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The Duggars Are Stupid

Big news!  Michelle Duggar finally got her extended mullet cut off!  I kid, I kid.  No, Michelle Duggar is pregnant again.  This time — not kidding.  They did what any normal family would do:  They told the Today show audience right away!

It’s so funny, because Meredith Viera said the Duggar family had an announcement to make — seriously, is there any other kind of announcement other than a pregnancy announcement?  Like, as soon as Michelle Duggar says, “I have something to tell you,” whomever she is speaking to should reply, “You’re knocked up, right?”

“I was wanting pickles and the older girls were saying, ‘Mom, you only crave these at the very beginning of being pregnant, You kept it from us before, now tell us. Are you?'” Michelle says. “And I kept telling them I wasn’t. I just wanted some pickles.” 

But when she couldn’t lose weight on her diet, she became suspicious. 

“I was in Weight Watchers with Jim Bob and I wasn’t losing any weight,” she says. “I couldn’t figure it out. I was doing what I should. And the baby, who was nursing, was fussy. I kept thinking, ‘This isn’t right. She isn’t teething, she doesn’t have an ear infection. I’m not cheating on my diet, I should be losing weight.’ Then, I put two and two together and wondered if I could possibly be pregnant.” 

She took out one of two tests she had in the house and it was immediately positive. 

“I told Jim Bob and he couldn’t keep it in, he was so excited.  The kids were outside playing on a water slide and he gathered them together and had to share the news. There was all this screaming and yelling.” 

I find this amazing on so many levels.  She’s had eighteen kids — and a grandbaby due next month — and really was shocked to find out she was pregnant?  She still hasn’t figured out what causes this condition?  Longed for her number one pregnancy craving food, trouble nursing, couldn’t lose weight — what could it be?  Appendicitis, clearly.

So many questions to be answered:  Have the Duggars run out of “J” names?  Would they consider naming the baby “Justletmebethelast”?  Will this be the pregnancy that causes Michelle Duggar’s clown car uterus to finally run away screaming?  Which Duggar will be the one to go bad and revolt against the church and excessive reproduction?  My money is on Jedidiah, just because.

The father says that there was all this “screaming and yelling” when the newest pregnancy was announced.  What Rocket Sperm Duggar doesn’t tell you is that the ruckus was actually the kids shouting, “When the fuck do I get out of this factory?”

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  • They are disgusting. That’s the bottom line. They should not be celebrated, they should be ignored. I pity their children, really. Each one became less important as time went on, each girl will most likely grow up with ZERO ambition, they are being groomed as housewives & baby machines. Say hello to the 21st Century Micheele, you are a moron.

  • They are disgusting. That’s the bottom line. They should not be celebrated, they should be ignored. I pity their children, really. Each one became less important as time went on, each girl will most likely grow up with ZERO ambition, they are being groomed as housewives & baby machines. Say hello to the 21st Century Michelle, you are a moron.

  • I used to watch their show, but I dont think Im going to watch it anymore. I can’t even condone their behavior anymore. Like seriously 19 children? Are they are so selfish?
    There are women on this earth that can’t even have children or have difficulties having children and they are just popping them out like rabbits….its disgusting.

    • I AGREE! As a woman with fertility issues who may never have a child of my own–I’m finding it hard not to hate this woman. Did we really need those two to reproduce that much? Never mind–I hate that stupid bitch. I give in.

    • It’s not like she’s taking babies away from other people by giving birth to them herself.

      That said, I agree–they are massively selfish. We’re about to hit a population of 7 billion people on this planet, and we already can’t support them all, and these idiots are having NINETEEN CHILDREN? Disgusting behavior indeed.

      • if you believe in reincarnation, thats not necessarily true. 19 is ridiculous. my dad is one of 10 and that was disasterous enough without another 9 added to it.

      • I agree with Canaduck’s argument.
        Having that much children was only justified in the Hunter-Gatherer days.
        They’re pretty disgusting. I wouldn’t be surprised if their other kids don’t have severe mental trauma from growing up like that. And, I could be mistaken but, aren’t they home-schooled?
        So not only are they scarred from not having enough individual attention (and how could they possibly do that with so many kids?) but they’re basically isolated from the rest of society?
        Nice of them to add more to the rapidly dying Planet Earth.
        Thanks Duggars.

        I see them heading down a “Jon & Kate” path.

      • OMG If Jim Bob decides he wants to live the single life and starts wearing Ed Hardy everywhere and hooking up with 25 year olds I think that would make my year! Please, oh please let this happen!!!

      • Hilarious! Great comment about buying their pregger tests at Sam’s.

