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Bryce Dallas Howard Looks the Part

Howard Gets a New Haircut and a Deeper Dye

Here’s someone whose IMDB popularity ranking went up 1,045% last week: Bryce Dallas Howard. Summit entertainment announced that Howard would be replacing Rachelle LeFevre in the role of Victoria in the Twilight movies, starting with Eclipse.

I really liked her in The Village, but this new hairdo engenders an unreasonable amount of hatred in me. Don’t get me wrong– the deeper color and fierce bangs look great on her.  I suppose that’s good for her new part (hairdo pun intended),  it’s just that she now looks waaaay too much like a woman I know who has never been anything but sneaky, manipulative girl trouble. In short, she looks like a total bitch.

My emotional baggage could be coloring (hairdo pun intended) my judgment, but what do you think?

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  • Not a fan of those bangs with that cut. Seems kind of hipster-ish to me. She looked better before.

  • I honestly have no clue who she is but she doesn’t look bitchy to me; just…like she’s missing a few brain cells.

  • i actually think bangs make people look a lot nicer. like, more childish almost. definitely not at all bitchy.

  • Ok not diggin the straightness of it. Victoria (the character) is known for the curls (yes even in the books) and its just stupid to me that they aren’t recreating that…just my opinion.

    • yeah I dont really like this color or the style… What I think about when I think ‘victoria’ is when (oh geez I hate to admit that I have read the books lol..) but when bella sees what seems to be a ‘fire’ out in the ocean.. and of course, its Victoria’s hair…

  • I think they are more concerned with the color, they can add in extensions for curls along with fixing it. Let’s face it that do will look great when she’s not working and easily transformed for the movie. Kristine Stewart is the one that’s going to need a lot of work on her hair when the movie starts, that shag she’s rocking will take a lot of time to grow out.