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Kara DioGuardi Will be Back on American Idol?


I really felt that Kara was going to be gone.  After last season, when the world realized that American Idol with four judges makes no sense, I thought she’d be out the door.  Anyway, isn’t she really bad?  I tuned in once and she was trying to teach a contestant the right way to sing — awkward!  But her contract has been renewed and this scares me.  It makes me wonder if they truly aren’t bringing back Paula.

I don’t really watch AI unless I’m beyond bored and I suspect the world is coming to an end, but with Paula off the show, what would be the motivation to ever tune in?  Ryan Seacrest continuing that “straight man” routine?  I guess that is pretty entertaining, now that I think about it …

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  • I really liked Kara this season! I feel like the other three judges have this “character” they have to maintain… Simon is the jerk, Randy is the ‘cool’ one, and Paula is… incoherent. But I thought Kara always gave really good, honest advice and was never too harsh like Simon, too stupid like Paula or too obnoxious like Randy.

  • Of course they are bringing back Kara. The reason they had four judges last season was to introduce Kara into the show, with the plan all along to get rid of Paula this season. That’s what I read last season, anyway.

  • I liked her at first, then I decided she was dull, but then I liked her again after she did that bit on the season finale. So she’s coming back. Yay.