        They have also got to stop having their once a month date nights when Michelle is ovulating. She is clueless. “The stork just comes down and delivers us another one from over the rainbow where the babies are made in heaven.”

        Perfect name “Justletmebethelast”!

  • Hey.. they are making up for all the harmed, raped, abused and killed babies in the world. Mind your own business for a change.

    • How are they making up for the abused babies? Wouldn’t it be better of them to adopt and help give those babies a better life instead of bringing in another mouth to feed just because they don’t believe in birth control? Not only do I think the amount of kids they have/keep having is ridiculous and irresponsible, having newborns so late in life is not fair to them. They are what, in their mid-forties? It’s not like this is a couple using their lasrt chance to ever have a kid by having one this late in life. No, they already have 18 and one grandchild on the way! It is selfish and they need to stop. If you won’t use birth control stop having sex and set a REAL example for your children.

      • how is it irresponsible? you can call it a lot of things, but i don’t get that one. they provide for their children financially, etc.

      • I agree, why is it for us to judge?!?! They don’t OWE ANYONE ANYTHING, they make enough money to support these kids, the kids are well behaved, they are very clearly loved. Just because YOU don’t like it, doesn’t mean you have the right to think ill of these people. Maybe more people should be like them and have the faith in God, to trust that he will provide for all of our needs! It is selfish of you to try and take that away from them. Maybe if we all trusted in God like he asks us to, then we would be in a better place then we currently are.

      • Where is your damn God when thousands of children and people die every day because we’re too damn lazy to take a bit out of our lives to help them. Praying is just false hope. Go and actually do something yourself once in a while, lazy bastard. Keep ‘Waiting for God’, you’ll be waitin’ for a while.

    • What in the world are you talking about? We’re about to hit a population of 7 BILLION PEOPLE on the planet and we already can’t support them all. The Duggars are making things MUCH worse for “harmed, raped, abused” babies.

  • ““I told Jim Bob and he couldn’t keep it in,”

    Clearly, he COULD. That’s WHY you’re in this mess. Damn, woman, parole that poor uterus and let it live out it’s remaining days free from flailing arms and legs pounding it’s sides, being forced to host a watermelon sized “guest” far past what’s merciful, and give your poor vajayjay a compassionate release from being stretched to oblivion. Your other organs will thank you as well.

    Damn, Gina, that’s some f’d up stuff right there.

    I know, I know, it’s their choice, but since they have chosen to abdicate much of their parental responsibilities and foist them off on their other offspring, who did not choose to be parents, it just wrong.

    Enough. She’s the Octo-mom on steriods, and isn’t showing much more thoughtfulness towards the family as a whole, either.

    Just damn…

  • I didn’t read all of it because I don’t care but I did laugh at the product endorsement during the announcement.

    I only know of them because their kids’ names start with a J? I hate when parents name their kids based on their whims. So now they have a girl named Jinger. Doesn’t that just look like a hyperactive tabby cat’s name?

  • I want to know when in the hell Michelle and Jim Bob have time to have sex. Surely raising a child army would keep them busy 24/7. And what Doctor, in his right mind, would be condoning this? Her uterus must be ready to implode. I really don’t think the female body is meant to carry so many pregnancies. This woman has spent about 11 full years of her life pregnant. Geesh.

  • Why can’t these people stop having sex?

    Doesn’t it seem a little bizarre that they’re already back between the sheets a couple of weeks after she’s given birth? Doesn’t she get to rest at all? I know women who don’t want to be touched for like three months after giving birth.

  • I think it’s funny that if these assholes weren’t jesus freaks then all of the people who defend them would be saying how this is why the country is going broke. Sucking on tax money. FUCK THE DUGGARS!!!!!!

    • I totally agree with that. People who defend these duggar freaks have a certain kind of people in their mind when they say:

      “i don’t want to pay for welfare sacks of crap and all their kids” — actual quote.

    • What tax money? I think these people are batshit crazy for having so many kids, but they aren’t on public assistance, and in fact they’ve been home schooled for years, so they’re not even using the public school system.

      • they said that that state id full of evil children my son does to state school and they said that uk are a poor country but we not poor and we got best heath care

  • I don’t follow these people, and I’ve never watched their show… I didn’t even know they had a damn show. But, I’m curious. Are these people Mormon? I can’t believe this broad can still reproduce, let alone carry to full-term, with all the scar tissue that must be down there in that gaping maw.

    • They’re EXTREMELY conservative Baptists. They’re part of the Quiverfull movement that some Evangelicals follow. It’s based on a passage in the Bible that basically every family should have a “quiver full” of children to keep the Earth populated and keep having as many babies as they can for God. Yeahhh, not surprisingly there aren’t very many followers of this in the world (it’s estimated to be in the low thousands).

