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Blake Lively’s Look: Love It or Leave It?

Blake Lively at Where the Wild Things Are Premiere Pictures Photos

At the Where the Wild Things Are premiere on Tuesday night in NYC. At least one of the wild things is on Blake’s dress. And there’s a rumor that three others are living in Taylor Momsen’s pubic hair, but Courtney Love is probably just saying that because she’s jealous.

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  • LOVE the look because she can pull it off. Otherwise if I passed by the dress while on a mannequin, I think I’d cringe.

  • It’s not a safe option, but I think she pulls it off perfectly, which I think is much better than a classic wardrobe success, doncha think?

  • She is a cute girl and can pull off wearing this kind of unique dress. Young and cute with legit looking tan.

    Now put Courtney Love in this dress and it would have been a complete train wreck.

  • I think she looks great. But I agree, if I saw this on a mannequin I’d probably dislike it. Her boobs look amazing and so does her hair. I want her hair!

  • Blake seems to always be in something one size to small – the clothes are almost always to tight and small for her height, she’s look so much better if the dresses actually fit her well.

  • I think I would like it better if the whole top were black and/or if the whole top were lace. The half lace, half corset idea is interesting, I just am not a fan of beige, nude, etc. on pale-skinned people.

    Her hair is lovely. How does it stay so perfect, getting in and out of cars, walking around, etc.? She must move around slowly or have some touch-up done once she arrives.

    And I wonder what sort of coat or jacket she had.

    The outfit is very dressy for a premier of a kid’s movie though.