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What The Hell Happened To David Spade’s Face?


It’s not that David Spade was ever really a looker, but there was something quirky and cute about the guy for a real long time, hence the massive amounts of tail he was able to pull on any given night. In fact, I feel like I’ve seen pictures of homeboy recently in which he didn’t look this bad… But last night when leaving the popular LA restaurant Katsuya? Ol’ Finch was looking tore up from the floor up. I don’t know if he’s auditioning to play Mickey Rourke or Gene Simmons, but he’s to that too-tan, tired-faced, extra-bloaty look about him that is just not complimentary to a man dressed like a circa-2002 Ashton Kutcher. Jeez Louise! Do a juice cleanse and take a long nap, buddy. Your reputation with the ladies will no doubt be suffering if you don’t clean up soon.

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  • I think he’s just getting old. He used to always look like a kid in a grown-up suit. Now he looks like a grown-up trying to dress like a kid.

  • wow a celeb that actually hasn’t had botox! thats all your noticing. its called aging. one day molls you will too :)

  • molls, yeah honey, it’s called getting older. if you’re lucky it will happen to you. could you give a guy a break for looking like his age instead making him sound as if something “happened” to him?

  • David Spade’s luck with the ladies certainly wasn’t because of his looks, but rather the giant tool in his pants (per several of his conquests on satellite radio talk shows).

  • What happened is
    a. Age
    b. Fatigue?
    c. Bad camera angle and lighting
    d. A little weight gain?

    But he’ll still have no trouble with desperate-for-fame dames – Look at Jack Nicholson!

  • When I read, “tore up from the floor up”, I thought it said, “tore up floor”. I was like, what? He looks like a tore up floor? Thats mean. But then I read it again. Ok, I’m done.

  • Oh yea… all those late nights have caught up with Spade. Yet if he decided to stop wearing the kid clothes and was better dress… he could wear his age well.

    But instead here he is in a trucker hat and a cheap plaid cowboy shirt. Looking tired as hell.

  • Hell I would look tired to after having been up all night screwing Playboy Centerfolds!

    Going by looks…….no he’s no hottie………..but there must be something about the dude that woman like.

    He isn’t super wealthy. Does he have a porn cock? I don’t know.

    Maybe he’s just a decent guy.

    He is funny as hell.

    Whatever it is………..good for him.

    There is the expression “laughing all the way to the bank”.

    In his case………being that he gets so many hot ladies……….he is laughing all the way to were their legs come together.

    As for his clothes! Who gives a fuck. Obviously the ladies don’t.

    Do you think he cares? So why the fuck should we.

  • I noticed this too when I saw the ad for his new upcoming show. I think the aging has finally started to kick in for David. He always did look so young for his age. He face seemed to look fatter as well. That could also be due to aging, combined with a poor diet. It’s getting harder for him to burn off the carbs.

  • Alcohol abuse is the reason he looks like this, not just fat and old. At 35 my face looked just like his (very unhealthy as well as just plain gross) as I was drinking every night heavily – this means no exercise and poor sleep and eating habits. I have been sober for ten years, really fit now and ALL of the bloated puffy fat face I had (the exact type he has) is long gone. He has no glow, just saw photo of him online with bottle of hard alcohol (JD) he sneaked into a club fight. If he gets a much needed hairstyle update and quits alcohol abuse and observes healthy habits he could look great – 45 is not old. I agree with Moll 100% … When I saw him in “Grown ups” he even acted in an alcoholic whiney and irritatingly irritable way as I am positive he was way hungover…