  • I say congratulations.

    They have the money and the love to give. All of these commenters are being judgmental because they can’t fathom anyone wanting this.

    They chose this. They want this. They are paying for this. Leave them alone.

    • problem is, they’re not paying for this. They’re selling out their kids with a show, and they get welfare and free shit, which is the only reason they cope. I haven’t even watched the show but I’ve read enough to realise that they don’t do much of the raising – they just delegate to the older kids.

      • They’re not on welfair, in fact they don’t get anything goverment related except maybe tax benefits. They own businesses, and own properties and shit that they rent out. That’s how they’re still standing. They don’t even use public school, thank god.

  • All I could think of when I first heard this was that her uterus must be a lot like a plastic bag by now. It’s just gonna have nothing left and fall right out.

  • I am surprised it took 8 months for her to get pregnant again. (Her youngest is only 8 months old.)

    I knew as soon as that new daughter in law expecting (after 3 months of marriage) Michelle would be knocked up again.

    And they are not Mormon… they are baptist I believe… or some off shot of the baptist church.

    Since they do not attend a normal Church service outside of their home … sadly those kids rarely see anyone from the outside world.

    • I’m pretty sure the family does attend church services at a “normal” church. I think they keep the name of the church a secret so the media doesn’t hound them during services. Or otherwise draw unncessary attention to the church and others who attend it.

  • Arent we in a fucking recession?????????????? What the fuck is wrong with these people???? And what do they do for a living? How can they afford this shit??? This is ridiculous!!! It should not be legal at all… Everybody is on Octomom’s ass about her thousand kids, but what about these idiots? we should be happy for them and celebrate, and let’s give them a contract for a new season… Whatthefuckever.

    • Bah. Too many question marks, but yes I agree. The only way they are able to support this many children and that huge house they have is from the show and their previous specials. They also own some business and live “debt free” by feeding their kids crappy unhealthy food bought in bulk, but none of that is enough to support this many mouths. The majority of their income comes from them selling out their kids. If you don’t even let them watch TV why would you ever want to be on it?

      • They only recently got that show. A few of the kids are practically grown, so somehow they have managed. If people are really concerned about overpopulation and such, they should come to California and talk to the young highschool dropouts that are having their fourth child at the age of 22 all the while collecting food and money on their electronic benefit cards.

    • WOW! Where to start with such a closed minded and un-educated person.

      Recession has nothing to do with it, I don’t recall a time where the government said “we are in a recession, no more babies are to be born”

      What is wrong with these people?: They live a very simple lifestyle, they bring the children up the way God instructs us to.

      Shouldn’t be legal : So you think it is right for the government to step in and tell us when and how many kids to have? NO THANKS the government has to much control now.

      Octomom: Wow there is a FUN subject. Big Diff, She doesn’t have a job, lives off of the welfare system. she had the eggs implanted. She had six before the 8 she delivered. She can not provide for her family, except for the social security(government) money she gets for the kids with autism. She wanted the kids because she didn’t have any brother or sisters to play with. So she had all these kids so that she could “feel”loved. Duggars: The were completely financially independent of the government BEFORE they had the show, He is a Realestate agent and so is she. They have several commercial rental properties that they OWN (as in don’t owe money on). That is how they provide for the family.

      Maybe just maybe we should learn from the example they show, they ENJOY the children they have. They LOVE the children they have. They EDUCATE the children they have. They are bringing up the children to be HARD WORKERS, and GOOD PEOPLE. Hmmmm wasn’t so long ago that this was the norm, or dare I even say the “american dream”.
      The problem is, now a days you people see something like this and you don’t understand it, so therefore it is wrong, and they are crazy.
      Come on people it is time to grow up.

      Pray that maybe some day you may know the love of another person as they do. Pray that maybe you will have the faith to follow Gods plan for you. Pray that God will be able to heal all the pain that is happening right now, instead of focusing your frustration and lack of knowledge on people who are leading good lives as God asks us to do.

      • Really…just figure that anyone that whores their family out to tv shows is just crap…god or not…we all know that exposing children to the media is really a bad thing…just because he is christian does not make him christ. Media sucks and corrupts…swaggart, baker, these are some examples on how to avoid temptation…

        btw…i believe he is in real estate

  • Do they support these kids on their own (i.e. with no assistance from the local or state government)? I know they home school them.

    Ocotidiot is a total parasite on the California taxpayers and her parents. If the Duggars are able to afford their children on their own, including any reality show / endorsement deals, then more power to them. Just because other people can’t have kids doesn’t mean these people shouldn’t have as many as they can afford or want.

  • Wendy,
    Do you read D-listed with Michael K? Cause you bite off his posts…and he is way more clever and wittier than you….just saying.

