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Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper Get Cozy



OK OK, it’s not really like that. The twosome hit the red carpet — along with co-star Thomas Hayden Church — to promote their new movie, All About Steve. I know Sandra is “happily” married to Jesse James, and Bradley — uh — may or may not be having semi-regular sex with Jennifer Aniston, but these two sure do look a little too cozy to me. Like, if I were Jesse James and I saw these pics, I’d be all like, “I hate these pics.” Actually Jesse James wouldn’t say “these pics.” He’d probably say “Bradley Cooper” instead. I’m just saying, though, they seem awfully bonded, these two.

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  • Bullock seems like she is a decent girl… and you never hear any of her co-stars talking smack about her. As in her being a nightmare to work with. I believe Hugh Grant even said she was his favorite actress to work with. So its hard not to like her.

    And I don’t think Bradley it prepared to have Jesse tear his arms off and beat him with them. So he should think twice about staring at Sandra’s boobs in public. haha!

  • At first it seems like he is staring at her rack, but on second thought I think he’s just struggling to keep smiling while he figures out what on earth kind of hot-mess-dress she is wearing. And with those shoes?!??

  • I almost like her in this awful outfit because she’s like the friend you have who’s prettier than you. No matter what you’ve done or are wearing, she will roll out of bed and still be prettier than you so you come to accept it because she’s super fun and nice. But then you go out one night and she models you this outfit and asks what you think. You could be honest but again, she’s just so damn beautiful that the tiny bitchy part of you says, “great.”

    Don’t judge me.

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  • Ahhhhh He’s slowly getting his hotness back.. God I loved him in wedding crashers, so Yummy!!!

  • Ugh. Sandra Bullock obviously has the money to get a hairstylist. At least for her MOVIE PREMIERE.
    Seeing her so sloppy makes me think she is just lazy.

  • I have always admire Sandra Bullock. From Speed to Miss Congeniality to Two Weeks Notice; there’s something in her that makes me always smile. I like how she deliver her lines and her acting is a natural. And Im sure this upcoming movie “All About Steve” is something I will look forward to.