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Keanu Reeves Molested By Shop Owner

Kissin' Keanu

Keanu Reeves went shopping yesterday in Los Angeles and one over-eager store owner just couldn’t let her dream man go without stealing a kiss. Granted all she got was a peck on the cheek, but these photos make it look like she was going in for the kill. Keanu seemed nonplussed per usual, but probably was thinking that he’d never bother to go back to Sunset Plaza again without security.

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  • Dear Evil Beet…

    I read your very concise Guide to Commenting, and I have a question. What if you love both the Dave Matthews Band AND The GOP? Because I do. :o)


  • Another Question: Is Wendie Tobin any relation to Tobi Tobin, who was photographed accosting our Mr. Reeves? Just wondering.

  • Is he trying to seem inconspicuous with that beard? Because I can see Keanu Reeves’ face through the sunglasses, hat, scraggly hair and awful beard.

    The man hasn’t physically changed in over a decade.

  • Hopefully she held her breath. I’ve run into Keanu several times and he STINKS!.. He really needs to bathe more often.

  • I am relatively sloshed and my first thought was “TORI SPELLING?!?!? DAMN!!!”

    Then I figured it out. Whoops. My bad.

    • Then stop reading it! I’m sure there is another blog somewhere on the vast internet that would kill for your posts.

  • Then stop reading it! I’m sure there is another blog on this vast internet that would kill for your posts, even if they are lame and lack upper case letters.

  • i personally love that keanu reeves in real life doesn’t look like ‘KEANU REEVES’.

    he seems like a real person that just happens to be an A-list movie star.

    so yummy.

  • I like and I have the uttermost respect for Keanu. R… ,but at the sametime I wish in Heart I wish that he would connect himself away from this so-call ..crazy life in HOLlYWOOD.CAL…that in my opinion does not serve him (VERY-WELL) , for you do not have to be be a fool to see that?!….

  • No worries unless he still loves her in which I think keanu till does…Is it not one if so-call ex’s Rebecca blab..blab?!.

    For they always seem to be their for each other, so please have a better look!?….

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