    • I love Michael K. He’s very talented! Haven’t read him in a few days, but went to see what he said about the Duggars after I saw this. Hysterical similarity. It isn’t the first time I’ve written something close to what he’s written OR vice versa.

  • At what point does DCFS get called in? The children may be fed and clothed with a roof over their heads, but that does not a parent make. I wager these kids are raising each other and themselves; no parents can have a true relationship with each child on that scale.

  • i love the duggars! even though they raise their children in a very conservative way, they are raising them to be good people! and they can support them, so why not?! we need more good people in the world:) it would be a very different story if a crack addicted, single mother was having her 19th child

    • I agree with you on several levels. The part that always bothers me: the amount of responsibility their children have to bear. Thirteen-year-olds shouldn’t have to be paired up with a younger charge.

      • Yeah, 13 year olds should only be mommies if they get themselves pregnant.
        My daughter was 15 when my son was born. She helps out A LOT. But she gets paid for it. A LOT.

      • These kids are all responsible and being set up to have good lives for themselves. I think teens these days need a bit more responsibility. Everyone on the show is so sweet and the kids are so well behaved but they don’t lose their individuality and personalities.

      • I went to high school with a family similar to the Duggars. They ate breakfasts in shifts (ABC, etc) and I was always amazed how they lived, being an only child myself.

        I can’t imagine how many more kids that family had. I’m 26 now, and the oldest child that I knew of was 1 year ahead of me in high school.

        And we know that if the Duggars aren’t seeing an OB for birth control, ain’t nno tubes being tied up in that house.

        JFC, there has to be a uterine limit, right?

  • people are free to do as they please, but I can’t help but think of the thousands of kids that have no where to go, no childhood to speak of, and no one to love them. having NINETEEN of your own just seems selfish.

    • I don’t see how it’s selfish. Maybe the people spending thousands of dollars on fertility treatments should be looking for those thousands of kids with nowhere to go instead. Jon and Kate, that’s selfish. They could have adopted after those twins (which were a blessing for them) and they chose to take drugs to try for more. The Duggars don’t believe in birth control. There’s no reason that a healthy couple in their 40s should just stop having sex. They can have as many babies as they can afford to have in my opinion.

  • Some of these comments are at least rational. . .but for the most part? The same type of babbling hatred typical of knee-jerk lefty sites.

  • They are involved in a cult, quiverfull movement, it has nothing to do with being right wing, though they are, it’s neglectful parenting, using a woman for brood mare duties that makes it disgusting. You know there is a reason you losers were out voted by the largest margin ever, YOU’RE ALL INSANE!

    Go back to your cave and blow your husband before you make him dinner and be a good wife, asshat.

  • People have been having huge families for hundreds of years. 10 kids per family used not be uncommon. I don’t see the harm in people having as many kids as they can support – I have every intention of doing the same thing, although I doubt I could really support more than 3 with the stuff I want to give them!

    I would rather 19 Duggars any day, with the work ethic instilled in them by their parents than 19 kids brought up to believe that welfare is a viable career option.

    (and trust me, in Canada this is quite common)

  • Wendie says:
    September 1, 2009 at 12:48 pm
    I agree with you on several levels. The part that always bothers me: the amount of responsibility their children have to bear. Thirteen-year-olds shouldn’t have to be paired up with a younger charge

    Really. How many children do you have Wendie? Because the statements you’re making sound like you have none, therefore you seem to lack understanding. I was the oldest of 4 kids and was given responsibility of the younger ones at 12. I had to make sure everyone put their school clothes away, had their baths, did chores etc, etc. Now that we are all adults we’re all the best of friends and have a closeness that others envy. I just had my first baby at 30 and all the memories of taking care of the younger ones are coming back, in fact helping me in a lot of ways in taking care of my own little one. I don’t see a problem with teaching kids responsibility.

    I’ve never watched their show but I did see their pilot episode a couple years back. While the thought of Michelle Duggar having 19 kids is distasteful to many of you, please remember you were all babies at one time, and were wanted by your parents, otherwise you wouldn’t be here talking shit on her. And while I understand the women on here that are trying to have kids “hate” her, that is only natural to say. I’m sure deep down you aren’t really that hateful, you are just frustrated that you cannot have your own. But everyone else needs to chill out and leave them be. Damn, have a heart people! It’s not like her and her family are taking food out of you or your childrens mouths.

    • I have three. You haven’t watched the show. These kids are literally assigned a younger child. My kids have tons of self-responsibility, but I don’t have my nine-year-old change diapers on my two-year-old.

