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Jennifer Aniston Thinks She’s Better Than Renee Zellweger


Jennifer Aniston has been shafted by a man she was dating for another woman once again, and of course that’s gotta hurt. While it may not have been her husband Brad Pitt or on/off beau John Mayer, Bradley Cooper has left her feeling cold after ditching out on her after a promising dinner date to settle in with Renee Zellweger.

It’s not that Jen really cares all that much about Bradley, although she did think there was a bit of promise for the two of them, it’s really more that she doesn’t understand what Renee has that she doesn’t. A source close to Renee explained to Us Weekly why they think she has the edge over Jen: “She just does her thing, has her friends and her life and is cool. She’s really happy and doesn’t need anyone to feel complete.”

Ouch. As opposed to Jen, who’s flailed around town with every dude I can think of since her split with Brad. One of Aniston’s friends also told Us, “She’s used to being single and in work mode, and she’s used to rejection.” Double ouch.

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  • I probably shouldn’t feel sorry for her being in her 40s looking great, having a lot of money etc. but, honestly, I loved her so much in “Friends” that now knowing she is “used to rejection” breaks my heart. I hope she finds THE ONE once and for all.


  • Just leave her alone. I doubt she even had a relationship with Bradley Cooper. Oh no, they had dinner together. Gasp! I have dinner with lots of guy friends, and yes we’re just friends.

    She seems like a nice talented woman. Please let her be.

    • I know, they made a big deal about Jen going to dinner with Bardley, what happen to just a simple dinner with a friend, I guess out of a simple pic they need it to make it more interesting and make money out of it

      • I’m not nit-picking or anything but I gotta say… the typo “Bardley” is adorable and I think I want to steal that name if I have a son.

        Bardley. I love it.

  • How does anyone know she’s actually asking what Renee has that she hasn’t? It’s just another excuse to run her picture on the cover of a tabloid and make her seem “unlucky in love.” Good Lord, leave her alone.

  • Im really sick and tired of the tabloids making up stories about Jen. Im sure shes very happy with her life, and doubt that there was anything going on with her and Bradley besides dinner. And none of her real friends would have made that comment..its BS

  • I tend to also think if Jennifer wanted a man full time… she would have one.

    Why is it she is consider a failure simply cause her cheating husband left?

    Geez she looks incredible… can pay her bills… has friends… and I seriously doubt she lost any sleep over Bradley Cooper.

    Whom I really want to know why his wife (Jennifer Esposito) of less than 6 months divorced him in 2007. There is probably a excellent story about that… yet no one is interested in asking him why he got dumped.

  • Your headline is very curious. You suggest that Jennifer is wondering about Bradley’s attraction to Renee, but instead of quoting a source close to Jen, you quote a source close to Renee. The source says nothing about Jen’s wonderment. Curiouser and curiouser. Did you fall in love with the headline before you had the story?

    • Yes Andi I was thinking the same thing. I mean usually there are pretty stupid stories about Jen, but I have to say this one really takes the cake! I’m totally disappointed.

  • I don’t really get the whole, ‘…..Jen, who’s flailed around town with every dude I can think of since her split with Brad.’
    So, since she broke up wit her husband she should have buckled down and found a man? I’m not trying to pull the whole Chris Crocker “LEAVE HER ALOOOONE!!!” thing here, but come on. If she wants to date shit men, and go home to pint of cookie dough ice cream that should be her buisness. And if she wanted a guy she would have one by now. Really. She hase copious amounts of money, and an ass you can bounce a quarter off of. Regardless of how insecure she is, she could soooo have a guy right now.

  • 1. Jen is better than Renee
    2. ‘Sources close to Renee’ = the professional bullshitters at US Weekly
    3. I agree with what Andi said about the headline and the quote making no sense together
    4. Peg Leg Meg has it right too!

  • Hautie: I heard his previous wife (Jen Esposito) ditched him because he cheated and physically abused her. Good for her! I wouldn’t want him anyways!

    • I heard the same thing form some New Yorkers who know the exwife well. She found out he was fuckign aorund before the wedding even happened and when she confronted him he slapped her around in the midst of that fight. FUCKED. UP.

      She didnt want that shit in the press so she divorced his ass quietly and YES he is paying a PRETTY PENNY in alimony.

