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Shockingly, All About Steve Was Not The #1 Movie This Weekend


How could a film so brilliantly titled not take the number one spot at the theaters this holiday weekend?  Who wouldn’t want to see a flick with a plot based on Sandra Bullock traveling the country, stalking Bradley Cooper?  Apparently, you.

It actually did a lot better than I thought it would, coming in second place with $11.2M in box office coin.  The number one spot, for the second week in a row was The Final Destination with a take of $12.4M.

Other premier movies this week included Gamer which came in at fourth with $9M and the movie that I’d probably be most interested in seeing, Extract came in tenth place (of course) with sales of $4.2M

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  • Blame Sandra Bullock. She is box office poison, the kiss of death to most movies. Don’t know why but I can’t stand her. If I see she is in a movie, I won’t watch it. Do Not Like.

  • LilDi I am the complete opposite! I love Sandra and will see anything she’s in. Love her! Different strokes,huh?

  • i’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie; i think it looks kinda funny, even though i generally hate the mainstream roco’s

    as for box office poison–i nominate nicole kidman. (“Australia” what?) Bullock is at least a girl you could have a martini with.

    • Nicole Kidman seems like the death of everything; not just movies…just look at what happened to Tom Cruise when she left him?

      The thing with Sandra Bullock is that she’s the exact same in every movie…if you’ve seen one of her movies you’ve seen them all.