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Taylor Momsen Goes Out in Underwear


I’ve talked before about Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen and how I believe that she’s headed for disaster.  She’s 16 and way too young to be working the clubs.  I can’t help it — it’s the mother in me.  I want to wrap her in a blanket and enroll her in some college classes.  Also, because of her age, I tread carefully.  She’s still just a kid even if she, her mother and her entire management team don’t remember that.

An E! reporter asked her about her fashion choices backstage at the G-Star Raw show this week:

“I don’t care.  I think if everyone’s going to be so upset about what I’m wearing, I’m like, ‘well, maybe you should look at your life a little more. I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with mine.’  Music inspires me.  Fashion means everything. I mean, it’s art. Art means everything to me, so fashion’s another side of it. It’s expression, it’s music, it’s a way of showing and really being who you are in your own way that no one can take away from you.”

Garter belts and thigh highs on a 16 year old doesn’t feel like art to me; it feels criminal.

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  • My best friend and I dressed like that at 16.
    We’re still surprised we never ended up raped, murdered and dumped in a ditch…

      • Yes they do ass fuck! If it isn’t for their looks it is for what they are wearing, or maybe both.
        There is always a trigger with those pieces of shit!

      • women DO need to think about what they wear because men DO, unfortunately, still think with their wankers in some cases. you just need to be careful. this isn’t breaking news.

  • Yeah, I mean, she’s sixteen. That’s what sixteen year olds do. Just like thirteen year old school girls roll up their skirts to make them as short as possible. At that age you don’t think you look slutty; in your twenties you know better. But I don’t think that look is any more appropriate on a mid-twenties woman – it’s still slutty.

    • I never did any of that when I was thirteen, nor do I ever show off anything worth seeing now that I’m sixteen. I am well aware what looks slutty, and I’m pretty sure she knows she’s dressed like a rich hooker.

    • And the thirteen year old’s parents tell her to roll them down and the sixteen year old’s parents make her change. She might later then try to sneak it, but with all of the press around Taylor Momson her parents know exactly what she is wearing and do nothing to stop it. Kid seeing Taylor dressed like this then want to emulate her. This is why sixteen year olds try to look like sluts.

      • 16 year olds try to dress like sluts because they’re embracing the power of their burgeoning sexuality. Or they think it looks cool.
        I have a daughter who’s older than Taylor Momson and I dressed like that at 16. So I’d say that Taylor was definitely not responsible for me dressing like a slut at 16.
        I’m not willing to blame the behavior of any other 16 year old girls on her either.
        In fact, I’m completely unwilling to blame any celebrity for the actions of other human beings. People do what they want to do. The people who want to do whatever stupid thing they see celebrities do are still doing what they want to do.
        It’s not Taylor’s parents’ responsibility to vicariously raise every teenage girl who may see their daughter on television by making sure Taylor doesn’t do anything that might be imitated.

  • What? No comment on the absurdity of her statement that ‘Fashion is Everything’ and the other attendant nonsense she spouts to defend her look?

  • omg i was gonna say THE HAIR EXTENSIONS
    seriously this shit is so played out. i’m so tired of seeing waist-long fake hair. it looks ridiculous!

  • “Fashion means everything”?
    this isnt fashion! this is look at me slut-wear!
    shes 16 years old! does her mother not mind her
    dressing like this? jaysus, mine would have!!

  • Seriously though, she’s only got about five years left to look good in that kind of outfit. I wish I’d known it then instead of being such a little prude. Too old, too late…

  • My sister, who is 23 soon, has a daughter and tells everyone that she is going to “Whore’ my niece out once she starts looking like a lil woman”. I’m assuming this will be when she’s 9 or 10..My niece will be 2 in 11 days and has these bright grey-green eyes and platinum blonde hair. Granted, she might have inherited some amazing genes and will most likely be taaaall but I insist that it should be her decision to make and not a mothers attempt at getting rich quick. I always try to bring the Lohan and Spears family up in reference and all I get is a shrug..A SHRUG!!! I’m appalled by this and so are my parents. They’ve even threatened to take my niece from her many times. All 5 of us were raised straight-edged blue collar so I have No Idea why she has insisted to go the way she has.
    My point is, I see this being my niece in 14 years. It is Not Fashion in any way to wear a Kenneth Cole mens button down and clearance Fredericks of Hollywood garter and thigh highs. At least they’re not as Sexy as some i own. LoL..She is still just a child no matter what she thinks. She seems as if she is well on her way to self destruction in her early 20′s…Heres hoping she is not and neither is my baby niece.

  • Her eye make-up looks exactly like the joke make-up Ellen DeGeneres wore in that American Express add last year. Raccoon Eyes.

  • Until she starts being drunk in public and being cracked out rather than just looking it, I don’t care. She’s young and pretty and she has a ridiculous sense of style…big deal.

  • I don’t think we should dictate what’s appropriate. It’s her life, her body, her style. I honestly could care less if she’s happy with how she looks. It’s her prerogative.

