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Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter Account Got Hacked by Someone Having a Very Public Fight with Samantha Ronson


Ha ha ha I’d totally write something more but I’m laughing too hard at my own headline.

Okay but seriously people help me finish this sentence:

“Samantha Ronson secretly stayed with Lindsay Lohan in Singapore and ____________________ .”

Your imaginative responses go in the comments.

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  • For goodness sake, Sasha, give the girl a break for once. Those posts are actually very coherent. She’s apparently fighting for her relationship publicly because her private communication channels were blocked. But she did indeed take the tweets down very quickly. Why do you feel the need to ridicule her, most likely further exacerbating her troubles? You’re often more level headed and, yes, compassionate, that lowest-common-denominator gossip bloggers, but you’re out for blood with Lindsay, and I truly do not get it.

    You know a thing or two about emotional ups and downs. They don’t make someone fair game for abuse. Please take Lindsay’s lead and use the delete key.

    • THIS POST WASN’T EVEN MEAN!!! And you know nothing about my life, or Lindsay’s life, or the places our lives overlap, or the places they differ. Lindsay and I have made very different choices.

      • With all due respect, I beg to differ. The very action of posting her deleted tweets, presumably made in extremis, seems quite mean indeed. It’s hardly generous. And you’re right, I know of your life only what you’ve made public through your blogs. Much like I know what Lindsay has said in public, and what’s been said about her, most often by spurious sources. I do wonder why you feel so sure you know hers, or so entitled to judge them.

      • Lindsay is notorious for her public tweets which are the 21st century equivalent of when jealous girls would leave angry notes on a lover’s car window or even writings in red lipstick on the patio door of a rival (yeah, I came home to that one night LONG ago). Unless the entire cellular system shut down & all Internet access gone, Lindsay would have been able to keep her angst to herself and kept her whining to Sam within the private arena. She does this crap all the time, she knows the bloggers capture it. Lindsay has some perverse need when drunk or high or whatever/whenever to air her dirty laundry and try to humiliate Sam…who, by the way, is always able to answer in private rather than via Twitter.

        It is clear that Lindsay has a boatload of problems. She is mentally unhinged. Everybody worries about her overdosing. I wonder if the real tragedy will be when she, in a fit of jealous rage, kills Sam and then herself. I’m in the relatively quiet Midwest and hardly a month goes by before I read of another troubled couple dead because one of them had a “if I can’t have him/her, nobody can” attitude. I don’t know what Sam is doing. She is playing with fire it seems. I cannot imagine a scenario where I would want a crazy ex-boyfriend following me, beating on my door in the middle of the night, posting public comments about our relationship, etc. I also cannot imagine a scenario where I would want a current boyfriend to follow me, beat on my door, accuse me of cheating (even tho my job required me to socialize with the public) constantly, and be so needy and clingy that the mere sound of the ex’s voice made me cringe.

        Witness protection will be Sam’s only recourse.

      • For the most part, it seems like EB is so proud that she caught LL failing. The obsession is just pathetic.

      • whatever. she posted her shit on a public forum. she knew this would happen. she made be a mess, but she is not an idiot.

    • what. a. buzzkil.
      those tweets were public. its too late, lohan cant take them back… tons of other blogs have screen caps of the same thing, so chill the eff out. What do you really expect when you come to a celebrity gossip blog? I mean its called fricken ‘Evil Beet’ not ‘Caring and Understanding Carrot’.

    • I’d feel sorry for her if she didn’t have a publicist, but she does (or should, anyway). All she wants is attention, and she’s even said that in numerous interviews. Sure, it’s sad that this is Lindsay’s life, but she doesn’t have to live it this way. She’s not 18 anymore, she’s a grown woman and grown women should at least TRY to be responsible – Lindsay Lohan has no interest in that, and that’s her problem.

    • shit son, if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.
      that is, if you don’t like the gossip then don’t read the webpage entitled “evil beet GOSSIP”

  • I agree this was a cheap shot. Funny , yes a little bit but also sad, hence i would take it down if I were you.

  • Not saying that I know Beet or Lindsay. But from all I have read, Beet has made honest comments re: her life and what’s going on. Lindsay is a f-ing mess who doesn’t own up any of it. She’s probably half loaded tweeting that shit, and tomorrow it will be the same old “oh my account was hacked” LIES! This is a GOSSIP blog, not Dr Phil.

    • pittfanmom, i agree about beet and would have agreed about lindsay a year ago. for better or worse ,i’ve followed her saga closely this year, and my opinion has swung 180 degrees. i’ve seen rumors start with one tabloid, and grow wilder and more distorted with each repetition. what she’s said in person, whether through twitter, her blog, or interviews, often makes good sense when you string the pieces together and understand the context. i’m not saying she’s a saint, problem free, or even substance free. but i am fundamentally certain she isn’t the total wreck the gutter press would have us believe. that image gets them traffic, but swallowing it whole compounds the disservice to a still very young woman. lindsay hasn’t pulled the “hacked” excuse in a long while. she vents, she deletes. in this case her venting was visible for maybe 10 minutes. it should have disappeared when she wised up and chose to remove it.

      • Well….. I can’t say I follow her too much. But like any of us we can’t undo the past, we can only go forward and try our best. Venting publicly like that has it’s consequences and having been a public figure for this long Lindsay should know that. I won’t try to judge her pain but I don’t hold Beet accountable for keeping up with Gossip. If Lindsay didn’t want people to have a glimpse at that she could have emailed or called someone to vent not put it on Twitter.

