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Milla Mool-Ti-Pass Weds Director Paul Anderson


I’m sure Milla Jovovich has done plenty of important things in her career besides be the chick in The Fifth Element who was all like “Moooolteeeepasss” but I don’t really care about any of it. All I want to do is watch the clips of her saying “multipass” over and over and over again. It’s one of my favorite moments in all of cinema. (My very favorite is, as you all know, the Lindsay Lohan Georgia Rules row-boat blow-job scene.)

Milla Multipass tied the knot this weekend with her longtime boyfriend, director Paul Anderson, in front of about fifty guests. The couple have one daughter together, little Ever Gabo.

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  • Thank you for calling her now husband “boyfriend”. A hag of a blogger called him her “partner” in his ridiculous one hag-campaign of homo interrgration!!! So ridiculous. Why can’t that hag’s 15 minutes be up.

  • Hokay! I loved her in Fifth Element…Chris Tucker was hilarious and it was the last movie where Bruce Willis was handsome.

  • Love that movie!!! I must watch it tonight… LoL

    P.S.: I’m from Canada so u guys probably don’t even have this on your computers, but (for those who do) don’t you just fucking hate it when your keyboard all of a sudden decides to switch to french and you start getting random characters on your screen that you never typed?

    • As a fellow Canadian I have never had that problem in all the years that I have been building and using computers.

      You must be special.

      • On the computers with vista, there’s a little keyboard icon on the bottom right corner (by the clock) that you can click and switch to french. Some keyborads have the french symbols in another colour, but most don’t so you just kinda have to guess what you want when you’re typing. I don’t get it either, but I’m telling you it happens all the time! And by french symbols I mean the letters with accents and some of the symbols are switched up, like I was trying to tyme my email and instead of @ it would type “… I don’t know what more to tell you. I think I’ve vented enough actually.

        P.S.: And yes, I AM special! :-p

  • That is so awesome…she’s a great actress and deserves the best. I’m not crazy about her dress though…it’s a bit or a lot plain. His suit is not as nice as it could have been. Beige???Maybe navy blue or black or gray or something a bit darker…not crazy about it. Otherwise. Congratulations MIlla.

  • Milla Mulitipass. LOL. That’s funny.
    Anyway I think she’s a size queen. So I wonder if Anderson is well-endowed?
    She had that song Creature. Check out those lyrics and see if she isn’t.

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