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New Britney Spears Single Hits #1 on Billboard Charts

Can’t be stopped! Won’t be stopped! Britney Spears is running the show like the multi-orgasmic chick at the threesome. Which is totally what this single is about. Well, at least, it’s definitely about a threesome. The multi-orgasmic part might just be me projecting.

Brit-Brit’s latest single, “3,” hit the #1 spot on the Billboard charts in its debut week. It’s the first #1 Billboard debut since Taylor Hicks’ 2006 hit “Do I Make You Proud” and the first non-“American Idol” song to enter the chart at #1 in almost 11 years. That is some seriously impressive shit. I mean, YOU SAW WHAT IT DID FOR TAYLOR HICKS.

The track hails from Britney’s upcoming The Singles Collection, due out November 10. And I love this song. I love it like I love being the only chick at the threesome. Multi-orgasmic or not.

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