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Jessica Simpson’s Malti-Poo Meets Cruel Ending


Jessica Simpson took to her Twitter yesterday to let everyone know that she was searching after her Malti-Poo Daisy, a gift from ex-husband Nick Lachey, was snatched away by a coyote.  “My heart is broken because a coyote took my precious Daisy right in front of our eyes. HORROR! We are searching. Hoping. Please help!”

Aw, this is so sad.  Daisy is that cute little puff ball that Jessica is usually seen traveling with.  One minute she was hanging out in her Louis Vuitton pet carrier and the next … well, never mind.

Coyotes are a real problem in lots of areas.  Here in Massachusetts they are so displaced thanks to all the new housing developments that have encroached upon their territory — we have had coyotes walk right across our yard — yet it doesn’t seem fair to thin them out either.

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  • So…is she thinking that another coyote will see the sign and do the right thing and turn in his friend? Like maybe they are holding Daisy hostage somewhere? That dog is cute, but her Malti-Poo is, by now, probably just poo.

    • “her Malti-Poo is, by now, probably just poo.”

      *laugh* I’m actually horrified about somebody watching their pet be snatched away, but that was funny. And unfortunately, probably true.

  • Aww… Poor Daisy (and Jess). I wish for the best for Daisy, but obviously a coyote won’t grab a house pet to make it a new friend. And the likelihood of Daisy somehow escaping the clutches of a coyote are slim. Things are unfortunately look pretty dim for the cute little quadruped.

    As for coyotes, we (humanoids) encroach/overlap on their natural territories for our needs and/or wants, and the considerations for how to best deal with the negative aspects of that encroaching/overlapping are decidedly not straightforward or universally palatable.

  • I find her behavior to be absolutely shameless in exploiting a tragedy to gain publicity. Any logical person would know that when a coyote takes a dog, there is NO chance the dog will survive, so for her to put out a “missing dog” alert is pointless. What the *&## is she “searching” for? She never misses the opportunity to extract sympathy from the public. There are plenty of dogs in shelters that need loving homes, and hopefully she chooses a dog from the pound.

    • I don’t think she’s trying to get publicity… I think she’s holding on to hope that Daisy’s alive and is using her fame to try and get her back. You can’t blame the girl for holding on to hope for a couple days.

      I feel so bad for her. I don’t know what I do if anything happened to my puppy.

    • you know, when a celebrity does something that might be an attempt for publicity, i jump on it, but i was blinded by my love for animals in this case.

      you’re right though. yeah, i’m sure someone on twitter will miraculously find her pet for her.

      it’s a huge shame that the poor dog is being used to garner publicity, and that she didn’t end up in the hands of a far more responsible owner.

      and — if you live in areas populated by coyotes (or other native animals), take responsibility for your pets! like others have said, THEY are not the problem. either be extremely responsible, or build your damn mansion somewhere else.

  • If housing developments are encroaching upon the territory of coyotes, perhaps coyotes aren’t the problem.

  • Um… doesn’t Jessica Simpson know that coyotes don’t take hostages?
    Aren’t they basically scanvengers?
    Sad but… that dog is chow… :(

  • My cat is pretty much my child… I can’t imagine how shitty it must feel to watch your child get carried away by a coyote. :(

  • “Searching”? Poor little dumb-dumb. She should be shopping for a teeny tiny doggie coffin. Show’s over, Jess. Daisy is coyote sushi by now.

    Ever heard of a fence?

  • yeah i live in a suburb of boston and i’ve known of multiple cats and small dogs being taken by coyotes, poor jess

  • yeah, I live in the Boston suburbs too…bordering right on it in fact…we had a mayoral candidate run a few years ago on a platform of trying to get rid of the coyotes.

    Poor Jess, just can’t catch a break…

  • Here in the Badlands coyotes are known for doing away with smaller family pets and somehow I don’t think Daisy will be coming home because coyotes aren’t interested in rewards just an easy dinner. While I do enjoy poking fun at Jessie’s foibles The Evil One likes his family pets too, I feel kinda bad for her in this situation…