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Shenae Grimes Calls Her Former Co-Stars’ Success “a Fluke”


Shenae Gimes gave quite the interview to Kyle Buchanan at Movieline and held nothing back when asked about her former Degrassi co-stars, Nina Dobrev (who Degrassi fans know as Mia) and Aubrey Graham (the rapper who blew up this summer under the name Drake.) While everything I’ve heard about Shenae around town has been nothing but positive, she sure seems to have some negative feelings about her pals from up north, even if she buries them with backhanded compliments. Here’s what she had to say:

On Nina: “I think I was the first kid, really, to get work in the States and make that break. It’s really hard as a Canadian actor to make a footprint in the States, because of the visa stuff. I’m so proud, though, and so blown away; like, what a fluke, Nina getting the lead in Vampire Diaries a year after 90210. Props to her, though: She’s always been a star. She’d not been on Degrassi that long, and I knew from the first year she was on it, I was like, “This girl’s going to go far.” I’m not shocked at all.”

On Drake: “He’s been rapping and whatever for years, but none of us really expected it to blow up like it did. We didn’t really know if he walked the walk because he didn’t really share that side of his life with us: It was Aubrey Graham of Degrassi, and then that Drake world was a different world for him. This is the first time that I’m really seeing it and he’s just huge! None of us really kept in touch, which is a shame, but I’m so unbelievably proud that he’s made it despite all that.”

Her comments about Nina and Aubrey may come off as sweet enough, but deep in there are a lot of words you don’t use for friends. She seems to think Drake is a faker and Nina only landed her gig on Vampire Diaries based on sheer luck and the fact that she made it so much easier for Canadian actresses to have a chance at acting on shows here in the States.

The rest of the interview is mainly 90210 gossip, but she does dive in to the frustrations she’s experienced playing the smiley Annie and how even she hated her character for most of the first season.

Keep it down to earth, girl! Remember your humble Canadian roots!

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  • I saw Nina Dobrev on a ton of other stuff before 90210 came out- she was in that cheeseball “American Mall” movie that MTV did, and randomly in little tv shows- (like MTV, CW, stuff like that)

  • You are reading way too much into it. I think there was a bit of sarcasm in the comment “like, what a fluke” considering she started off by saying she was extremely proud of her and ended by saying how she knew she would be a star and wasn’t surprised.

    I don’t really want to explain how you misinterpreted the Drake comments as well, but they were also extremely positive with nothing really negative what so ever.

    Even if she is no friends with her former cast mates, it was nice of her to go in depth about their accomplishments. She could have easily just said “good for them” and left it at that.

    Also in the interview she went in depth about how disappointed she was that fellow Canadian Dustin Milligan was let go and how she knows he will go on to bigger better things.

    I’d say her humble Canadian roots are just fine.

  • she’s a bitch and homegirl ain’t pretty. i’m so sick of Shenae, but that may be because she only plays really annoying characters.

  • I can’t believe how you just proved correct everything she said about the tabloids and media making up negative stories. She pretty much goes on for paragraphs praising former Degrassi and 90210 cast mates and the title of your post is “Shenae Grimes Calls Her Former Co-Stars’ Success a Fluke”. That is a joke. Stay classy The Evil Beet, stay classy.

  • It sounded like she was saying it was a fluke that she and Nina went from being on Degrassi together to both being on the same American network.
    That is sort of a fluke.

    • haha. yeah eh. I think its because canadians are supposed to be nice, easy-going people who listen and obey and sont cause ripples in the water…lol

      Canadians arn’t taken seriously.

      Sad but true.

  • i don’t think she meant it negative against nina. just a fluke that both girls jumped from degrassi into major american shows straight after one another. she said nina was always gonna be big, she just didn’t expect her to move on so quickly. and to land such a big role on a big show has to be lucky. as great as nina is, there would be plenty of (just as) talented actresses going up for the role, so yeah. i think you just dislike shenae to be honest, and are finding any opportunity you can to drag others into your shenae-hating. i personally am not a major fan of shenae but i’m slightly disturbed by your need to make an innocent and understandable comment into a total bitch-thing

  • you misread into what she was saying…basically over thinking it. Its tough to land an acting job for anyone in the states unless you’re a big timer, so it would be luck for anyone to land a lead role in a brand new show. She even stated she knew she would go far. And about drake being a faker, she just stated that she had always known him as the degrassi guy, not that he didnt have a reason to reallly reveal his craft.

  • When she said that it was a fluke, she meant that Nina getting a role in American TV was amazing, like woah is this really happening? She didn’t mean it literally she was just using a bit of sarcasm.
    And about Aubrey, I can’t see any misinterpreted words because they are nothing but positive.