakeet when she calls down for food someday.

      • hey anonymous, where did you come from and how quickly can you leave? oh and BTW you sound like a total a-hole

      • Uhhh….”Anonymous” my name isn’t MymaJane. It’s a name I use just for posting.

        And YOU are retarded. You clearly have no reading comprehension since my “feeble sister” is actually a developmentally disabled man (as stated in my post). Try taking some first grade reading classes and see if that helps.

      • Pseudonym or not, I’ll bet my left nut you are a black woman. “MymaJane” Why didn’t you just use “Aunt Jo Myma”?

      • I wasn’t talking about your brother in the post, MymaJane. I just assumed you came from a family of 12 and that the odds were good that one of them was female. The reference, which I’m sure was way over your head since it didn’t relate to “Good Times” was to a scene in a movie called,
        “Whatever happened to Baby Jane”. And I ain’t the one with the genetic defects in my family tree, sista!

      • Wow, a racist and a retard. Good job anonymous.

        And your left testicle? Is that the only one you have?

      • So it’s 6 feet under and rotting away? You must be really upset about that. I heard that have a surgery where they can replace it with a synthetic nut. Does medicare cover that?

      • “Does medicare cover that?”

        I don’t know, maybe you can tell me, since you are the nigger!

        And yo mama ain’t six feet under. Her crusty, scaly, dirt covered, black ass is lying in my bed.

  • I’m sorry but…hot bumpkin penis vs. sassy-hair-flipping-conservatism??? He can cast his ski-doo-ridin’-illiterate ballot in me any time.

    • That is a polar bear, dufus, probably hand-carved by a Native American artist in Alaska from whale bone would be my guess.

      • 1) It isn’t even a polar bear; it’s a “spirit bear.” Search the Internet for “spirit bear jewelry,” and you’ll see how prolific those Native American artists really are.

        2) Lighten up! That spirit bear seriously looks delicious!

  • So does that make you a developmentally delayed conservative?

    Palin dragged her family all over tarnation as part of her “family values” platform. No one would ever have heard of Levi Johnston if she hadn’t tried to use him as a prop for her image.

    Too bad that the prop has a mouth and mind of his own, and that the Palins were foolish enough to try to separate him from his newborn child.

  • He (Levi) and his whole family are freaks looking for their 15 minutes of fame. He was sure glad to get all of the exposure to the media when traveling with her and her family. Bristol is so much better off without him and as has been in the news his mother is a drug addict and has been busted for drugs so look in the mirror before you start slaming other people.

    There was a video by Hank Jr about Mccain and Palin and our country would of been a lot better off with them rather than the racist thing we have for a president now.

      • You go back into the rehab room your rich liberal fuck-ass parents bought for your ass after having turned you onto weed when you were 5 and after your father has been fucking you in the ass since you were 6 while your mother was in the other room passed out from pills and brandy. And your fucking coked up sister has sucked her last black cock because she is now dead in a dumpster somewhere in east L.A., and your pedophile brother has just hung himself in a closest while wearing fish nets, a strap on, a ball gag, after having shot his wad all over a David Carradine poster.

        Yehhhhhh……….Go Liberalism!!!!

        Lets all go to a cemetery and knock over some headstones!!!!

      • I must admit the “ball gag” was in my head after reading your post about that Lambert bitch, but the fish nets and strap on I would’ve come up with on my own.
        Did you like the Carradine reference? Not bad huh?

    • Yup, Sarah created a monster and now he’s going to bite her in the ass.

      I wonder if Hank Jr.’s going to write a song about it.

      • Sarah didn’t create the monster, retard, as it was her stupid assed underage daughter that fucked the idiot snowboarder in the first place. And just fyi, Hank Jr. is so fucking old school that it’s obvious you’re an aging out of touch hipster that wouldn’t know shit unless you were looking down between your fat assed legs while you’re sitting in a mens room somewhere in moronville.

  • “Finally takes a swing”? “Tight-lipped”? C’mon now, do u even read the gossip sites?

    Look it up, Palin was all over Levi in the press earlier this year & media/gossip rags have been reporting she trashes him in her new book.

    A big deal is made of it ’cause she’s so much older/richer/more powerful than this teenager & yet she’ll get into a pissing contest with him.

    “Couldn’t keep quiet anymore?” Sorry but it is just inaccurate & yet its the premise of the post.