  • For everyone who is applauding the Duggars and their right to their lifestyle, please do as I did and Google “Quiverfull Movement” to see what a horrible cult (yes! CULT) this is. It was quite an eyeopener to read the words of so many who have left this movement. They are truly scary.

  • Honestly it is so sad. The woman is a farm animal. She just breeds. The saddest thing which made me refuse to watch the show was when the kids were getting the second hand shoes, and they said they had never had a pair of new shoes. Im not saying you have to be materialistic, but to never in your life have something which is just your own is so depressing.

  • U love the fucking Duggars? Go live with them or like them. Go back to the Middle Age or to hell if u like them. Its 21st century, planet Earth confronting with huge problems and u see this shit as being “normal” and “beautiful”? We blame the 3rd World ppl for breeding excessively but we dont see what we have in our own yard. Octomom, the Gosselins, Duggars and what not. I wonder what had happened if all their kids, I mean ALL of them would have been born disabled. Badly disabled. I didnt know religious fanatics are beautiful. I didnt know being brainwashed is normal. What ppl would watch their show? Idiots like them, u dont fuckin deserve to live. It matters they are a “loving” family or the fact that they are religious nutters? It matters the kids have a roof above their head or the fact that they will never step outside their cube so to speak? Robots, all of them are robots birthed by a breeding machine and an idiot. And noone seems to care/do smth coz religion enslaved us all. Morons everywhere, unite and breed! Bonus to those who are drug addicts, prostitutes, disabled, brainless etc.

  • Listen with that many freakin boys and girls running around there will be some incest going on it that house and some point. With limited contact with the outside world the hormones are gonna get the best of at least a couple of those kids. It is like

  • They DON’T pay for themselves entirely. They HOME-CHURCH (have church service at home with other quiverfull families), so they have incorporated their home as their church, thus THEY PAY NO TAXES.
    They whore their children out to TV to finance their child army.

    It is scary and we are getting ready to be overrun with Duggar descendants!

  • I just don’t get how they don’t let their boys see girls in low-cut shirts… I mean, they are teen-age boys who are going through changes and i think that they should be able to see whatever they want to… And the girls shouldn’t have to dress so modestly… i think its stupid that they can’t wear shorts or tank-tops whn it’s like 100 degrees outside.. Let the kids have some more freedom for once

  • I am 15 and live in Canada, and I think that the Duggars are complete idiots. They’ve brainwashed their children to believe that their only duty in life is to have babies and to worship God.

    Guess what, Duggars? GOD IS NOT REAL.

    Oh well. The only thing their show is good for is to have a good laugh at them. My personal favourite was the trip to the Creation Museum in season 1 (when they only had 17 kids). Hysterical!!

  • I agree with the fact they are selfish. Like, exactly! There are a bunch of women out there who have problems getting pregnant, and can try for years and years and have every possible procedure done on them, and in the end- they STILL don’t get pregnant. Not one! Yet these Duggars are just one after another after another. Jordyn-Grace isn’t even a year old and they’re having another one! Like, give it a rest, for at least a year! I get that they are freakishly devout and don’t believe in condoms and birth control, but come on! Is it really that hard to say NO? Apparently, it is. People tell me that I am over opinionated on this topic. I am not! I mean, look at these people! Do their children even really mean ANYTHING to them? Because it’s one after another, people! Like, why can’t they stop and just take care and love the ones they already have? All the kids act like they’re happy, but I bet you some of them just want their parents to stop and actually pay attention to them.

    Another thing is why can’t they adopt? They want a big family and all, so why don’t they just go and adopt some kids? That would make them have a big happy family and it would make those adopted kids awfully happy themselves to have a big family to call their own. But, no! They can’t adopt. They have to keep on having kids over and over. They have to be their own, genetic offspring, not someone else’s, or it doesn’t “count”! Like, what the hell?! If they only adopted, they could have their wish of a big, happy family, while in the process making a lot of parentless children very happy. Say they adopted just two African children, or even those Romanian orphans I’ve heard about, they would have 20 kids right there, without having to go through anymore sex and stuff, and they would make those kids days for the rest of their lives. They’d finally have parents to come home and hug and call their own. But, no, once again, if Michelle Duggar does push ’em and pop ’em out into the world, then it just doesn’t count, according to the “all powerful Lord, God”. WHATEVER.

    Like, Michelle, Jim-Bob, and all 18 and a half kids, we get that your parents lost their first baby because of birth control or something to do with medicine, and we respect that, but get over it already! Just because you lose one child, it doesn’t mean have 18 (and counting :P) and name them all with a “J”, you psychopaths! People lose their kids all the time, death, miscarriages, stillborns, but they deal with it! They don’t do what you do!! They are NORMAL people, they eventually get over it, and have another kid. ONE kid. Not 19 (etc.)!

