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Cindy Crawford Might Lose Her Mole

Cindy Crawford at the 2009 London Film Festival (left) and at Dekalb High School in 1984 (right)

Cindy Crawford’s mole is one of those darling little “imperfections” that some super models manage to turn into their signature, even when everyone told them they should get it “fixed”– sort of like Lauren Hutton’s gap, or Naomi Campbell’s insanity.

But there may come a point in the near future when the mole is no more.

When she was a teenager, the mole was the size of the Tenneesee Titan’s chances of winning the Super Bowl this year. Over the years however, it’s grown into a larger brown bump that protrudes from the surface of the skin, and doctors are concerned that it could turn into cancer.

Crawford gets her suspect moles, facial and otherwise, monitored yearly to make sure none of them have turned malignant. Which is probably something we should all think about. Most of us (with insurance) are pretty good about getting yearly check-ups like pap smears and mammograms. But how many of us have a weird mole that’s never been looked at?

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  • Kelly-
    You should probably refrain from using words like “most”. There are 50 million American’s without health insurance. So when you say, “Most of us (with insurance) is completely bogus.

    • I agree with lethermank, she meant:
      “the majority of people that have insurance”,
      “most of us have insurance, and…”

    • There are 300 million americans… so going by your statistic of 50 million without insurance, MOST of us do have insurance. Good math skills.

  • I don’t know what’s up with the Tennessee teams this year. The Preds are getting their asses kicked, too. My boyfriend was sitting next to some Oilers fans from Canada, and the Predators lost that game. Just…embarassing.

    • I KNOW!!! That was the first thing that I thought when I see the two photos. Who was the doctor who did this?? Cause he’s amazing!

      • I never saw a picture of her as a teenager side by side with a picture of her as an adult, but the nose job is subtle. And if she’s had her upper lip injected, it’s also very subtle. She’s aging very well. And she doesn’t look drag-queen-ish, like Janice Dickenson or Pamela Anderson.

        I’m amazed that she kept the mole and became a top model – I think that it was an interesting decision to keep it, unless she was advised that it might leave a scar, in which case it makes sense that she kept it.

  • Doesn’t look like a nose job to me. When you get older your nose changes (it actually never stops growing) it just looks like the natural changes that would occur in say 30 years time.

  • I don’t see where she’s had “a ton” of work at all – She was probably about 13 in the second picture and all I see is maybe a nose narrowing (or not, since it’s a different angle), perhaps some botox in the forehead. she is a natural beauty.

  • Really amazing how awesome she still looks. If she has had any work done, its not obvious. I think the nose just looks different bc of the angle. I really hope to look half that good at her age.