  • So true. Sarah can’t keep her mouth shut when it comes to Levi. She preemptively went after him for the Vanity Fair article if I remember correctly.

  • Everyone on here should get a website where you guys just fight with each other all day and post your lame comebacks for all to cringe at.

    This isn’t about Sarah fighting with a teenage boy. This is about someone trying to drag her family through the mud as if he is some person with a right to call others dysfunctional. I’d speak out against him too because he has no room to cast stones. He’s posing for Playgirl… he’s not some innocent teenager that she’s starting a fight with. Put your political beliefs away and judge a situation for what it is. He’s out of line.

  • The irony of her wearing a polar bear pin is killing me. I guess its ok if all the real polar bears go extinct because of loss of habitat due to climate change/degradation by oil companies. As long as we still have cute pins.

  • I feel so bad for Trig Palin. The poor kid is an eternal pawn to his mother’s political ambitions.

    During the election, he served as “proof positive” that Sarah Palin walks the pro-life walk as well as talking the talk. Never mind that she put the poor baby at risk throughout her pregnancy, most notably flying across the country while in labor (during an unquestionably high risk pregnancy) for a media event. Forget the fact that the only quality time she seems to spend with him is when cameras are rolling.

    With this latest mess, it’s interesting that Ms. Palin’s reactions to Johnston’s prior “revelations” have been pretty milquetoast, but as soon as an allegation was made regarding her (alleged) inappropriate language toward Trig, she feels the need to speak out. She goes all “Mama Bear” which, as MissSmilla points out, is an interesting irony on its own considering Palin’s apparent indifference to the habitats of polar bears.

    Consider this:
    “There wasn’t much parenting in that house.” “She (Palin) knew we were having sex in her house.” It would be so nice “to take some of this money people have been offering us and just run with it, and saying forget everything else” by writing a book, going on talk shows, and so on. Palin’s response was basically, “It’s unfortunate that Mr. Johnston is so hungry for fame that he has to make up stories about our family.”

    Levi Johnston is unquestionably a famewhore. He’s selling pictures of his body for money and is leaking “insider information” regarding life chez Palin for money. However, he is also nineteen years old, not well educated, and trying to hold onto his five seconds of fame.

    What bothers me is the same (not well educated, trying to hold onto five seconds of fame) can be said for Sarah Palin–and she doesn’t have the excuse of youth. I hope everyone can see how her “Oh, my blessed angel” response to recent accusations is just more of her cashing in on poor little Trig–after all, she didn’t stand up for Bristol’s honor when members of her own party were essentially calling her a whore.

  • KLo-it’s a shame that your post was so well thought out-I am sure that the people fighting back and forth in here took one look at all of those big words and how long they would have to pay attention to reading and gave up.
    I was wondering why the amount of comments was so high-didn’t realize it was a playground spat. And when did the term “retarted” become so horrible? I know it raises hackles, but really, it is no more derogatory than developmentally delayed or disabled. I guess they sound prettier. Funny how words fall out of favor. I have always been fascinated that certain combinations of letters can be perceived as horrid-although I admit that I never ever use the “c word” cause it is so distastefu to me.
    Oh did I have a point? Sorry. This whole thing is like a fight between Jethro and Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies. I cannot believe these people-essentially trash (albeit good looking trash) are famous! We all live in a reality show.

  • You know what they say about wishing for trouble for others comes home to plague you? Do onto others etc.. and you are insulting a lot of nice but poor and honest people with your trailer trash hilly billy comments.

    • I’m not really sure that these people are nice OR honest. And in a teaching moment-it’s do UNTO others and I think hillbilly is the proper term-not hilly billy-although I kinda like hillybilly.

  • lol – I can’t stop giggling at the “That’s cuz you’re a retard, retard!” comment.

    I also agree with everything KLo said. She has some great points.

  • I’m just plain thrilled that no matter what Sarah Pahlin will never be taken seriously as a national candidate again. She didn’t even stick out her term as Governor and bailed on her state and supporters when she thought she could make more money not doing what she swore to do. I admit I find her having to defend herself to a guy who’s not going to be wearing pants very funny. On the upside she can actually see the thing that ended her career, which I find even more hilarious. Levi could pretty much say anything at this point and it won’t matter she’s too much of a joke to get a job on Fox now.

    The whole family is retarded. Trig’s just cuter.