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Let’s Hope She Only Signed a Short-Term Lease


It’s official:  The bitch is back.  Heather Locklear is returning to the saddest little neighborhood around, Melrose Place, to see if she can yet again save this sinking ship.

The first time MP was on the air there was no plot line,  it had horrible actors and was at the bottom of the ratings — wow, this new version really is a remake in the truest sense.  Heather Locklear came on board and saved the show; it ran for seven years.  Now, she’s coming back.

I’m sure after that nuclear disaster of a premiere, the producers knew that only Amanda Woodward could save the day.  Here are my questions:  Will Amanda’s glorified belts — the wardrobe people called them “skirts”, but I debate that classification — be as short as they were in the ’90s?  Will this show make it to the end of season 1?  And, just how much money do you think they had to throw at Heather Locklear to get her back on this show?

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