    They also believe that God will protect them. Yah, no. God ain’t real, I agree with Artemis.

    And their poor kids, so neglected and such. Their kids COULD have been normal, but now all they are going to do is grow up just like their psycho mommy and daddy. I, personally, feel really bad for Anna and Joshua. They can’t kiss, hug, and they have to get permission to HOLD HANDS. Like, wow. And then his parents have the nerve to be like, “Oh, yeah, we think that Josh and Anna are going to have kids straightaway.” Something like that. First off, the kids haven’t kissed or hugged yet, but according to Michelle and Jim-Bob, they’re going for kids already. Well, I would have given them some time first, but whatever. Now, if I were Anna or Josh, after no kissing or hugging, I’d probably want to have sex pretty fast too, just to blow off the steam of absolutely no physical contact. But I’d use a condom. Like, really, people. These kids are 21 years old, and they just threw their entire lives away by having Mackynzie. They could have waited a few years to have kids, maybe gone on vacation, lived a little, waited and enjoyed life without kids. But, no. They were brainwashed and pressured to have a baby. So, now where are they? No-Free-Time land, that’s where. They could have enjoyed life a little, but no. Now they are stuck with the baby, and are so young. Now they won’t be able to do anything by themselves anymore. Because they now have a nearly-one month old “bundle of joy” to take care of. Trust me, kids, this is one of many to come. Well, they’re the one’s who just thrown any chance at freedom and life away. I feel really bad for Anna, too. She really doesn’t no what she’s just gotten herself into. -__-

    Okay, only two more points to go! Well, there are way too many people in this world. Like, WAY, WAY too many. We’re going on what, like 7 billion people? And with the Duggars going at it constantly, we should be at… 10 billion soon? Seriously, we are already over-populated enough without them, so why can’t they just stop? We can’t support all these people! Resources are low! And the Duggars ain’t helpin’ any! They just think, “OOH, God will save us. If he wants us to have more kids, we will, and he will save the planet!” NOOOO! HE’S NO BLEEPIN’ REAL!! AGGH! But, truly, they need to stop before we all truly suffer the irreversible from their stupidity.

    Another thing is how they are to God. I’m an atheist, personally. I don’t believe in Him. But they believe that He is going to protect them. But what about when Michelle dies from all the kids? They’re going to be like, “Well, that’s how He wanted it.” And then Jim-Bob will find another woman and got at it with her. Sweet mother of Jesus, I feel terrible for whatever woman that will be!

    And, yeah, eventually one of their kids will jump off the stupid wagon and go for a more sensible way of life. And I’ll applaud that kid highly.

    And, last, but certainly not least, they’ll learn when they run out of names that start with “J”. Like this article said, “Justletmebethelast”. They will have to resort to stupid, triple or quadruple hyphenated names like Jack-John-Jasper-Jim or Jamie-Jess-Jan-Jerry or something dumb like Jannanna or Jessij.

    Oh, and I remember when they were just a once-and-a-while special on TLC. And they were only having their fifteenth or sixteenth or something like that. Wow, I betcha they DON’T miss those days. But everyone else does. When they were at least half sane. :P

    And how do they even support these kids? Oh, yeah, without this stupid show, they’d be on the street livin’ it up hobo style. Stupid idiots. They deserve it. They are disgusting, ignorant, rude, and careless! I cheer on the kid that breaks off from their bogus beliefs and their cousin Amy, who has a hell of a lot more than them! They parents don’t even have to work! They don’t have jobs, and they just depend on the older kids to deal with the younger ones! These kids are gonna turn out really bratty when their parents beliefs don’t get drilled far enough into that mush they call a brain and they don’t get the message through or give them any attention. Like, seriously. These kids are too shelted and too spoiled for it all. They’re gonna learn one day, that life isn’t they way they were taught it was. And then Michelle and Jim-Bob are gonna get it in the face! Haha, whiplash! I wonder what’s going to happen when one gets raped, turns all silent and stuff and doesn’t talk to their parents, and gets pregnant (trust me, it will be one of those preppy, bratty girls who gets raped). And because the child will be illegit, Michelle and Jim-Bob will be like, “SATAN! WE HAVE TO GET RID OF IT! AGGH! IT WILL KILL US ALL! AND IT WILL DESTROY ARE PERFECTLY, PERFECTICAL, PERFECTIONESS OF PERFECTION! AGGH! WE MUST BE PERFECT!! BURN IT!! BURN IT!!!” And then they will randomly give their illegitimate grandchild away, without the raped-daughter’s consent, and when she gets angry, they’ll tell her it was all for the best, but she’ll tell them that she wanted to keep it, despite it being illegitimate and “ruining” their family, because she actually loved her baby, despite not knowing the father and it not being “pure” like her parents are (They so ain’t!)! But, whatever, ignore that last part, I just went on a rant!! But it’s so true and so gonna happen eventually!

