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Taylor Momsen Pukes On Set

Taylor Momsen's Sick!

Who’s that blond puking in the bushes in Central Park? No, it’s not a homeless woman or even a misguided hipster still lost on their way home to Williamsburg from last night’s epic PBR bender. Nope, it’s Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen, who despite clearly feeling under the weather was on set today filming scenes in the park. While the 16 year old who’s notorious for her wild and sexy outfits and love of the nightlife could just have a bug, you can’t help but wonder if this little puke sesh was the result of a late night partying.

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  • Okay for one I’ve seen all the pics. She’s clearly freezing cause shes wearing her huge bulky coat in between takes. But its not that cold there. Its obvious shes got a cold or the flu.
    Second, the only places she ever goes to at night are events. And even then her mom monitors how long she can stay.

  • just like today’s generation to puke and text at the same time . . . omg look who called me . . . .blaaaaaaaagh with chunks.


    i feel bad for this girl, she can’t even be sick without being judged.

  • i find it sad that a really talented girl, is constantly judged… so just because she was blessed with extremely skinny and uber long legs she does drugs? i am a sophomore in high school and i know plenty of girls who eat like crazy and cant gain a pound… i think the writer of this story is just jealous of her…..