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Jennifer Hudson’s Sister Expecting!

Do you ever Google someone who was in the headlines and then disappeared from the headlines to see what they are up to now?  Yesterday — just yesterday, people — I spent a significant amount of time Googling Jennifer Hudson’s sister Julia.  You’ll remember that Jennifer’s mother, brother and nephew (Julia’s son) were murdered last year by Julia’s ex-husband.  I wasn’t able to find out too much information except that some people were criticizing the singer’s sister  (they felt it was too soon after the tragedy) for participating in a plus-size fashion show this past spring.  

Today, Star is reporting that Julia Hudson is expecting in five months.  There was no word on who the father is, but Jennifer had a son last month; hopefully their kids will be close.  A new life can never be a replacement for a lost child, but I do hope this goes a long way towards helping to heal that wound.

Good luck to Julia!

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  • How nice she is getting on with her life since it was she who brought a dangerous criminal into her family’s life and it ended up with her mother, brother and child dying. I am thrilled for her. I wonder who the new baby daddy will end up killing.

    I’m actually sick over the news. Her poor little boy saw everything before he died terrified and alone with a mad man who never should have been near him in the first place. Congrats.

    • Yes, of course– it was obviously HER fault her ex-husband killed half her family. Blaming her is a fabulous idea.

    • i think that you souldnt feel that way about people and you will never know if something will happen to you or your people so that was not a nice thing to say about that because everone needs someone to love just like u need someone to so look back at your life would u wont someone to feel that way about you

  • I think that it is nobody’s business to tell her how she should be greiving. If a new child will give her something positive to look forward to, GOOD FOR HER!