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I wanted to share Travis Barker’s latest Tweet with you.  Sadly, it’s proof that not even a near-death experience can provide illumination for everyone.  You know, maybe Shanna Moakler — that’s who he’s referring to — is a pile of shit.  I don’t know — I don’t know her.  It doesn’t even matter.  She’s the mother of his children and putting these thoughts in print does no service to their children.

Sometimes a fuckwit is just always going to be a fuckwit.  Not even a narrow escape from death was enough to give Travis Barker perspective.

I guess these two are officially toast now, but between this incident and Shanna having enough balls to publicly blast Katie Holmes’ dancing skills, I’m going Team Shanna all the way!

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    • What gives any “celebrity” the right to say a thing like that. Why act like that when there children involved? Its not like Shanna has sat back in the wings and never made a comment, but she has been called out on it before. These people think that they can get away with saying anything because they some how managed to be famous, and it just shows how ignorant they really are.

      • You don’t answer my question. If it were Shana making this comment would the commentators be as mad? I don’t think so.

        I didn’t say it was right or wrong for this comment to be made. And honestly, it’s not the worst comment in the world. I’m sure there are married and divorce couples that say much worse things than this in front of their kids. It doesn’t make it right, but it doesn’t have to be as big a deal as others are making it out to be.

    • I know, that long skinny head and long skinny neck and long skinny torso just weird me out. He reminds me of Loch Ness Monster.

  • how old are their kids? are they old enough to be checking his twitter? she seems like a bitch anyway and on the reality show she almost NEVER got out of bed!

  • The maturity level of each of them is around 14 years, whether the kids are old enough to know, if he’s typing it up for public consumption you can imagine what he’s saying to Shanna in person in front of the kids. I have a feeling they each say some damaging things with the kids around because neither of them can censor. She was way to pretty for him, he was very rich and his wallet was attractive to her, not the ideal basis for making a large family.

  • Wendie, your post titles are getting funnier and funnier. I chuckled quite enjoyably at this one. Harsh sarcasm ALWAYS = funny :)

  • He has a right to his opinion, its not telling what is going on between them.

    no biggie to me, JMO

    two sides to every story, she strikes me as a not so nice person-pretty or not. She has been vulgar in public on camera before.
    what’s the biggie. Double standard???

  • I love Travis Barker and I think he’s sooooo hott!!! Who the fuck cares what he puts on his twitter status…….