    • Yes, but shouldn’t we as a society have standards? A 16 year old should not be dressing like a prostitute. I’m not some conservative, old fashioned person either – I’m 19. And no way in hell would I ever wear that.

      • You wouldn’t wear a headscarf either (I’m assuming, sorry if I am wrong), but does that mean no one else should? Society should have standards on say.. murder.. rape etc.. clothing, not so much?

      • Nope. Her parents should have the right to say something about how she dresses.
        The rest of us can fuck right off.

  • while I understand that those are some short ass shorts and thigh-highs, I don’t see a ton of skin hanging out. If she turned around and I saw ass cheek that would be different, but this girl probably doesn’t have much of an ass. Wendie, what would you prefer she wear? Stuff by Hillary Duff? I agree she looks trashy with the fried blonde hair extensions and raccoon eyes though.

    • Maybe in this pic, but what about when she performed on stage in the hot pink negligee (I know spelling)… or when she performed in the garters. This is not a one time outfit, this is a continuing trend.

  • I think she looks hot. I dressed like that when I was 16 so what. 16 year old wear retarded things. Now I still dress silly but its all abit of a laugh really, and come on get off your high horses… you mean to tell me all of you were virgins at 16?? whatever.

  • I don’t think she looks like a prostitute, or slutty for that matter. Or you’re telling me she can drive but she can’t put on thigh-high tights?

  • shes not a kid, shes 16, that makes her a teenager! this is what teenagers do.
    shes not going to get raped simply because shes wearing something like this, anyone could get raped no matter what they are wearing.
    “slutty” is a matter of opinion. what some consider slutty others could consider sexy. wheather one thinks she is sexy or slutty that does not mean she is doing anything sexual.. and even if she was doing anything sexual, again shes a teenager, it happens.

  • I think the thing you’re missing is that if she doesn’t dress like a hooker now she wont have photos of herself to look back on and go: “Man – I dressed like a hooker when I was younger…glad I don’t do that now…”

    Hindsight is a bitch…

  • My very pretty 13-year old stepdaughter will never walk out of the house (no matter her age) looking like this. There’s no legitimate reason other than wanting to pursue a career in hookery, and she’s far too brainy for that crap.

      • oh and if you never see her actually walking out the door looking like that, I can assure you she’ll be getting ready at her friends house/ car.

        Dont blame me, blame raging teenage hormones.

  • Underage teenage girls who dress like this generally don’t walk out of the house looking like this. It’s the clothing and make-up modifications that they make outside of home that ramp up the “hookery” look.

  • uh…theres no cleavage theres no ass hanging out…so whats the big fucking deal? wow you can see her skinny white legs! scandolus! if you want to see what a whore dresses like just look at your best friend tila tequila. ok maybe the makeup and fake hair make her look trashy but sheesh people pull the stick out your asses. and by the way who the fuck is taylor momsen? i know shes on gossip girl but i dont give to fucks about that show. isnt that show for trashy 16 year old wenches like taylor momsen herself? get a fucking clue wendie…maybe you could try to say something nice about someone for once in your life

  • part of the reason these celebrities do this is to make money. someone like Miley Cyrus for example. if she plays up a sexy image shes going to get more males 18+ interested in her and she is going to make more money.

    teenage girls may not “leave” the house looking sexy/slutty, but that doesnt mean they wont ever dress like that. parents can not stop a teenage girl from dressing the way she wants, period. if she doesnt have the clothes herself it is easy for her to get them from a friend and change at school/wherever. ive known teenage girls who were “good girls” that would go to a friends on a friday night looking decent, change into something sexy and then hit the town looking for a good time. the only thing parents can do is talk to their teenage daughters and teach them what is appropriate. i swear more parents should talk to their teenagers about sex because even as young as 13 the option is out there. dont be naive and think oh well not my daughter, shes not doing ANYTHING. even if she isnt doing something, shes thinking about it, i guarantee you.

  • Throwing around words like “slutty” and talking about invitations to rape are so fucking stupid. ‘

    Wear what you want!

    Look nice if you think it makes you look nice!

    I’m not really a fashion person, but how you dress certainly does influence how you feel day to day and overall.

    I think she looks pretty.

  • Yeah. As far as your whole: “I want to wrap her in a blanket and enroll her in some college classes…” She is taking college classes. She’s currently a sophomore in college (at age 16).

    I think she’s going great places, and she seems to be smart enough not to get involved in drugs and alcohol. She has an album coming out later this year, and a great band.

    She looks great, you can’t deny it. Should she be wearing it? It’s not for you to say. Her parents seem fine with her choice, and that’s all she needs. I think you can start “worrying” when she’s actually clubbing and not attending Fashion Week.

    YES! The picture was taken at FASHION WEEK. Too many commenters are forgetting this aspect.

