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Jennifer Hudson Welcomes Baby Boy!


How’s this for a pregnancy confirmation?  Actress Jennifer Hudson gave birth yesterday to a 7 pound, 14 ounce baby boy named David Daniel Otunga Jr., after his dad.

Jennifer and her fiance never gave an official confirmation that she was expecting, though the baby shower and burgeoning belly offered up clues, and they did not find out the gender of their baby ahead of time.  Personally, I always felt like there were enough other surprises during the process of giving birth — I wanted to know the sex.  

Congrats to the new parents!

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  • The sex is a surprise regardless if you learn if seven months before the birth or just as it pops out.

    • That’s how I felt… I just wanted the surprise earlier. Like Wendie I figured there’d be plenty of surprises during the whole birth process, tyvm.

  • That’s a beautiful pic of Jennifer you posted…especially compared to the one of Oprah in the post below. HA!

  • WTF is wrong with her face in this pic? It looks like it was photoshopped to death. This doesn’t even look like her!

    • Nothing is wrong with her face. The lady was with child and she looks beautiful. This was a real picture of Jennifer on an award show this year. She just looks very matural. CONGRATS to the loving couple on their son David Jr. To all the haters who are hating on Jhud. If you did not like her before, then you dam show want like her now. Jennifer return will be in a major way. Hi haters we will see you soon!!!

    • She was engaged to him a couple of months before the tragedy that happened to her family and that happened well over nine months ago.

    • Trini, honey stay off the sites because you do not know the facts. I don’n even believe you are a FAN of Jennifer’s. People don’t rush to get married anymore because of a baby on the way. Jennifer and David been engaged since last SEPT. Stop trying to hate on this young multi-talanted artist. If you don’t like her ok we don’t care, and Jennifer don’t give a dam. She is well liked by millions and you want make are break her shine.

      • Norma, “honey”, shut the fuck up. You can’t tell me whether I can visit this site or not. Get a clue.
        And I’m not a fan of Jennifer. So what? I can still comment.
        And I’m not “hating”, I asked a legitimate question. As a NON-fan I have no idea how long she was engaged to PUNK, nor do I care.

        “and you want make are break her shine.”
        LOL! What does that even mean? Please, go back to school hillbilly.

      • Trini, you need to shut the fuck up. See fucked up is your face, trying to talk bad about someone who has more than you can ever imagine. You are a low class hoodrat; with a mouth of the south. I would not have put that UGLY picture on the site. Hell, one of Jennifer’s dogs got you beat on looks. Talking like you might even stand a chance with David stop dreaming hoe. Class is something you don’t have trailer trash. The braids you are sporting looks cheaply done. The skinny long face and neck. Yes, I got it right you are a crackhead. PUFF,PUFF!!! By your look I can buy for a DIME trick.

      • LOL! Like I give a rat’s ass what you think of me! You think that telling me that my picture is ugly will have ANY effect on my self esteem? I’m gorgeous, honey, and I know it. That may sound vain but who really gives a flying fuck, it’s the truth. Incidentally, WHERE IS YOUR PICTURE FUCKFACE? Please, please, PLEASE don’t start the ugly name calling till I can see the shit that sits on your neck.
        Crackhead? Yeah, between your mother’s legs. I’m naturally thin and damn proud of it. You’re probably an overweight, depressed piece of shit if that is your argument.
        LOL!!! Stand a chance with David? That’s so ludicrous, it’s just sad on your part. 1) Don’t know him, and if I did, WOULDN’T WANT HIM! What self respecting person dates someone, marries and has a child for an I Love New York REJECT???
        And furthermore, I was never trying to “talk bad” about anyone. Like I said before, I asked a simple question. You took it however your malicious little mind wanted to interpret it.
        Do yourself a favor, spend some time in the gym and get off the gossip sites k? Leave it for people like me who can afford to sit in front of the comp and stuff their pretty little faces.

        Oh, and Jennifer doesn’t pay you to be her knight in shining armor norman. Get a life.

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  • i like the idea of waiting until the kid is born to learn the sex. one of the few surprises left in this world.

  • Lovely news for her.

    We found out the sex of our baby, because I was so convinced I knew, that I wanted time to get my head around it if it turned out I was wrong! I was right though. So it wasn’t ever a surprise for me!

  • I, too wanted to know the baby’s gender; from the standpoint of buying all the baby stuff, picking out the best name, things like that. I found that, after I knew I was having a boy, I got even MORE excited—wondering what he’d look like, who he’d take after (my TEMPER, for sure! XD).

    I spoke to a girl in her early 20s the other day and she said she’d be “so embarrassed at everybody seeing her naked and in that position”. I told her, “Girl, by the time that kid’s ready to crown, you won’t give shit ONE who’s seen your junk; it feels like the whole world has seen your lady bits. Hell, people will walk by your room and you’ll be pulling up the gown!” She was horrified, for some reason…LoL

  • Trini you has a real problem Jennifer married her fiancee’ because that’s what you do when you’re engaged whether pregnant or not dummy, learn common sense and stop hating on my girl you never can please humans beings Dammm.