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Your Daily Lohan [Not!]


Look you guys, it’s Lindsay Lohan Audrina Fucking Patridge posing for the new issue of Nylon magazine. The accompanying “article” is basically all light stuff like: “blah blah blah my acting blah blah blah my movie blah blah blah” and then they drop the real bomb: Mark Burnett is still signed on to produce a reality show around Audrina. Just Audrina. I can’t wrap my mind around this. Mark Burnett is serious business. Everything he touches turns to television gold. Why, why, why choose Audrina? Do we really need her to be a bigger star than she already is? Remember, this is the young woman who started out as LC’s awkward friend who worked at the record label and nodded and smiled and nervously agreed with everything LC said and was only marginally interesting in the sense that her eyes were really fucking weird.

Make this stop, God. A world where we’re making this young woman a mega-star is not any “reality” I want a part of. Please. There must be some bargaining room here. Can we give Justin Bobby his own show instead? I would even settle for that.

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  • For whatever reason, a reality show was based on Kim Kardashian and her family and I guess there was enough demand because now her sisters have their own reality show. What have we learned? People will watch anything.

  • ehhh… i doubt a show about Audrina will rake in many viewers.
    i watched the Hills pretty faithfully but never tuned into a second of “the City” or whatever Whitney Port’s show was…
    and i won’t watch the Hills now that its Kristen’s show…
    LC ftw

  • wow, her face actually looks pretty in some photos, and then in others she just looks like herself. Why does she have a perfect body? I’d kill for her legs

  • She is so homely and unintelligent and boring as HELL. I really can’t understand who would want to know any more about her. I would totally understand it if she was witty, or had a wicked sense of humor, or even a personality that made her intriguing in SOME way. But she has none of those traits! She has the OPPOSITE of those traits.