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She Looks Fine To Me

Jessica Simpson

It was only yesterday that I told you that, according to her friends, Jessica Simpson was in a tailspin over the presumed death of her Malti-Poo, Daisy.  The reports were claiming that she wouldn’t leave her parents house and I had visions of her curled up, existing solely on Slim Jims and mojitos.  It seems that she’s doing better than all that.

Jessica was seen today looking happy and healthy at Heathrow Airport in London, smiling (though who knows what pain lies behind those drink coaster sunglasses?), and with one less bag to carry (too soon?).

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  • She is happy because Tony Romo got his ass kicked on Sunday.

    He got spanked!

    He more than anyone else played like shit.

  • way, WAY too soon Wendie!!! EB, a true dog lover, would never go slow low as to make a joke about the painful demise of a dog. I wonder how you would feel if someone made a joke about the death of one of your children just days after their untimely passing? For those of us not lucky enough to be a parent yet, we often consider our dogs (or cats) as an extension of our family or one of our children and while I usually enjoy your dark sense of humor, today my dear, I was not impressed.

    Would you have been willing to write the same comment if it was EB’s dog, Leo, who had been eaten alive by a coyote? Not nice – even for you!

    • Agreed. My cat IS my baby. I mean, I’m pretty sure that if there was some sort of catastrophic event, and I had to choose between saving my boyfriend or my little girl…well, yeah.

  • Do not try using reasoning or logic with Wendie.
    You are wasting your time.
    You would have better luck teaching her to play the flute from her ass.
    She does talk a lot from her ass, but that is different.

  • Wendie, you’re a bitch.

    Don’t you dare ever post about something like this again.

    You’re cold, heartless and probably the reason why, is because no one likes you. Get used to it. No one ever will if you talk shit like this.