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Bad News for Good Hair

Chris Rock's "Good Hair" A Stolen Idea?

I would expect someone as brilliant as Chris Rock to be above accusations like this, but someone is claiming that he stole the idea for his movie Good Hair from a flick that had already been made. Filmmaker Regina Kimbell says that back in 2005, she showed Chris a her movie My Nappy Roots on the set of Everybody Hates Chris and now four years later, he’s releasing pretty much the same movie under a different title.

Kimbell’s film has a similar format– celebrities talking about different hair styles that are commonly worn in the black community– and Rock’s big-budget wide-release is bound to make her hard work get blown off the map. While Kimbell has already filed a lawsuit, comment from Rock’s camp has yet to be released and the amount that the suit was filed for is still unknown.

I’m still definitely going to check out Good Hair, but now I also want to find a copy of My Nappy Roots. It’s not that I want to compare the films, I just don’t think that there’s possibly enough movies about weaves to ever satiate my needs.