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What Did You Think of The Emmys?


Did anyone watch the Emmys broadcast?  It was really boring!  I thought Neil Patrick Harris did a great job as host.  They gave him suckass material — that bit with the guest who kept getting bad seats … what was that about? — yet he managed to make the commentary not feel completely painful.  He was actually quite funny.

I thought the dance routine between Maksim Chmerkovskiy and ex-fiancee Karina Smirnoff was really good despite the pre-performance battle they were engaged in.

Beet showed you all the pretty and not so pretty dresses last night, which certainly spares you from my critical and scathing opinions (on this topic at least).  I’m just going to say one thing:  Heidi Klum looked like an html caret “>”.  You know what else I could have stood a lot less of?  Kanye jokes.  Every single person thought they were very original with all their, “Imma let you finish …” bits.  They were not.

This year, they divided awards by genre, yet of course kept the Best Drama and Best Comedy awards until the very end so that they didn’t lose 97% of their viewership — brilliant move on their part.  I thought Patricia Arquette looked annoyed to present an award with Jennifer Love Hewitt and I was embarrassed for the addled and somewhat confused looking Bob Newhart.

Yeah, and that’s all I have to say about the Emmys.  Because they sucked.  The end.

If you care, here’s the complete list of winners.

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  • They were 100x better than last years horrible mess that’s for sure! NPH was the show, his opening number was fun and the Dr. Horrible bit stole the show.

    I wish The Office had won Best Comedy. I thought they had a much more consistent season than 30 Rock. I also think Jon Cryer winning was a bunch of bull. Really? Over Rainn or NPH? I mean I like him, but he was not better than either of them. Kristin Chenoweth was totally adorable and I am still upset they canceled Pushing Daisies. I thought I had heard they were going to do something with the SYTYCD contestants since NPH is such a big fan, but that didn’t happen. Maybe it got scratched for the DWTS routine?

  • I saw a lot of nominees that looked like they were pissed when they didn’t win. I like Tina Fey and it’s great that she has such a successful show in 30 Rock, but The Office deserved to win this year and I’m so tired of everything going to 30 Rock. I absolutely HATE Alec Baldwin and I don’t understand why he continues to win things because everything he does is the same. But Kristen Chenoweth was so cute when she won! She was shaking all over and I just felt genuinely happy for her. I’m so surprised that her show was canceled though because it had such a big following.

  • I’m not surprised that Mad Men won Best Drama, and 30 Rock won Best Comedy, but I was hoping different. I’m glad Grey Gardens won a couple awards, and Daily Show.

    I’m upset that Ryan Kwanten didn’t get anything, I thought he was amazing this season’s Tue Blood!

  • I thought the exact same thing about Patricia Arquette and Jennifer Love Hewitt. I thought Neil Patrick Harris was ridiculously adorable and Sarah Silverman was too funny with the mustache, I think.
    And yeah, I love Tina Fey, but I’m so tired of them winning. I feel like they win because everyone expects them to win.

  • The only reason that people watch these endlessly self-congratulatory and self-reverential awards shows is to see the women’s dresses. The comics are almost never funny, the speeches are repetitive and the art-as-popularity contest is fundamentally insulting to the artists.

    The women are great eye-candy, even if they have to half-starve, spend a fortune on their fake tans, workout routines, makeup and hair and teeter around in agony on their heels.

    And they sure work as an ad for clothing and jewelery that no one can afford.

    • I agree with everything you said, and the scary part is that when I first read it, I though “What’s up with this bitter lady?”

      AND I still agree after a few rereadings. Confused.

  • “caret”. Bwahahahaaaa!
    I only watched for the commercials – my friend recorded the music and sang in the Tresseme ads – and even they were lame. Uff.

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