      • your point is well taken, and obviously if lindsay were more mature (whatever that means) she would have waited till she could get through to samantha in person, or accepted that samantha didn’t want to be reached. but twitter appears to be lindsay’s “last resort”, as she’s acknowledged, when samantha unexpectedly goes incommunicado. i’m sure there are many untold parts of this story (for everyone’s sake, thank goodness!), but lindsay’s tweeting is the modern-day equivalent of yelling up to the balcony. unfortunately, the balcony is in a very large theater.

      • OMGGGGGGGGGGGG you have put SO MUCH TIME into these comments, I dont even care to read them all the way through! Who ARE you?

    • I truly feel like a lot of what evilbeet writes about isn’t “gossip”. I mean, hello… lindsey obviously twittered or tweeted or whatever these comments… evilbeet is recycling the truth.


  • First off, hi Sash! Haven’t seen you in forever! OG Girls of the ODC, what what!

    Okay, yes Sasha is a friend of mine, but please don’t let that taint what I’m about to say. If you are going to attack Evil Beet for it’s commentary on extremely public goings on, then I expect to see a full scale letter writing campaign from you against Perez Hilton, TMZ, E!, Yahoo! (which features TMZ stories), NBC (I’m pretty certain 30 Rock has made a Lohan crack or two), and countless other media outlets.

    Seriously, Lindsay has issues. We get that. And whatever her reasons are for her public fight on Twitter, I don’t care. Any 5 year old knows that Twitter is public, and any 20something that grew up in show biz should have had laywers to warn her about the fact that once something is online, it never truly goes away.

    From some of the comments I’ve seen on here, wow, you all follow celebrities and their lives a lot more than most. So shame on you if you are going to eat up the US Weekly news but then chastize EB. It just seems like there is an awful lot of hypocrosy and, to be completely blunt, bullshit, surrounding what is a hilarious headline and some silly tweets.

    Sasha, you should be burned at the stake for your crimes. Seriously, I would love to see what these people would do to Mel Brooks or Richard Pryor…

  • Seriously guys?

    Lindsay Lohan is NOT your best friend. Attacking EB for posting things already submitted on a PUBLIC FORUM is absolutely ridiculous and shows that your obsession with celebrities goes much deeper than it should. Lindsay Lohan DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT if you’re defending her on a gossip site.

    If you’re so worried about her privacy and her dignity, why are you even reading this thing to begin with?

  • LOL at “caring and understanding carrot”!
    Anyway, I feel just as sorry for Lindsay as the next person; she is truly a mess and whatever addiction(s) she is facing, she is doing so in a public arena, which makes it even harder. However, she is the one who chose the public arena and continues to choose it. She could fade into oblivion like other washed-up starlets, but she chooses not to do so. She’s fighting to keep herself in the news and in the gossip blogs, and she’s doing a damn good job of it.
    This is a celebrity GOSSIP site. WTF are they supposed to write about, if they can’t write about celebrities fucking up their lives? That’s what gossip is! If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Simple as that.

  • Wow…there always has to be one annoying, disgruntled commenter to ruin it for everyone. S&D = “surprised and disappointed”? …More like stupid and dillusional…

    Keep up the good work Evil Beet!

  • I think that b/c Lindsanity looks 43, ok I’ll say be nice and say 33, we forget that she is 23. It’s also very obvious that she isn’t exactly sober and thinking with a clear, fully functioning brain. Is that reason to forgive & feel sorry for her pathetic behavior. I would say yes


    she brings it on herself time and time and time and time again, so NO. I understand love and passion, but b/c of Lindsanity being unable to control herself or her drugs, even though she tweets & deletes, everyone finds out anyway due to posts/blogs like these & they go on & practically issue death threats against Samantha Ronson & her friends. Now if I loved someone would I bring that upon them?

    I have nothing against posts/blogs like these, I do have something against her not knowing better by now.

  • oh & to finish the caption…. I say

    “Samantha Ronson secretly stayed with Lindsay Lohan in Singapore and decided she was no longer wanted tuna with Lindsay, she’d get get raw fish elsewhere”

  • WHen I read the part that said “I took the biggest chance of my life with you” I actually did feel bad for her. As a girl who was never “out” as a bisexual, who then fell for a girl and had to out herself, I see what she means. You do take a big chance, and you do it all for that person. My family is not the same with me to this day, as I’m sure people in her life aren’t. I mean, if it’s not gonna work out between them, then that’s that. But she took a huge leap for Sam and now feels like she is left high and dry (no pun intended there.)

  • this is so ridiculous…am i the only one that comes to this website for witty albeit catty commentary on celebrities etc? what were you people expecting? who the fuck cares? maybe you should start a blog where you talk about how celebrities and their feelings. i bet a lot of people would read it

    • true, but one of the things about this site i liked was the humor was biting but a little gentler than the malicious misogynist crap on some of the other sites. nowadays its hard to tell the difference.

  • People watching for the 21st century. We log on to our favorite blogs on a lousy gray rainy fall day in the Midwest or wherever. We get to “watch” the Hollywood elite (ha!) from the privacy of our own homes. I pick my fav bloggers by how much wit and humor they bring to the reading public. The thing about Evil Beet is that if someone comments about a post, a real live answer from Beet or Wendie or Kelly or Molls may pop up for us. I don’t think Perez, Levin or even Michael K comments back to the blog fans personally. A blog site that gives as good as it gets.

    Most of us are here for the gossip and all the juicy details. We want to get the scoop from around this virtual watercooler. Don’t ever stop!

  • Seriously, I love EB. I can tell when she has posted and when it is someone else.

    That post wasn’t even bad at all, try reading Wendie’s. I for one can’t read hers at all. I can’t stand how negative she is on EVERYTHING! If I didn’t love EB so much, I’d be tempted to read a different blog.

    S&D- You’re dumb!