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Oh, Julia!


Leave it to Julia Roberts to piss off an entire temples-worth of Hindus!  She’s in India filming Steal, Your, Husband Eat, Pray, Love despite Beet’s many protestations.  Part of the movie is being filmed in the Hari Mandir temple, located in the town of Pataudi and this presents a problem.

The fall is one of the holiest times of the year for Hindus.  This movie production has prevented worshipers from being able to access their temple during Navratri, a religious festival, and the locals are not happy.

In addition to not being able to visit their house of worship, the security detail surrounding Julia Roberts has been described as “presidential”.  She has a bullet-proof vehicle and helicopter to cart her big mouth around.

Hey, making movies is a big production and someone in town agreed to all this crap.  But since this is Julia Roberts we’re talking about, can we just blame the whole thing on her?

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