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This Lifetime Commitment Brought to You by E!


Something hasn’t sounded right about this quickie wedding between Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom since the rumor of them marrying surfaced, oh, a week ago.  Like, why the rush?  She isn’t pregnant — she hasn’t even dated this guy long enough to get a positive result on an E.P.T. yet — so why not date for a few minutes?  It’s like E! pushed so hard for this wedding so it could be the season premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians — and offering to foot the bill certainly helped with the push — that they forgot that people’s actual lives were involved.

Anyway, not shocking, but click here to listen to the tape of E! producers discussing exactly when Khloe should tell her step-father Bruce Jenner that she considers him to be her real father.  Also, there’s a bit of back and forth on how many steps Khloe should take.

In other words, this media spectacle appears to be just that:  another high-profile, glossy set.

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  • You usually don’t see shirts like that on black men. (lion and the moon)
    Instead it’s usually middle aged white trash. LoL….at least where I’m from

  • The only comment that I think is fitting for the entire Kardashian clan (from “piss on me anytime” Kim to Bruce “Damn, is that another wrinkle on my face” Jenner) is, “Fuck all of you useless, annoying assholes. Go away.”

    • Absolutely. This family is basically famous for no reason whatsoever. At least Bruce Jenner was an Olympic gold medalist during his lifetime. How he wound up involved with the Kardashian manure piles is beyond me.

  • I like Khloe, she could do so much better than him.
    Such pretty girls with unattractive guys, really. If she has kids, she’ll have to hide them behind the door when she gets visitors.