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Ashley Tisdale’s New Video

Here’s the thing:  If you work for Disney, and then you grow up, you must do something to distance yourself from The Mouse.  You must either have a quickie wedding in Vegas followed by a marriage that lasts 55 hours, or make a sex tape, or accept a movie role playing a prostitute.  If you’re Ashley Tisdale, it’s all about the slutty music video, complete with sultry camera gazes.

What do we think of her new song, “Crank It Up”?  Overproduced?  Weak vocals?  I’m rocking out to an old Bangles CD right now, so I’m no one to judge.

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  • Her shoes are hot… thats the only good thing about the video. She doesnt have the face/body to do slutty. I’m sorry, but she really doesnt

    • I agree. She is dressed slutty – but her physical apperance SCREAMS disney star or the sweet girl next door. She looks like she is playing dress up and prancing around day dreaming she was a naughty girl.

  • I second the previous comments. The song itself sounds like made for radio spawn of gaga and recent britney.

  • I still think that her nose could’ve changed more during her “deviated septum” surgery. It doesn’t match the rest of her face yet. Keep choppin’ there sister.

  • oh god, i can’t do it. it’s incredibly lame.
    and why is it seemingly impossible for her to be sexy, i wonder?

  • I knew it was a matter of time before she went slutty. Just waiting for Miley cyrus to do the same.. UGH

  • 34 seconds and I wanted to punch something. I’m sorry, but Ashely Tisdale is not and will never be “sultry”. It’s too late, she’s too Disney.

  • the problem is that is super cliche sexy…which only makes it seem even more like a desperate attempt.
    She could have done more subtle sexy and also hired someone to make a good video and sing her vocals…then maybe it would have worked.

  • This girl is 24? I don’t believe it. I would have bet someone money that she was 18 at the most.

  • I know its pop music, so when pop stars rip off fellow pop stars or try to add their own ‘original and creative ideas’ to an already overdone theme, I shouldn’t get so annoyed. Yet I do lol.

    Ok first shitty video. She’s trying to copy Britney as far as style. (Also notice one of the lyrics said “in the zone?” lol.)

    Secondly…Ever since Lady Gaga did the song ‘Just Dance’ (which I love) everybody and their mother have been trying to do one too…first Cascada with her single ‘Evacuate the Dancefloor’ and now Ashley…with..this…
    I use these three songs as examples because they are heavily synthesized club songs that are basically about, partying/dancing/etc. All three also have random male rappers interuptting the vocals.

    Anyways sorry for the rant, but please tell me I’m not alone in seeing these similarities?

    As for Ashley, I don’t think anyone is ever going to pay attention to her unless she dies…not to be mean…but yeah lol. I don’t think she could even pull off the quickie marriage or head shaving thing.

    End rant!

  • homegirl cannot dance…

    it’s so annoying when female celebs put out these “look at me… i’m sexy after all” really clearly trying to hard and being controlled my the record label sort of singles… a little originality never harmed anyone..!!

  • It serves its purpose…its a pop song…and its really NOT that bad. I mean, the gd miley cyrus song is 50 times worse.

  • totally cringed while watching parts of this. i felt dirty. like a 45 year old man perving on some young child. even though i’m a girl in her mid 20’s. it was THAT BAD.

  • Its like the music director said “be sexy Ashley” and she went ‘ermmm ok’ and hasnt a clue! The song will do well in clubs because its a good club-song, but the video is a joke! She’s awkward, cant seem to dance without a step-by-step guide, and doesn’t seem to understand her own sexuality to portray it to a camera as being ‘sexy’! All-in-all that was awkward to watch! And what the crap were the tacky angel wings about?! (‘dark angel’/’slightly naughty’ – i get what they were TRYING to do, but wrong artist to do it with)
    All of it felt a bit like trying too hard!
    And – oh my gosh look at me ranting – that bit where she is against the wallpaper (FYI how many video directors are gonna over-use THAT crap shot forever – get over it please) when she did a ‘showing your booty’ body curve thing (i have no idea how to describe that but hope u get the gist) she looked robotic. It was like she was attempting to do that move with a full back-brace on!