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Paris Attends Venice Film Festival With Cardboard Cutout


Paris appeared at the Venice Film Festival this weekend with her on-again boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt.  Doug was looking very two-dimensional and was airbrushed within an inch of his life.

There were a few other notables there, but I’m willing to bet attendance was down at this year’s festival.  Damn economy.  I’m really, really hoping Eva Mendes hasn’t fallen off the wagon since her rehab stint, but ahhh … well, you can judge for yourself.  Mel Brown was looking very pink and Matt Damon was looking very goofy.  Nicolas Cage — don’t you love it when people get all familiar with him and refer to him as “Nick?” — and a very androgynous looking Tilda Swinton were there as well.

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  • What in the world is Eva wearing? Did Rachel Zoe pick that awful dress out for her? (Of course I have been watching that show… Banana’s!)

    And Paris probably realize that Doug is the only man that is ever going to be as big as media whore as she is… so she will keep him around… tho I am kinda of surprise she is willingly let him in her picture. She is such a camera hog.

    After looking at that picture of Matt makes me wonder what kind of cocktails him and Eva were drinking.

  • Can someone please explain why Paris and Douche were in attendance? Don’t you have to like, have talent/be in films to appear at these things?