      Also this storu above has already been proven to be FALSE FASLE FALSE. She had one or two working lunches with Cooper. Anniston owns a production company HELLO? The only assholes that are still running this story is US Weekly (always wrong) and Celebitchy. Celebitchy has had a hard on, Brangeloonie sized boner for the Jolie-shits since brad got caught sticking his dick in that brother fucker angie years ago.

      It really is pathetic!

      • “Brangeloonie sized boner for the Jolie-shits since brad got caught sticking his dick in that brother fucker angie years ago.”

        LMAO!!!! I love that! brother f*cker… hahaha!

      • Brother fucker??? Jennifer obviously is just as boring in real life as she is on screen. Actions speak louder than words and Brad is still grinning ear to ear after 5 years and 3 more kids–I think Brad and Angie have been together longer than he was with Anuston to begin with–and if you can keep that desire in Brad’s eyes after all that –all the petty little remarks really don’t mean anything do they?? As for the action in Anuston’s life–more of the boring same seriously Jennifer would not even be an actress if her Daddy didn’t know half of Hollywood–how do you think she even got the audition to friends?? I liked that show until it became all about Ross and the Wretched –it just stunk after that–the other 4 cast members were much more entertaining and it was Karma that they all got into movies and had some good ones too! Even though Hollywood keeps setting the Anuston up with the the hottest co-stars and scripts and Hollywood wonder machine promoting all her releases they all flop and huge–Even the last “Friends copy movie” He’s just not that into you is a bomb. I am sure the producers thought that America would just go nuts for her in a movie basically mocking her real life dating drama’s–it should just be her mantra-Jen–no one is that into you except maybe yourself– and having Hollywood always pushing her in our faces is not going to make her any more popular–its like that person your parents set you up with cause their “so good for you” you are just never gonna be thrilled to see them-it is a forced situation–please Jennifer just go be a soccer mom or something invisible so we don’t have to hear your saga of self induced bull shit all the time. Oh and maybe if you got rid of that energy sucking whoa is me aura that permeates like a bad smell everywhere you go you might have a chance with a man–and learn how to give head–but I am sure you would never do that–I bet Angie does–plus a few things you’ve never even heard of–that’s why every man she has moved on from is still drolling at her feet. And every man Jennifer has ever dated runs like a scared rabbit.

      • Wow thats real nice hey? someone a bit jealous here or something? I mean you don’t have to hear any of the stuff that goes on in any celebrities life, it’s pretty simple really, just don’t watch the shows, or read the stuff about them, wow problem solved. She doesn’t look for it i really don’t belive she do, The friggin tabloids look for her, She doesn’t want them picking on her personal life, pretty sure about that!

      • at least jennifer never screwed her own mother’s BOYFRIEND like angelina!!!!!! at least she’s not a homewrecking WHORE or a f’ing WIERDO LESBO!!!!! or a blood sucking nut job, shall i go on??? angelina has got to be one the biggest phony’s in hollywood history!!!! she goes around the world “saving the poor kids around the world” as a cover up, it’s all a big act with her!!! and renee.. it’s time to spit out the lemon!!!! it looks like she’s been sucking on one forever!!

    • Crap…. I really had wonder why she divorced him… and why NO ONE is asking him about it.

      I guess Cooper has hired PR people who have manage to keep it out of US and Star.

      So see there Jennifer A. dodged a bullet by letting that loser move on…

  • HAHAHAHA. yeah, like this story is real. who are you trying to fool?

    its the funniest non sense made up story ever. congrats on the lack of criativity too. seems like old news once again.

  • what is so great about cooper???? someone tell me??? he’s not the best looking guy in the world…he has small beady eyes, a wierd nose and his ears stick out. and he’s not the most talented guy either. what’s he gonna do, make one dopey comedy after another? it’s gonna get boring after a while, and speaking of his marriage to jen esposito… he f’ing cheated on her!!! renee, honey, look in the mirror, what makes you really think he’s gonna stay with YOU?????? the second an eva mendez type walks by him, it’s soooo over.. so my advice to you renee, put down the botox dear and fricking eat something and open your eyes, figuritivly speaking and literally. he’s only with you because he feels sorry for you! you haven’t had a great movie in a while and you married a gay cowboy, aawww, it must feel nice for the moment, well honey, it won’t last!!!