  • This bitch needs to be abducted and have the shit raped out of her stripped naked and fucked again and again then beaten

  • oh J -.- leave her alone…I mean, I think it doesn’t look good on her cause she is too skinny and this clothes is just something I think you should wear InBedWithYourBoyfriend (without the coat ^_^) and not in the streets…but it’s just my oppinion..obviously she likes it..If we don’t, so what..somebody else doesn’t like what You are wearing…would you stop wearing it tho? i don’t think so…and thats what she would do–NOTHING PEOPLE! she DOESN’T CARE ABOUT OUR OPPINION -.— so just stop.

  • This bitch hasnt been raped yet? Send the little slut my way because I’ll rip her clothes off and fuck her like crazy then get a blow job from the bitch

  • @ “raper”, that’s disgusting, even if it is a joke.

    I understand what people are saying about the clothes she is wearing, I am seventeen, and I understand that it isn’t always a good idea for people out age to dress like this, as it can lead to guys thinking we are older than we are, and also attracts attention from the wrong type of guys. However, I also know this myself, and so i think as long as we aren’t naive about it, you can dress like this without problem. Yes, it’s slutty, but as much as I hate to admit it, we dress slutty on purpose. It isn’t actually to lure guys into bed with us, it’s kind of testing the waters in a way. I know that my friends and I like to dress like we do sometimes, because it’s like wow.. we have boobs now, and we don’t look like little girls playing dress up when we put on a pair of fishnets, and it’s that kind of realisation which is really quite fun. We may like it when we will get male attention, but the reality is that most of the time, it is harmless. The only time this gets worrying is for example you wouldn’t want her walking home by herself dressed like that, because people will think she is actually a hooker. I say that from experience, coming home from a gig, and I had to walk along a motorway as I missed the late bus, I had three cars pull over, and so then i realised ok, this was a moronic idea, and I won’t go out places where I may end up walking alone, dressed in this way.
    See, I understand the concern that the older generations have, but think sometimes we are much less clueless than you percieve us to be.

  • Seriously?? why do all you bitches and gits have to be so poisonous, yeah maybe she look a bit trashy, but on some days dont we all, and wat the hell is the point postin g crap about people on the internet? the dont give a shit about what you say so why waste the electricity, go plant some trees, you retards, and actually this crap that your all submitting is a form of CYBER BULLING and it is an offence , a brittish girl was sent to prison for 9 months for it, so yeah well done guys, and finally taylor herself said on “this morning” on itv1 that she didnt give a shit about what people thought of her and that she doesnt read the internet, if you dont belive me watch this. >
    peace out

    she wears outrageous things and acts stuck up to get attention, cause’ her music is CRAP and so is her acting, looking skankish gets her the fame.
    her personality is CRUD aswell, just look her up on youtube, she is rude, head strong and only cares about herself. Its true.

  • I personally like her style and I’m the same age as her. I don’t dress like that but I think it shows character. HER character, not anyone elses. Just because you don’t dress that way doesn’t mean that everyone else should follow is your footsteps. DEAL with it. If it’s not her it’ll be someone else that dresses that way. DEAL with it. Even after she stops dressing that way there will be another celebrity that dresses that way. DEAL with it. Certain people always want to bitch when someone wants to step out and do their own thing just because they are to scared to step out and do their own thing(whatever that may be). Atleast she won’t look back on her life and wonder ‘what if’.


  • I really find it sad that you have to criticize these teenage girls. We don’t know them, they could be very nice and even conservative. I, as an eighteen year old, dress(not necessarily like the above picture) in tank tops and shorts etc, and like experimenting with fashion. She is a kid, she wants to experiment and we don’t know her so we shouldn’t be concerned with her life and style choices. I’m sure she could very well be a nice grounded girl, as Miley could be also. Please remember these are kids and they have feelings too.

  • Honestly, I dont think people should make a big deal out of this.
    a LOT of 16 year old girls dress like this. And they started doing it way before Taylor Momsen came into the spotlight. So shes definatly not influencing anyone.
    I think people are so shocked because there hasn’t been a celebrity (recently anyway) thats still in their teens and assertively defending their provocative style. People are used to seeing the Miley Cyris/Demi Lovato donning the cute girl next door look type and its quite a shock when someone comes into the spotlight wearing thigh highs and stripper heels.

    I for one am glad that shes staying true to herself and not allowing herself to be sucked into being what parents want their 8 year olds to be.
    Thats not who she is, thats not what shes about.

    Her music and Gossip girl arent even aimed at 8 year olds so I dont see why she has to mold herself into something else just to please people that arent eventually going to put some money in her bank.

  • Every1 who hates.. are simply jealous of Taylor becuz in plain comparison, they’re Sh** next to her and r far less talented than her… and or are far too old to understand and therefore shoud just stfu and die already..

  • Well i think Taylor is a slut wearing those type of clothing and i wont be surpised if she goes out and she gets raped, why the hell is she wearing those clothing? thinking she looks cool, hot?? fuck no she looks like a hooker wanting attention and looking for sex. Taylor puts some fucking pants on or else your gonna get raped one day. And people dont give me shit saying ‘oh she wont get raped’ dont fucking bet on it cause one day she will get raped.

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