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Mindy McCready Proclaims Innocence. World Asks, “Who’s Mindy McCready?”


Remember Mindy McCready?  All the media outlets are calling her a “troubled country singer”.  At what point do you lose the title of “singer”?  Like, is there a time frame, or is it one of those things where if you ever sang you get to be called a singer?  Because, if that’s the case, I am a singer.  

Anyway, she’s kinda, sorta involved in that whole mess with the Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart non-sex tape.  Mindy is on the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab along with the third participant in the video, Kari Ann Peniche.  Peniche is accusing Mindy of stealing the video whilst they were roomies at rehab and leaking it onto the Internet — a theory which makes no sense considering those rehab people check everything including body cavities when you are admitted.  You aren’t allowed to bring porn or computers and cell phone access is limited, so how did Peniche bring her boring porn to rehab?

McCready has fired back at the accusations through an Access Hollywood interview saying,”I did not want to be dragged into all this. I did not want to be a part of this.  She is evil personified, she is evil in human form. She will hurt anyone she can to make money.”

Is there any chance that the producers at VH1 got a hold of this tape and leaked it?  Because right now, this Battle of the Irrelevants is the only motivating force behind me watching this upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab.

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  • OH OH OH Wendie this crazy country ho went to jail in Florida for woopin up on her own damn momma from what I can remember.

    Id Google that shit but Im feeling hella lazy right now :)

  • McCready is a dirtbag, bad parent, horrible person, so it sounds like she would release something just to hurt people she barely knows for reasons the voices in her head tell her when she’s smoking crack. She’s just a junkie low life, causing mayhem and sorrow wherever they land. I hope she loses her kid or he’ll be a crazy as she is.

  • Wendy!!
    Mindy is a whole life long mess of drama.

    Mindy Mccready is also involved in the whole Roger Clemens saga (he did steriods for years, lied about it, trying to sue his former trainer who injected him for admitting to it under oath)….while Roger was testifying before Congress about what an upstanding citizen, husband, father who was being slaughtered by “lies” and how could anyone not believe him such a credible guy………wink wink

    Then someone uncovered the Mindy McCready angle…..oopsie, it seems Roger was schaboinking her when she was like 15 and for several years thereafter.

    It’s pretty much been down hill since then for Mindy-I-kick-my-mamas’-ass-and-will-kick-yours too!!

    p.s. I bet Roger’s wife was SUPER happy she attended all the hearings and press conferences to stand by her wrongfully accused man.
    What gives w/ these sappy women these days, being humiliated and still hanging in?

  • Oh yea, Mindy is the Britney of the country music world. Completely batty. And has not been on firm footing for years. Which is sad… cause I really did like her music. Wasn’t Mindy engaged to Dean Cain at one point? Anywho….

    I seriously doubt Mindy gives two-sh*ts about the naked tape. She is too narcissist to care about anyone but her self at this point. And she really did put the nail in Clemens coffin… when she told the media she had done seen him with his pants off starting at the age of 15.

    Now really… everyone knows that Kari Ann Peniche was the one who let that naked tape loose on the internet.

    I assume Dane stopped returning her calls and she figure …”what the hell. I bet he calls me NOW!” hahaha!

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