    And I don’t know why TLC shows this crap. Why do they deserve to get publicity for their sick-minded problems? I just don’t get it. And screw the people who think that they are sensible and that they are good people. Because they aren’t!

    Well, finally, that is the end of my excessively-opiniated, and very, very long “comment” (it’s a rant) on the stupid-ass Duggars. SCREW THEM AND EVERYTHING THEY STAND FOR!!


  • We completely and utterly agree with Blue!! They should just stop reproducing, period! No sex! Or use a condom, birth-control or something! We don’t care if they don’t believe in that crap! If we were a doctor, we would tie her tubes when she was still drowsy from yet ANOTHER birth or if we were one of their kids, we would slip birth-control into their drinks!! It all really makes us mad! >:(

  • Who do you think brainwashed who?
    Did Jim brainwash Michelle?
    Or did Michelle brainwash Jim-Bob?
    They were probably both half brainwashed anyway and they just completed each other.

  • Why are we so shocked by this story. Once I read they were from the backwoods of Arkansas I understood the problem. Just be thankful they don’t own sheep……

  • It’s just making me sick. I bet there;s days when she doesn’t even have time to be one on one with some of them. She’s either to busy nursing, giving orders to the other kids, or …just getting laid. :))

  • I’m a bit late to the party, but I stumbled upon the site and see the same misstatements on every site taking about these freaks. They ABSOLUTELY do live off government handouts, albeit in a very clever and backdoor way. Jim Bob may be a backwoods hick, but he knows to work the system. He served as a state representative for a single term. Do you know one of the best perks for serving in a state house of representatives? FREE HEALTH CARE FOR LIFE.

    That’s right. All those expensive hospital child births, the routine healthcare of that massive family….paid for by the state and the taxpayers.

    They are not self sufficient. The more you know (cue shooting star/rainbow).

  • they r the grossest family in america wtf!!!! first kiss at their wedding wtf!! no wonder they have 19 kids they waited a fucking lifetime!

  • Jim Bob mentioned that the Duggars receive tax payer funded insurance from his time in the Senate. i’ve heard this before and if it’s true than the Duggars are low down users and abusers of our system. I thought Christians were supposed to have “high moral standards?” HA! What a crock thes Duggars are….always trying to act so holy and righteous when they’re on the take from their TV show and other shows they’ve appeared on. They don’t believe in TV or internet for themselves, yet use it as much as they can to line their pockets. They are the most disgusting, sickening, revolting, weirdest family I’ve ever seen.

  • Last time I posted in October 2009, they only had 18 kids. Now, it’s a few months later and they have a new one, which happens to be in the hospital after being born 3 months premature. You ever notice how the Duggars keep saying, “Dear god, thank you for keeping josie alive” instead of, “Dear god, we have had all of our children for you, why did you nearly kill this one?”. Why would “god” (who isn’t actually real) be punishing them this way? You would think that if god existed, this would happen to some evil family who dared to question god’s existance, instead of the perfect, god-loving Duggars. It’s funny how people only seem to see one side of the issue in this case. Also, just pointing it out, isn’t it kind of gross that Mackynzie is older than Josie, when Josie’s her aunt?

    Oh, well. I’m happy to be an athiest.

  • Josh, Jana, John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy Anna, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn, and Josie….Josh, Jana, John-David, Jill……

    Arghhh!!!! It’s stuck in my head!!!

  • Real Estate Agents. WhoHaaah! Want to act like their not on the take-FYI theys on the take. I’m sure packages arrive from some christian organization food-cash whatever you need its for the cause. Ya better claim it. Oh excuse me-$75k episode. Ok it all makes sense let me knock up my petree dish 18 times you get a show that pays for what youv’ve done. All in the name of Fortune and fame. Then when it comes time for school they will qualify for every grant and free aid known to taxpayer or not known because only the taxpayer in this country has its head buried deeper in the ground than the ostritch. This size family nowadays totally unnatural. The woman has been pregnant for 20 straight years. Take your smiles and stick em up yours. If even 2% of people did what the Dogoodars did the Christian church would not just be for planned parenthood and mandatory birth control they would enforce it. But the government would have beaten them to the punch when they saw the giant vacuum suctioning taxpayer money.

  • reality your so unreal. i think that if everybody in this country would give $1 for each of their children it would be no big deal. and so what if 1000 or 10000 couples decided to be like duggars we could give them each a quarter or a nickel for each child. no big deal. i could just use the money my parents give me. stop bitching and just give your extra money.

