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Jon Gosselin Says Kate Abused Him

We already discussed that Whitney was on GMA today, but one of our old EB faves was also on the show. Jon Gosselin took to the hot seat to answer some questions about his divorce from Kate and with his usual mouth full of marbles, he told Chris Cuomo that despite all of his hard work, Kate’s busy book tour schedule and her “abuse” is what drove the two apart. He makes his ex out to be a control freak bitch who left him at home to watch after their children. Ah, such a victim.

Let’s get something straight: These people are living a lifestyle that’s afforded to them because Kate pumped out sextuplets after already having twins and to many, that is an interesting story. I’m sure, when faced with the option, more people would rather talk to the mother that housed these children in her body than the father. That’s just how these things work. For Jon to take issue with the fact that he’s not making money off the extremely rare conditions that his children were born under the way he wants to, that’s just pig-headed and selfish. While another man would be proud of his wife and the way that they’ve both capitalized on this natural circumstance together, Jon Gosselin takes it as abuse. And he’s really gotten his way now, hasn’t he? Now Kate is always at home with the children and he’s gallivanting around the world with hideously tacky and unsavory people. He sure got her!

You know, I’m thinking that a 22 year old girlfriend may be exactly what he’s mentally capable of handling.

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  • Ugh he’s such a douche. At some point this pussy and cigarettes bender he’s been on is going to crash to a screeching, tragic, DUI-related halt. Hopefully soon.

  • Damn it all anyway. Is there any way you gossip sites can get rid of this asshole for good? I’m dying to see what he’ll do if no one pays attention to him.

  • Were you there? NOPE!!!

    Just can’t attack him enough. Kate couldn’t of possibly had anything to do with the marriage dissolving. OH NO! IT’S ALL JON’s FAULT! Kate’s an Angel and only wants to protect her kids.

    Yeah right, more like exploit them for personal gain. In the end, when Kate has spent all the money intended for the kid’s college I hope they sue the pants off of TLC and Kate. 15 years from now. The new reality show will be – PLUS 8 on welfare, don’t you just love it!

    I wonder if Jon was ready to pop off and come down on Kate about the treatment, and TLC said we won’t show it even if you do and possibly make it a violation of his contract. One can only be treated that way for so long and then they just say F*&K IT!

    Too bad he didn’t just look at her when they were the couch and say “What the F*&k is your problem?” I’d pay good money to see the reaction on Kate’s face.

    But then, I think, this site is filled with a bunch CONTROLLING C*&TS!!! Little bit like “One Flew Over The Cuckoo Nest”

    • I think this person nailed the whole situation by what was said. I firmly believe that Kate was abusing Jon (even if only mental abuse) and she was raking all of the benefits of the show while Jon was stuck playing Mr. Mom to the kids.

      I really feel sorry for the kids. I think the psychological damage being done is something that really should be discussed and not who abused who and who should get what.

  • My thoughts exactly. He seems to just be jealous and pissed Kate got all the attention he was stuck at home. He is acting like a spoiled rotten child.

  • I just think he’s a big fucking idiot. And at least Kate hasen’t said anything bad about him in any interview.. All he does is talk shit about her.. The kids will see this shit one day.. Good for you Jon!

  • Aw, you mean that wretched woman left him alone in that huge house with his own children? Tsk tsk. Poor baby. Team Kate.

  • If any of you watched the shows from past seasons, you would know that she treated him like a child. She was horrible to him.

    • Treating somebody like a child when they act like a child isn’t bad.
      But Kate was verbally abusive. She went well beyond normal wife nagging.
      I don’t know many men who would’ve put up with that. I also don’t know many men who would’ve just walked away from their families instead of confronting and fixing the problem. He’s a giant pussy. He takes “non-confrontational” to an all time low. And since he’s left he’s been a giant douche.
      It’s a sad, sad day for Jon when Kate starts looking like the bigger person in this situation.

    • I am confused. You dislike these people and gave up your (honstly) precious time to watch them? Life is far to short to throw the finite amount of tiime you have (to really live) to people such as these. Instead, I vote you go forth and conquor the world – or failing that at least go out, have a couple of drinks, and make a couple of friends.

  • “I’m thinking that a 22 year old girlfriend may be exactly what he’s mentally capable of handling.” – I’m 20 and I’d never have him, in a million years.

    • I’m 22 and I’m extremely hurt and offended by that last line! Seriously! I like you molls, but don’t ever put me (and other girls my age) in the same category as this douche and his gfs!

  • they are BOTH assholes, they both decided to do a show exploiting their kids and now they are both doing interviews bitching about each other… u get it…the two of them. so its so stupid to take sides, first because we dont know them (not personally we dont). second because they both screwed up their marrige.

  • I’m personally looking forward to the shit-show in 10 years of eight kids that have been peddled out for fun and profit. I mean, with role models like either one of these douchebag parents it’s sure to be interesting.

  • I never watched their show and only became aware of their existence in this world once they broke up. Since their demise as a (cough, hack) couple, every celebrity website has been following them incessantly and printing their every spoken word. The male partner of this vapid duo has all of the sexual appeal of moisty-ish underarm hair. He also appears to be whining, self pitying, and not all that bright. He is not attractive in any sense of the word. My Shih-tzu bitch is more virile. The female half of this sketch is a little less offensive, but not by much.

    Why does anyone GAF about these two? Just askin.