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Emo Swoosh: Out, Stupid Tattoos: Still In

Pete Wentz's Dumb Tattoo

Last night Pete Wentz got drunk at some Nokia event and made a bet with Cobra Starship dude, Gabriel Saporta. What the bet was is probably going to remain secret, but what we do know is this: Pete Wentz lost and had to tattoo this Gabe dude’s face on his body. Hmmm. I’m sure Ashlee is thrilled that her husband went to a cell phone party and came home with another man’s face tattooed on leg. That must really be the (literally) crazy glue that keeps their whacky union sealed.

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  • Any good tattoo/piercing shop would never ever tattoo or pierce someone when they are drunk, not because of impaired judgment but because of health. It’s not good to have alcohol in the bloodstream when causing the body “trauma”. Things don’t heal correctly. Infection and irritation risks are higher. It just doesn’t happen at the reputable places I know of. In some states, people can lose their license for it. Obviously this doesn’t happen in rich people land.

    • Well, the artist is Dan Smith, who’s actually a pretty reknowned tattooer (as well as a regular on LA Ink), so he is someone with a lot of experience, instead of a random dude at a hole-in-the-wall sort of place. But still, it does seem strange how many people (especially celebs) claim to have been tattooed drunk when most people know it’s not ok.

      • Yeah, and that’s just the thing, they could be the worst tattoo artist in the world, or the best, and even so, the ink could be affected differently if alcohol is in the blood. Reputable/Experienced or not.

  • Hey Abbi, that’s a real enthusiastic attitude you have there You might want to take some antidepressants.

    Pete Wentz just needs to be gay like he really is and quit pretending to be straight. Be who you are and be proud of it.

  • Hey, if that Pete guy is a butt pirate, I’ll take Ashlee and bang her. I’d take Ashlee over her sister any day.

  • Ahaha, I think Ashlee knew Pete was a complete dork when she married him so no worries there.

    If I remember correctly, this is actually about Pete promising to get a tattoo of Gabe’s choosing if Good Girls Go Bad goes #1. It was on his twitter around the beginning of this month, I think.