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Michael Jackson Given “Chemical Castration”


A couple of different sites are reporting that among the potpurri of drugs found in Michael Jackson’s system were traces of Depo Provera, an intravenous birth control drug. Why would an adult male be taking birth control injections? A “well respected” doctor claims that it was to reduce Michael’s sex drive in an effort to keep him from feeling sexually attracted to children.

Dr Alimorad Farshchian claims to have given the late King of Pop the drug – Depo Provera – after he grew concerned about Jackson’s behaviour towards young boys.
The drug is usually used for birth control and restricts men’s flow of testosterone-producing brain hormones.
Dr Farshchian claims to have stepped in to help the singer when he learned about the controversial sleepovers, by prescribing him the medication, according to Britain’s Sunday Mirror newspaper.
Jackson’s official photographer between 2002 and 2006, Ian Barkley, revealed the doctor wanted to help the star, saying, “It was really Dr Farshchian, when he became aware of the sleepovers, who planted the idea in Michael’s head that he might have a problem. As a responsible doctor, Dr Farshchian thought these tendencies were something Michael might address. Dr Farshchian didn’t necessarily think there was abuse going on – but he was concerned there were inappropriate feelings towards minors which could be addressed.”

I’m not by any means an expert on birth control or sexual disorders,  but I do know a thing or two about bullshit. Considering that the originator of this story is The Mirror (not exactly a bastion of journalistic integrity) I think it’s best to reserve judgment on this one until another, more reputable source can confirm or deny it.

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  • I’m glad this is coming out, I believed my friend who worked at the law firm that defended and negotiated over 20 different settlements, and she found out that there were two other law firms negotiating private settlements for children he molested. She quit out of disgust. He may have been running out of money to drop on these families, she knew of at least 100mil in pay offs to families of his victims.

    If true he was on depo it validates that his true sexual attraction was for children, or he didn’t want to abuse his own children and took the depo, which oddly is used to stop women’s periods. Hate him.

    Glad they finally bothered to toss his body in a grave after 6 weeks, the money stuff had to get handled first. That family is a pack of greedy jackals, I feel for the kids, whoever their true father is – all the freaks are coming out of the woodwork for their piece of the pie.

    • depo doesn’t stop women’s periods. It’s birth control. It’s just like taking a pill, but you just get a shot once a month.

      just fyi on that one

      • Don’t know about Depo, but technically the Pill does stop periods – the bleeding you still get is only pseudo menstruation.

      • FYI.. the depo is every 3 months, not every month, and yeah your period DOES stop on it. Get ur facts right before u throw “fyis” around

    • English is not my first language so I apologize in advance for any mistake in this message but I have to say that I have problems to believe that Michael Jackson molested more than 20 children minimum.
      I have no doubt that he was a freak and a pedophile but I find difficult to believe that more than 20-30 maybe even 40 parents were happy to be paid to forget about the person that ruined the lives of their children.
      I am not saying that your friends lied but I will not be surprised if the law firm created many of those cases to gain money. I worked for a huge international law firm and they stole money from their clients all the time.

    • You fucking harsh cunt you don’t know so don’t fucking judge stupid bastard I hope sum one chucks your body in the fuckin sea. N did your friend do all that

  • I don’t need any reputable source to confirm my belief that he was one sick f*cker. Why has everyone seemed to forget that now that he’s dead, when he was so widely regarded as a freak in his lifetime? I have no doubt that there were untold more children that are hidden from the public & their patents should be strung up for whoring them out for $$$.

  • how can you believe to these trashy british newspaper. they are even worse that america’s newspaper i’m really dissapointed at this site. because only one more site has give space to this story.this is bs

    • I suggest you re-read the last sentence.

      Also, having read some of America’s trashiest newspapers, I can assure you they outstrip Britain’s trashiest by a country mile.

  • I took Depo for several years just to stop my period, and it does work for 3-4 months a shot. It’s a godsend if you don’t want to get pregnant and you don’t want a period. I had no side effects like the pill either.

  • the media, especially the british tabloids have something against michael jackson even after he is dead.look i don’t know if he is guilty or not, i do think he is innocent by reading a lot about the trial specially the last one. i’m from france and i do think here people love him no matter what. i think that the americans are too influence by the media with all due respect. and if he was acquitted why people are still mean to him? i mean, why do we always have to think the worst of a person and also i think it’s time to let him rest in peace and just remember him as the greatest entertainer of all times eve tho i think this site is more focus on “music” like miley cyrus or the jonas brothers

  • first of all i think that a doctor is not allowed to talk about his patients (even when dead) except if ordered by a court of law, so my opinion??? money of course! 2nd MJ was so rich he could have bought kids in an asian or african country, so why take the risk of a public scandal and humiliation?? hell he could have adopted caucasians in america. truth is he was not a child molester, he was just a man child trying to give poor and sick kids the childhood he never had. as for being a freak?? the media, fans and world made a frak out of him, never letting him be. please do not forget all he did for cancer patients, all he donated to charities, his music, and last but not least he was only human even though great as the lord

  • first of all depo is also use for acne treatment and of his effects is to gain a big amount of weight and michael alwas look very skinny so i don’t get it. and also i’m pretty sure that the media is going to invent more stories like this just to prove he was a mean person and also because they are loosing credibility. i think you should read aprodite jones book to get a better idea on how the media found him gulity even before the trial

  • Michael Jackson couldn’t have been a peado there is too much info to prove it! Obviously everyones intitiled to their own opinion but would everyone wake and see that michael jackson was an easy target to be called a peado because he loved kids but not in the wroung way and the media would get so much money for it, they knew what they were doing!

  • Some of you idiots on this site need to wake up. If depo was found in Jackson’s system it would have been widely and wildly reported. Have you seen that? No, you haven’t. That should be your first clue. Secondly, someone asked the question of why when he was acquitted do people still hound this man, even after death. The answer is, these are the same racist individuals that hound President Obama. They don’t do it because they truly disagree. They do it because he is black. Racist Americans, republicans, hate to their core to see a person of African descent do anything well, so when there is the slightest hint of a blemish they dive into it and infest it with lies and more lies and hateful rhetoric until it becomes a festering wound. And then they tell each other on the radio and tv, “You’re a great American.” That’s the answer.