    • Are you insane?… why should everyone give this woman a dollar because she doesn’t have the sense to stop having children. It is not the responsibility of others to bridge the gap between this family’s insatiable quest for more offspring and their actual means. The “just a dollar” argument is horseshit. Suggesting that it would not be much of a burden on the average citizen to support this family ignores the fact that it is not the average citizen’s responsibility to do so in the first place. If this family has the means to support this many children without government support, then who am I to judge, but shame on them if they seek out any government support beyond what the average family would receive. Giving a family like this money simply endorses this sort of irresponsibility. How about giving a dollar to the families who decide to have only the number of children the can realistically support and care for. So you know… encouraging responsible behaviour, instead of insanity, makes sense right? Oh and don’t tell me to stop bitching… tell this crazy woman to stop having children.

  • The number of children is really a concern within the view of each child having adequate parental attention and each child being able to grow and develop through normal develoipmental stages, as opposed to jumping straight into the responsibilities of parenthood. The babies, according to what I heard from Michelle on a TV interview, are handed off at six months to be raised by an older chlld because “she could not possibly do all of this herself”. Well, if she spent some of her procreation time giving more individual attention to each child, I am sure that all of the children would greatly appreciate that. Acording to her comments in a magazine, she regrets that she does not have more individualized personal time – is she crazy?? Stay out of the covers and in the rooms with the children . Parenthood involves responsibility, as opposed to always giving in to lustful urges – and definitely not labeling those urges as their Christian responsibilities.
    In addition, the newest addition is a child with multiple special needs, and an artlicle I read said Michelle may be pregnant again. Who is supposed to give the time and attention to the child with all of the disabilities. And did she ever think that her “baby factory” may be depleated of essential nutrients needed to assure any more healthy babies. This thought is not conjecture, but based in real scientific evidence.

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  • Michelle Duggar must have a uterus that is strapped to the inside of her leg since the 12th pregnancy…..and I HATE how she and Jim-Bob still talk to their kids (yes, even the ones who are adults now) like they are 3 year olds on their way to the potty.

  • trust me,without this show/gov support, this baby factory would be closed down for good by the child protective services.This show deceives people into thinking that a couple with 19 kids can support itself. Maybe in the Duggars case,but defiantly not in most cases.These people are anything but smart! What have they contributed to this world?Only a bunch of babies,on a conveyor belt with the letter “J” stamped on them.These kids will never get enough? indv.attention from these ppl.

  • The Duggars make me sick. do you know that they don’t pay taxes on their house because it is a “church”. how pathetic. If they want that many kids there is no reason they should get any financial breaks. And its just my opinion but i find Jim Bob and Josh to be a little creepy, like perverts.

  • Cam you believe it? The old bag is gonna hatch another one. I feel sorry for the girls who will be strapped with even more responsiblity for a baby that just might be mentally disabled since Michelle is 45 years old now. She and JimBob are the most selfish, uncaring, iggnorant, stupid people I’ve ever seen in my whole life. That such ignoramuses are propogating is even more alarming.

  • i dont think a miscarriage that early should even count as a child. and whats with this family and stupid names they are giving the latter kids. well maybe the next one will have a normal one

  • I heard they had a memorial service for the kid. I bet they didn’t have a memorial service for her other miscarriages. Just more evidence they are will do just about anything to keep their dopey show on the air for even dopier viewers who think this is real life.

  • So if Jimbob and Michelle are both genetic psychopaths (as they have many of the signs of psyhcopathy, Dr. Robert Hare has a checklist) and since this IS a genetic trait, how many of these kids are also genetic psychopaths? Jinger and Josh certainly seem to be. So let’s see this on one of their shows. An MRI set up by an expert like Kent Kiehl or Adam Perkins or Adrian Raine (these men all do MRI’s that check for psychopathy) and start running the adult-age family memebers through. There are also genetic and chromosomal markers that can be checked. So even if there are some who aren’t psychopaths, they carry the genetic material to make more.

    By the way, if you think psychopaths are crazy, murdering, insane people, those are only the extreme end of the spectrum. The vast majority of people without a conscience are everyday people. Their brains don’t process the emotions of love, empathy, guilt, shame or gratefulness. Some of the of the traits are: wanting to be worshiped and to dominate. This often comes in the form of wanting to be on camera and or in the public eye and wanting others to come to you for advice. Think about the way they raise these kids. They worship the parents and the girls sit around waiting for a man, don’t get a college education and are basically stranded in this life. Cults like the Duggars raise kids up with “learned helplessness.” There are many books written about the damage done to women and children in these cults and most of the authors say that it’s very hard to leave as all of your support is based in cult.

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