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Yeezy Loses His Cool in NYC

Mt. Kanye Explodes

Kanye West went from 0 to 60 in .5 seconds yesterday when he realized that the paps were after him and gazelle-like girlfriend Amber Rose. The couple was strolling through SoHo and thought they were alone until Kanye realized that there were photographers getting shots of them on the sly. Instead of maintaining his fresh, he freaked and the whole collection of photos together is well, kinda pretty funny. Check out the gallery below!

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  • I don’t find her REMOTELY attractive. And she does NOT have the shape to be a high end fashion model. I don’t get it…

    • Ugh, I agree.
      I’m all about high fashion, but the truth is curvy girls can’t pull most of it off. It’s made for women shaped like little boys. I’m busty, so I’ve had to accept this. I wish someone would clue her in.

    • When was amber trying to be a high end fashion model??? she is like 5′ 5″ she was in the louis ads but so are a lot of actresses who couldnt be fashion models. wow, i cant believe im defending strippers turned jump offs now. she is just fierce.

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  • I love the little pretenders here saying they are “all about high end fashion”. LMAO! She never set out to be a high end model she was picked because she has guts and is unique. Far more interesting and sexy to look at than the plain jane stick bodies of previous campaignes.

    This woman is HOT. She has more confidence than you could ever dream of having and THATS what is sexy. You would never catch her ass on here talking about diets, what is really a size six, or any of the other superficial shit the two of you spew on the regular, Jenn B and Little Miss Fucked Up Hair.

    Beauty comes in all shapes, colors, sizes, and packages. Learn that and live it GIRLS and maybe one day you can grow to be WOMEN

    • Maybe “TRUTH!” can learn to read or interpret comments at more than face value..or appreciate that other people have different opinions than you do. I appreciate/understand that you like this woman; I do not.

      I believe Robin probably meant “I’m all about high fashion” as in, she gets it, appreciates it, understands what they’re going for, etc. I didn’t take her comment to be “I’m SOOO high fashion and cool!”

      You say that woman is “HOT,” I say that woman is TRASHY. I have my own opinion, you have yours. I don’t think your little rant did much to bolster your status as a woman.

      • HAVE a dick, or ARE one?

        How the F was I supposed to know that from “TRUTH!”? Go ahead and hide behind your generic name and avatar.

      • Listen honey, I dont need to display my face on a gossip blog for attention as you do. Its not hiding it’s called internet safety.

        I love women, after reading your comments about diet and shape on several different posts I have learned that YOU and your type of thinking are bad for women kind.

      • Yea, if instigated things as much as you, I’d be afraid of people making the connection and kicking my ass, too.

        And don’t call me “honey.”

        I’m flattered that you pay so much attention to what I say, but please enlighten me, what are my thoughts?

        I have NOTHING against her shape, I just found it surprising that Ford signed her given they usually only sign high fashion types (i.e. boy-types with no shape). I have hips, too. My problem with her is merely that I find her trashy.

        I don’t know if you’re referring to my comments about the woman from The View who claims she’s a size 6? My thinking in that instance is NOT bad for “women kind.” I wasn’t criticizing how she looks, I’m just tired of high-profile people saying they’re a size 6 (or smaller) when they’re not, just because it perpetuates the thought that striving for a small size should be one’s life mission. If you’re a size 10 (or w/e) don’t lie, be honest about it. I find it sad that that topic earned status as the cover of a magazine in the first place…

  • She’s hot but in a disgusting way like Coco (Ice T’s wife). It’s like no matter how hot she is, you still wouldn’t wanna touch her because you KNOW she’s gotta have something.